Future Proof New Orleans
Future Proof New Orleans

Can the Cloud Really Future-Proof Your Business?

Now is the right time to make the switch to cloud computing. According to a Forbes study, cloud computing will be worth $162 billion by 2020. This is less than two years away. Cloud services are a key factor in ensuring your company’s longevity.

What is the cloud? The cloud is simply a network of computers, servers, and databases that are connected to each other. To share the infrastructure’s combined power, users can lease it. How can you future-proof your company with any of this infrastructure? We will show you how.

Protect your data from cyber attacks, human error, and other disasters.

  • Cloud security provides protection for sensitive data. The cloud’s combined computing power has strong security defenses. This multi-layered architecture protects your data from any vulnerabilities that could allow cyber criminals access to it. There are several types of security controls: preventative, corrective, and preventative. These security controls work together to protect sensitive information and intellectual property.
  • Cost Reduction You can no longer replace outdated software and legacy infrastructure by migrating to cloud computing. Microsoft Office 365 is a great example of how programs and applications can be scaled and are more affordable than ever. Office 365 is a powerful platform for business productivity. Subscriptions start at $12.50 per month and include all updates, security patches, service packs, and 1 TB cloud computing storage per user. Cloud-hosted apps like O365 will automatically update their infrastructure on a daily basis.
  • With seamless collaboration, you can increase productivity and performance. Your staff can work from anywhere, including their favorite coffee shop or their home office, by moving their data, network, and applications to the cloud. They also have access to all the tools they use on their desktop. Cloud computing Your staff can also collaborate on projects in real-time from anywhere they are located. This greatly improves your company’s performance and productivity, which will allow you to bring in more customers and increase your profit.
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Get the most from your investment cloud services. Great MSP partner is essential. An MSP will minimize downtime and ensure data migration is done quickly. Are you unsure which MSP is best? Cloud computing services Which are the best for your company? A team of MSP experts will assess your network and servers, and work with you to create a plan that minimizes the stress and worries associated with cloud migration. No hassle, seamless implementation

On average, firms that manage their own migration take two months and can cost up to $3,000. Partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) to handle your move to the cloud reduces Рand even eliminates Рdowntime and speeds up deployment by managing your data with new integrated tech solutions, upgrading your performance seamlessly. This is where we come in.

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