Facebook Cyber security breaches
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What we need to learn from Facebook Cyber security breaches?

Recent breaches in cyber security at Facebook have been highlighted. This breach has affected more than fifty million accounts. Cambridge Analytica, a British analytics company, was implicated in the scandal. They accessed user accounts’ data. Facebook is still under scrutiny for how it handles private information about its users. Many users are worried and are seeking answers to their security concerns.

This was a unique and difficult challenge that the organization had never faced in its 14-year history. According to some, the hackers gained access to user data and used it to influence election results. This led to the deaths of several people in different countries. The congress has questioned Mark Zuckerberg several times about the safety of users of their social media network. Some lawmakers voiced their opinions by suggesting that government should intervene to protect privacy and security of its citizens, even if there are no controls to ensure safety for its users.

Hacking Facebook allows direct access to other apps

Many other web applications require a Facebook account. Facebook account holders can open other applications to access their accounts using Facebook accounts. If one has a Facebook account, they don’t need to be verified. Hacking Facebook accounts is a major threat to other applications. Hacking fifty million accounts exposed Spotify, Instagram, and hundreds of other applications.

Everyone is concerned about Facebook security. It can be used to breach other websites and expose users’ private and confidential information.

Software problems must be closely observed

Hackers used bugs to hack into users’ privacy, but they also helped them hack. Another bug allowed for easy uploading of birthday videos. Hackers used this bug to gain user’s personal information.

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It is important to monitor all bugs in systems to ensure hackers don’t find a way to hack into them. Also, we need to implement control measures to help with controlling bugs. We don’t need to expose the systems to risks by failing control measures that protect all vulnerable components.

Facebook, like all social media networks, must be monitored closely. To help them in their evil plans, malicious people can hack into its data. Its data could be used to vote, or to cause results to be manipulated in a negative way. Anyone with access to Facebook accounts can cause harm to many other platforms, and even make a difference to them. We need to be careful with social media networks. This includes what we share online and who we accept as friends. You don’t need to share your email address, contacts or locations. It is impossible to predict who might use it.

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