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LoginRadius’s Technology Continues To Lead In The Field Of CIAM

A recent Forrester WaveTM Management Q4 2020 research placed customer identification and access management software supplier LoginRadius at the top of a field of 13 worldwide competitors. With its continued innovation, the top provider of CIAM has moved ahead of important competitors once more.

CIAM Leader LoginRadius has maintained its position as the leader in identity and access management (IAM) and digital transformation, according to KuppingerCole, the top worldwide research organization specializing in information security, identity, and access management (IAM), and digital transformation. Their faster login processes, client protection, and data privacy have also earned them the title of Top Vendor by Gartner.

In their Q4 2020 Consumer Identity and Access Management Report, Forrester WaveTM ranked LoginRadius as the most important Consumer Identity and Access Management provider in the world.

LoginRadius Continues to Lead

A total of thirteen CIAM providers were examined for the report, which was authored by Andras Cser, Merrit Maxim, and Benjamin Corey. ForgeRock and PingIdentity were among the companies represented by Auth0. IBM, Microsoft, Okta, and ForgeRock were also represented.

Through an evaluation of providers’ security and risk management choices, the report assists professionals in selecting the most appropriate CIAM to fit their needs. Forrester Research established 32 important criteria, with LoginRadius receiving the highest score of 4.0 out of 5.0 for the best overall performance.

As a result of their assessment, the authors concluded that LoginRadius offered the most comprehensive set of technological capabilities. The customizable, purpose-built permission management system with consent versioning, as well as excellent user migration services, were among the highlights. Their attention was also drawn to the substantial compliance certifications available and the extensive support for email registrations, various brands, and property types supplied by the company.

Founder and CEO Rakes Soni, LoginRadius, expressed his delight at the award, saying, “This is another trophy to be proud of.” “We are continuing our objective to assist businesses in unifying customer profiles, protecting consumer data, providing privacy, and providing an amazing overall experience. Our employees, investors, and business partners have made this possible.”

CIAM Benefits All Enterprises

What are the advantages of joining CIAM? Businesses of all sizes must safeguard themselves and their customers’ personal information while simultaneously providing a flawless user experience to their users. Today’s modern organizations, regardless of their size, rely on customer identity and access management (IAM) to protect consumer privacy while simultaneously safeguarding corporate data and other information assets.

It is possible to build consumer identity accounts with LoginRadius’ CIAM software, which enables businesses to provide safe and compliant digital experiences to their customers and users. Additionally, they provide more than just employee identification and access management systems, which frequently lack the functionality necessary to provide a good client experience.

LoginRadius provides specialized authentication in addition to registration and authentication solutions that help improve customer relationships. For IoT devices and customers that wish to login without registering, this opens the door to more advanced login options.

Offering Innovative Customer Experiences

For more than 80 engineers, it will take a lot of dedication and hard work to deliver the greatest CIAM technology that is also developer-friendly. As Deepak Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of LoginRadius, states, “We are devoted to delivering the highest-quality CIAM products, and customers can expect some intriguing items from us in the coming months.” The plan we’ve developed allows us to continue introducing innovative products and services that help us maintain our number one ranking.”

Its multi-faceted services include sophisticated application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow a wide range of authentication solutions to be implemented. These include identity verification and single sign-on (SSO), which allow corporate clients to be authenticated in a more convenient manner than previously possible.

Using unified profiles, businesses may provide their customers with multichannel engagement options via mobile devices, IoT devices, and other devices. Users’ management and account protection abilities on the web and in mobile devices are enhanced with the usage of CIAM, which includes multi-factor authentication (MFA). Companies can personalize the MFA experience for their consumers, making it essential or optional for them while still providing them with built-in layers of protection, as long as they follow certain guidelines.

A few examples of solutions that help firms increase their return on investment include open-source development kits (SDKs), centralized data services, pre-designed customizable interfaces, and cutting-edge security technologies.

LoginRadius’s Providing Digital Business Transformations

LoginRadius is a digital business transformation company that helps companies transform their businesses.
Today, the company that began out as a simple social login provider has evolved into a diverse solutions provider with a robust infrastructure and resources to support its operations. In terms of functionality, their suites of modules can cater to everyone from the smallest startups to the most demanding multinational corporations.

Sign up for LoginRadius today and become part of a worldwide organization with a presence in over 40 countries and over 3,000 customers. As the team at LoginRadius continues to work toward the goal established by the thoughts of two friends, over 1.17 billion consumers benefit from safe and seamless experiences.

As a cloud-first and remote-first company with headquarters in San Francisco, LoginRadius is backed by several core investors, including Microsoft, which is also a significant technological partner.

LoginRadius’ goal and mission have always been to provide secure and privacy-compliant digital experiences, and the company’s team is dedicated to ensuring the success of their partners.

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