expressvpn review worth the hefty price tag

ExpressVPN is an undisputed top-tier VPN service. It’s capable of addressing the needs of any user, regardless of how advanced they are or what they’re utilising the service for. The service’s privacy policy is exceptional, as are its security features. The network, which includes over 3000 servers distributed in 160 locations, provides reliable connectivity regardless of where you are located.

Despite its outstanding reputation for quality and reliability, the service has its faults and flaws.ExpressVPN is known for being extremely expensive, even for loyal customers who sign up for longer subscriptions. We put ExpressVPN on the spot and put them through rigorous performance tests to see if it’s still worth its expensive price tag in 2021.

TL; DR – Table Overview of Main ExpressVPN Pros and Cons



A large and well-distributed network of servers

Even if you have a longer subscription, it is still expensive.

Strong privacy features and a zero-logs policy

Split tunneling and kill switch not available for iOS

RAM servers

All online activities covered (streaming and torrenting, gaming, etc.) with this tool.

ExpressVPN – How Fast Are They? – A Thorough Performance Test

ExpressVPN has been widely praised as being one of the fastest VPNs.. This is because it doesn’t limit your data or speed. It is able to keep up with the base network as much as possible.

Such features are vital as speed is an important factor in a VPN service. Ping, download, and upload speed are the three most common benchmarks used to evaluate its performance.

We tested ExpressVPN’s performance on a dedicated network connection sufficient for 1-2 users throughout the performance measuring phase of the service. Here are the results from our extensive ExpressVPN speed- and performance tests. We started with the baseline value for our network connection, which is not connected to a VPN.

We chose a nearby local server and reran the tests after testing our connection’s baseline performance. When connected to a local ExpressVPN server, the following is the average speed:

Then, we wanted to find out how intuitive their Smart Location feature actually is. For some reason, the ExpressVPN app’s Smart Location algorithm kept connecting us to servers 1,500 kilometres (about 930 miles) away, believing those servers to be the best overall choice. Here are the outcomes.

ExpressVPN Smart Connect server speed

These are the network connection benchmarks that can be used to connect to a server on the other side.

ExpressVPN passed all the tests and scored well, as can be seen from the above results. It was also surprising to observe how effectively the service maintained speed despite being hosted on a remote server over 16,000 kilometres (10,000 miles) from our physical location. In the last phase, this was to be expected. Even though such a high ping is never pleasant to witness, it is unavoidable when using remote servers.

We couldn’t forecast how well ExpressVPN would do in the upload category, despite our high hopes for the service heading into these testing. No matter how far or near, the service performed across all areas. All ExpressVPN servers offered a faster upload speed that our base network connection.

ExpressVPN Servers – Locations and Availability

This review was written at the time of this writing ExpressVPN offers more than 3,000 servers at 160 locations in 94 different countries. When you first open the app, you’ll discover that the servers are split into two categories: recommended and all locations. Above the two, there’s a search box that you may use to quickly find the server you’re looking for if you have one in mind.

If you go to ExpressVPN’s site, you can access the full rundown of all of their servers. This information includes helpful information such as which server supports which protocol, and which server locations can be used for torrenting. Unfortunately, such data isn’t readily available in the apps.

The only method to see if a server supports a given protocol or online activity through the app is to do so manually, which isn’t the most convenient option. The overall server network is impressive. However, it would be nice to have a map integrated into the app clients. You could also use a more intuitive search filter to help you find specific servers quicker.

What is ExpressVPN’s “Smart Location” Feature and How Does it Work?

We’ve featured the results of their Smart Location feature when comparing network speeds in the previous sections. ExpressVPN Smart Location is a feature that allows you to choose the best location. It was created by an in-house team. so that you don’t have to overthink when using the service.

ExpressVPN is easy to use because you can count on stable performance and apt protection every time. Despite this, if you’re aiming for the absolute best performance, Smart Location shouldn’t be your go-to option. This is because this feature can sometimes make strange decisions and connect to a slightly distant server, even though you can get better connections by switching to a closer one.

ExpressVPN Security: Is it Safe? – Analysis of their Security Features

If you’re looking for The short answer is that ExpressVPN VPN is one of most trusted and safest on the market. If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation, here’s aExpressVPN Security Features: A detailed overview

  • NetworkLock – This is ExpressVPN’s version of the traditional VPN kill switch. This feature is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well routers. Although this feature isn’t available for mobile devices, the Android app has a similar variation, called “Network Protection”. All apps have the security feature enabled by default.
  • Split Tunneling – ExpressVPN’s split tunneling feature allows you to route some of your traffic through the VPN while accessing the internet directly from other apps or programs. This feature can be used on routers, Android devices, Macs, Windows and Macs.
  • DNS Leak Protection – ExpressVPN makes sure that all of your internet traffic is secure by running its own encrypted DNS on every server they operate. ExpressVPN runs their private DNS so that you can get faster DNS requests, and no DNS blocking or hijacking.
  • TrustedServer Technology – This is ExpressVPN in-house technology, running solely on RAM servers. This eliminates the risk associated with using hard drives for VPN servers. We’ll go into more specifics in one of the later sections of our review.
  • DDoS Protection – ExpressVPN is powerful enough to provide DDoS protection from which you would be vulnerable without a VPN.

Aside from these security features, ExpressVPN has no other distinguishing characteristics when compared to the competitors. Furthermore, in terms of comprehensive security options and configurable settings for more experienced VPN users, they trail well behind NordVPN. NordVPN offers features like CyberSec and Onion over VPN, which make the customer experience more immersive for those with more technical knowledge.

ExpressVPN has a few tools you can use to check and improve your VPN connection’s quality. These include a ”What is my IP?” quick checker, a DNS Leak Test, a WebRTC Leak Test, and Password Generator.

Does ExpressVPN Log User Data?

ExpressVPN does not log connection logs or activity logs. They do not have access to your data, such as timestamps, session duration information or your source IP address. Here’s an excerpt from their Privacy Policy page:

ExpressVPN's Privacy Policy
ExpressVPN’s Privacy Policy

ExpressVPN recently completed an independent audit in order to demonstrate its commitment to privacy. The company that performed the audit, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), is one of the world’s most reputable auditing firms. The PwC auditors confirmed ExpressVPN’s reputation for being a top-quality VPN provider with high levels of transparency.

ExpressVPN uses virtual servers

Yes, some ExpressVPN servers are actually virtual servers. This is a problem because virtual servers can present security risks that are greater than physical servers. ExpressVPN is transparent about this issue and provides a list of locations for virtual servers in its support section. If you do not want to use virtual servers, you can filter the options.

ExpressVPN TrustedServer Technology

ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer technology blocks any data from being written to the hard drive. Instead, the server is entirely powered by volatile memory (RAM). All server information is erased every time the server turns off or on.

ExpressVPN can avoid the main problem that traditional servers have – retaining data until it is erased or written over.

The entire software stack must be reinstalled at every startup. This prevents any backdoors from being installed indefinitely.

ExpressVPN Protocols Available

ExpressVPN Protocols
ExpressVPN available protocols

Above is a screenshot of the ExpressVPN Windows application. It shows all available protocols as well as brief explanations about each protocol. Let’s go over each ExpressVPN protocol in more detailsThis is:

  • Lightway ExpressVPN has created an in-house protocol that can deliver faster connection speeds and better security. Lightway uses wolfSSL, a well-known cryptography tool. This protocol only requires around 1,000 lines of code. This makes the protocol simpler and more useful, while also reducing battery consumption.
  • OpenVPN (UDP against IPCP) This protocol can be easily configured and is the default protocol when you select the “Automatic” connection option in your VPN app. This protocol is designed to masquerade itself as regular internet traffic, so it won’t have any significant impact on your connection.
  • IKEv2 This protocol is ideal for speed chasers and is an excellent choice for mobile devices. ExpressVPN is not available on Android devices.
  • L2TP/IPsec This protocol is better suited to anonymization than security. Other protocols are more suitable for security. L2TP/IPsec is a great choice for users who wish to maintain anonymity but don’t mind losing some speed.
  • PPTP– The least secure protocol of all the ones mentioned. PPTP is not available in the apps. You can however manually set it up using the ExpressVPN website instructions.

ExpressVPN is a reliable streaming service.

ExpressVPN is the best choice for streaming if you are looking to buy a VPN. This VPN is one of the best options for streamers, if it doesn’t already, because it can bypass any geoblock it encounters. Here are some examples ExpressVPN has the ability to unblock some of the most famous streaming sites.This is:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • BBC iPlayer
  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • Spotify
  • Prime Video
  • HBO GO
  • ITV HUB (Formerly ITV Player).
  • Hotstar

As important as the unblocking power of their mobile clients is the fact that they can also fulfill all your streaming requirements and provide a reliable service right from your smartphone. Apart from being able to unblock all major streaming platforms, ExpressVPN is also highly respected in countries such as Russia, China, Turkey, and other heavily censored ones. 

ExpressVPN for Torrenting – How Well Does it Work?

If you torrent files often, ExpressVPN offers all the necessary tools for secure and private torrenting as well as file sharing via P2P.. Because of their zero-logs policy, and the safety features discussed above, no one can access your torrenting activities to use against you. ExpressVPN is a VPN that torrents well. Each subscription plan includes unlimited data bandwidth.

One thing that caught our eye was that ExpressVPN advertises its service as capable of providing “lightning-fast” speeds ideal for torrenting. We decided to test this claim by downloading something from one the most popular P2P file-sharing sites. These are the results from the baseline test, without using a VPN.

After the baseline test, we downloaded the exact same file again. Connect to ExpressVPN server via its automatic Smart Locator feature

You can see in the above two images that download speed was the same without and with VPN. What’s more, it was surprising that the recommended local server even helped improve the torrent files’ upload speedA bit.

This confirms the results of our previous speed test. In which we saw a slight increase in upload speed when connecting to a local server, this only confirms what we had previously done. It was very pleasing to see this. ExpressVPN lives up to its promise of a premium VPN service for torrenting.

ExpressVPN is expensive? – Overview of Their Price Plans

ExpressVPN currently has three subscription plans: a one-month plan, six-month plan, and a one year plan. ExpressVPN’s one-year plan comes with three months free. This means you get fifteen months total, but only have to pay for twelve months. Below is a quick overview of each cost.

ExpressVPN Pricing plans

Even if you choose to subscribe for the longest plan, it is obvious that the prices are very high. ExpressVPN’s price may be deterring for some customers, but it isn’t unreasonable. ExpressVPN offers a superior service that few VPNs can match. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service at a premium price.

You’ll be able to pay with a variety of payment options at the cashout if you commit to this VPN service and buy one of their subscription plans. You have over 50 credit cards available, including PayPal and WebMoney.

ExpressVPN offers a free trial.

ExpressVPN does not generally offer a free trial. ExpressVPN is more expensive than other services, but quality comes at a cost. ExpressVPN also offers a generous customer service. 30-day money-back guaranteeYou can also change your mind at any time if the service does not meet your expectations.

ExpressVPN Extensions and Apps

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs in the world and provides excellent app support on all devices and platforms. Here’s Here’s a complete list of all ExpressVPN apps

ExpressVPN Windows

This VPN app is available in Windows and offers all the features you expect from a top-quality VPN service. The app is optimized for speed and security.Split tunneling, network lock kill switch and advanced leak protection are some of the options available..

ExpressVPN Windows apps are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.. It’s an all-in-one client that’s designed to provide you with the most secure connection without impeding your performance. The app is available for use in 17 languages. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly.

ExpressVPN macOS

ExpressVPN macOS version includes all features of its Windows counterpart. Split tunneling, kill switch, and advanced leak prevention.ExpressVPN macOS also has a Speed Test feature. This allows you to test each server location and determine which one is the fastest.

ExpressVPN is compatible with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (Mac Pro), MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (Mac Pro), iMac Pro(Mac Pro), Mac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini and MacBook Air. The current ExpressVPN app which we’ve tested, is compatible with these iOS operating systems: 

  • macOS Big Sur (11)
  • macOS Catalina (10.15)
  • macOS Mojave (10.14)
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)
  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • OS X El Capitán (10.11)
  • OS X Yosemite (10.10)

ExpressVPN Android

You can download their Android app directly from the Google Play Store and set it up quickly and easily. Similar to the Windows app, it also includes a split tunneling feature as well as network protection settings.

Contrary to the Windows app The Android app supports only Lightway and OpenVPN (UDP/TCP protocols).These are the most common protocols used by VPN users, but it would have been nice to have more options for advanced VPN users using Android.

ExpressVPN Android apps also includes a number of useful privacy and security tools. These include an IP address generator, a password generator and DNS Leak Test.

ExpressVPN for iOS

ExpressVPN’s iOS application is optimized for speed and performance. It can be used to access geo-restricted websites and unblock streaming sites. It uses the TrustedServer technology of ExpressVPN and ensures a secure connection. It supports IPsec/IKEv2 like the Android app.

ExpressVPN apps are more robust than the iOS app. The iOS app does not include split tunneling or a kill switch To protect against connection drops. This VPN is not recommended if you are looking for a VPN service that works exclusively on your iOS device.

ExpressVPN Routers

ExpressVPN allows you to instantly secure all of your devices. It’s easy to set up. It is important to ensure that the firmware you use matches your router model.

ExpressVPN should be installed on your router using one of their recommended routers. The list of supported routers is much longer than you would expect from other VPNs. To save time and effort, the service offers several pre-selected routers that you can choose from.

ExpressVPN on Other Devices

ExpressVPN promotes the fact they support all major gaming devices as well as Apple TV and Fire TV as well as other smart TV systems. However, they do not support Apple TV, Fire TV or other smart TV systems. doesn’t offer apps for any of these devices or platforms.

ExpressVPN can only be used on a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or Smart TV. You will need to manually set it up. It works as follows: Register a DDNS address with ExpressVPN, and create a hostname. You will need to set up DNS on your device after that. This can be tedious and a little bit frustrating, especially if it’s your first time.

ExpressVPN Browser Extensions

ExpressVPN offers browser extensions to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Other less-popular browsers. The thing that is most interesting about ExpressVPN browser extensions is that they don’t work independently from the app. These extensions function more as remote controls for ExpressVPN which makes it easier to use the app with no need to switch windows.

It is important to remember that the “browser extension” does not only affect internet traffic through your browser, but also traffic for all appsUse it only when you turn it on.

The entire network of your browser will remain on the same server as your browser. There is no way to get around this. The browser extensions are not a necessity tool. They provide a slight improvement to your browsing experience that will make it a little easier.

Split tunneling can be used to circumvent this, but this requires additional setup.

How to Install ExpressVPN Apps

ExpressVPN provides detailed setup instructions for all supported devices. What’s particularly advantageous about their setup guides is that each one comes with useful screenshots. Some have video tutorials that you can watch in real time if you are having trouble setting up an account.

ExpressVPN is an easy-to-use VPN. It’s pretty straightforward, and the majority of steps are applicable across all platforms and devices. Here’s how to install ExpressVPN on your deviceThis is:

  1. Select one of the plans featured and sign up
  2. When asked, select the app that is appropriate for your device.
  3. It should be installed (and you must accept permissions from your device if it asks).
  4. Connect to the server you choose!

ExpressVPN Customer Support – How Does it Fare?

ExpressVPN customers can count on exceptional customer support.. You can depend on the reliability and professionalism of their customer service staff if you have any problems. The entire platform can be accessed in 16 languages. However, in order to contact their support, it is only possible to do so in English.

They Chat service available 24 hours a dayExpressVPN will assist you with any issues you may encounter. Live chat is free from annoying auto-messaging systems. Within seconds of sending your initial message, you can reach a support representative. There’s also an email support channel, but you’ll have to wait for several hours on average for a reply.

ExpressVPN Support and FAQ

ExpressVPN also offersA comprehensive FAQ sectionYou can also find help and advice regarding setting up your service at. You can also find detailed video explanations for many topics. These will walk you through all aspects of setting up and configuration. The FAQ section is very user-friendly and has a great design. You can also search for any topic by simply typing in the keyword.

ExpressVPN Customer Reviews from Around the Web

We like to review and compare VPN services in detail, and we also enjoy evaluating user feedback from reputable review sites.

This is especially true for VPNs that are regarded as leaders in this field. It provides us with another perspective on how the service treats its customers. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how ExpressVPN stands on two major online platforms:

ExpressVPN’s Reputation on Google Play

Review the siteGoogle Play shows that the platform polls at 4.3 with just over 175,000 reviews. This shows that most VPN users believe that this VPN is well worth the price. It is the same as NordVPN’s biggest competitor, which exemplifies the fact that both services enjoy a similar market standing.

ExpressVPN Reviews on GooglePlay

We have included a comment thread that represents the majority of complaints and praises ExpressVPN users leave. The main compliments are centered around the service’s speed and performance as well as customer support. ExpressVPN’s inability to access streaming sites or occasional instability is the most common complaint.

The ExpressVPN staff responds to almost every negative review with diligence. It has a more generic customer service service on Google Play than its main competitor. Most often, they reply with copy-paste responses to user complaints.

Reddit What Does ExpressVPN Think?

Google Reviews can be a great way for you to see what the general public thinks about a service. However, if you want more detail and to understand more advanced features, Google Reviews is not the right place. Reddit is an excellent place to find impartial and unfiltered opinions about the most in-depth details. The general opinion is very similar to the one on Google Reviews as can be seen in this screenshot: reviews ExpressVPN

Bottom Line – Is ExpressVPN Worth its Price?

ExpressVPN is still a great value for your money. We would love to see minor improvements in the future but ExpressVPN offers exceptional value. ExpressVPN offers unlimited possibilities due to its incredible speed, high-quality security features and ability to unblock all major sites and services worldwide.

ExpressVPN’s subscription cost is not affordable for everyone. However, the service is worth every penny. ExpressVPN is not only a great service, but it also performs well.

This is crucial as you pay for a service and want to be sure that you are taken care of. ExpressVPN can help with this.

FAQs for ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is located where?

ExpressVPN’s headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands. This is outside the jurisdiction of the “14 Eyes” group of countries. The legislation of the BVI is independent and not governed by the UK.BVI-based companies are not subject to data retention laws or have the right to be compelled to produce records regarding their users by any government.

ExpressVPN can be trusted

ExpressVPN is committed to providing maximum security and anonymity for all its customers. ExpressVPN VPN is completely secure and reliable. It also offers privacy and security features.

ExpressVPN is compatible with Tor

ExpressVPN hosts an onion network on Tor. Although ExpressVPN does not support Onion over VPN as NordVPN’s apps do, their.onion website still supports Tor over VPN which is something that very few VPNs can provide.

ExpressVPN allows simultaneous connections for up to 10 users.

ExpressVPN allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN can connect to many devices. ExpressVPN can be connected to many devices. However, you should not try to connect more than five devices at once. This will cover your entire network and give you four more connection slots.


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