Financial Copywriter


How to Find a Great Copywriter for Your Financial Website

The content that goes on financial websites needs to be quite precise and require a high level of technical expertise. Without the assistance of a skilled financial copywriter, a company’s website won’t be able to convey the level of competence required to attract new customers or keep the ones it already has. To make matters even worse, information that is badly produced and is not edited by an editor runs the risk of exposing the company to legal troubles, which will hurt both the company’s brand and its revenue. The following are some pointers that will assist you in hiring a copywriter that will do the work correctly and assist you in building your practise.

1. Seek Experienced Financial Writers

When conducting interviews with potential copywriters, it is important to get examples of their previous work in the financial services industry. How does it sound to you? Is the subject matter relatively relevant to your needs, or does it fall into an entirely separate field of expertise? Because it will shorten the learning curve and make it possible for the new writer to get up to speed quickly, especially while working on challenging projects, it is in your best interest to hire a copywriter who is already experienced with the field of financial services. Aside from reviewing samples of their previous work, particular questions to ask freelance copywriters include the following:

How many customers do you have who use your financial services?
How long have you been working with these customers?
How many of your customers are from completely different types of companies? (The answer to this question will offer you an idea of the level of concentration that the copywriter actually possesses.)

2. Do a Test Assignment

At Straight North, one method that has been utilised with remarkable success is the practise of providing prospective copywriters with a test project. This provides the opportunity for your company to evaluate not only the quality of the copywriter’s work but also the candidate’s working style and whether or not it is compatible with the culture of your corporation. The steps of the process are as follows:

  • Give the candidate the task of writing an article for a website, a post for a blog, or a press release. It is important that all of the candidates receive the same assignment. If the information included within is genuine, then it is a huge plus.
    Give the candidate all the information they need to do the assignment so they may go forward. Include the total number of words as well as an explanation of the goal, audience, and main talking points of the content.
  • Set the deadline for two to three days of actual business. Give the candidate instructions to send the finished document to their email address on or before the specified time.
    Examine the material, make any required modifications, and send the candidate the revised copy for further examination and possible rewriting (if necessary). Ask to have the revised version sent back to you within a day.
  • We make it clear to the applicants up front that if we decide to use their content, they will be compensated with “x” dollars regardless of whether or not they are offered a position.

Because going through this procedure takes some time, we only involve the applicants who are strong enough to pass the final cut, which is typically between three and four people. We are able to obtain a sense of the working process as the candidates go through the process, in addition to evaluating the content that is being presented:

  • Does the candidate make an effort to clarify any points that are unclear to them?
    Does the candidate appear to be overly cautious and ask an excessive amount of questions?
  • Does the candidate have a track record of meeting deadlines? If that’s the case, when exactly did the content get handed in, and how far in advance?
  • How does the candidate react when they are edited or given constructive criticism?
    Whether you hire a copywriter on a freelance basis or decide to hire one full-time for your company, that person will collaborate with editors, web design staffers, and a variety of other people of your business. There is no better way to evaluate both the quality of the writing and the compatibility of the writer with the team than by performing a dry run. The quality of the writing is just as vital as having a writer who is compatible with the team.

It’s possible that the testing procedure will result in the identification of two or three copywriters who seem to be a good fit with your company. Maintain communication with the remaining candidates even after you have made your choice; you never know when you might need to add someone to your writing crew or replace someone already there. You will have an advantage over your competitors if you have a pipeline full of capable financial copywriters.