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Guarda Wallet Crypto Referral Program is Now Live!

Guarda is a multipurpose cryptocurrency wallet that is open-source and supports the majority of the cryptocurrencies currently available on the market. It functions very similarly to a universal wallet, allowing you to store a number of different cryptocurrencies in a single location. The Guarda platform is able to hold the most popular cryptocurrencies, in addition to a huge number of stable cryptocurrencies, thousands of tokens, and other cryptocurrencies. Because the wallet also enables you to effortlessly buy and exchange cryptocurrencies on its platform, you can use it as a one-stop shop for all of your cryptocurrency requirements if you use it in conjunction with those features.

What are the most useful Guarda features? 

The ability to store any ERC20 token is provided; (10k+ tokens)
Mobile app support
Assistance with the user interface on the web
Desktop support
The user’s device is where the private keys are kept safe.
Support for Web3
Wallet Connect support
50+ coins are accessible on Guarda.
Your very own token generation mechanism.

What competitive advantages does Guarda have? 

This wallet is multiplatform, which means that it has versions or programmes that are compatible with operating systems like as Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Specifically, the wallet may be used on any device.
All financial transactions will use AES encryption.
Face recognition will be used as the login method for the platform.
The wallet is compatible with Ledger devices and can synchronise with them.

What is Guarda Referral Program? 

The Guarda ecosystem is ecstatic to finally launch a referral system to its clients. This system will enable users to earn from the user drive and actively interact with the GRD token that is used internally.

How to start working with Guarda Referral Program? 

Simply following these three easy actions will get you started interacting with the Guarda referral programme right away. Because we don’t want you to miss anything, we’ve divided them down into manageable steps.

Configure your Guarda Wallet so that it can participate in our referral programmes.
Step 1: To begin, you must be in possession of your very own Guarda Wallet. To accomplish this, navigate to the homepage and select the “Launch app” button from the menu that appears.

The next step requires you to select “Create a new wallet” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 3: Create a unique password for yourself. Remember to jot it down or commit it to memory, but under no circumstances should you share it with anybody else. Because Guarda is a non-custodial wallet, we do not have access to your private keys. Because of this, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your assets remain secure.

The final step is to say congratulations! You have now reached the stage where you can consider yourself a full member of the Guarda community. It will not be much longer before you will be able to begin working with the Guarda Referral Program.

Step 5: Select a wallet for your rewards by opening the settings tab and navigating to the appropriate section.

Step 6: Create your own referral link on your account!

The Guarda Referral Program has already Been Launched! Join Us Now and Start Earning Rewards!

Start sending out invitations to your friends so that you can all enjoy the many advantages that Guarda Wallet has to offer.
As soon as your friends or acquaintances start using the Guarda ecosystem, by signing up for it with your link, you will be able to open up a huge number of opportunities for them and let them become a part of the Guarda Community straight away. This will allow you to give them immediate access to the Guarda ecosystem. You will be in the elite group of persons who are the first to possess a GRD token.

Start earning GRD tokens
Become one of the first owners of Guarda’s one-of-a-kind, ecosystem-integrated token and feel like a proud pioneer. To begin, you can earn GRD tokens whenever a friend or referral of yours conducts a swap, purchase, or any other type of transaction.

What will you be able to do with Guarda native tokens? 

Our native token is the key that unlocks all doors; it unites Guarda’s whole service ecosystem. Come with us as we navigate the transition to a new financial reality. Find out how to receive a Guarda token, how to use it, and how to access the special features that will only be available to users of our platform.

Integration with the EOS environment can be done easily.
When you have a GRD token, it is much simpler to manage your various EOS accounts. You can stake resources even if you don’t have enough EOS if you create an account that comes with a discount.

Additional surveillance of potentially criminal behaviour
Accept only those transactions that can be trusted, and check each address for evidence of unlawful activity. Using the GRD token, you are able to make a purchase for an additional package of checks.

Addresses That Can Be Read By Humans
Make your life simpler by associating each of your addresses with a domain that is readable by humans. That concludes the discussion of our working relationship with Unstoppable Domains.

Guarda Referral Program FAQ 

How much money is it possible to make through the Guarda Referral Program?
You will receive half of one percent of the total amount that your referrals trade. The maximum amount of GRD tokens that can be traded on an exchange is equivalent to five dollars.

How frequently will I get rewarded for my efforts?
You are eligible to receive prizes on a monthly basis.

What will happen if I can no longer access my rewards wallet?
Guarda is an example of an open-source wallet. We are unable to make any changes to your rewards address or recover your wallet since we do not have access to your wallet. It will be necessary for you to generate a new wallet and obtain a new connection.

What are the Guarda Referral Program Benefits? 

If your Referral completes an action in Guarda that is eligible for a reward, you are eligible to earn a GRD token as a reward. You will receive a reward equal to a specified proportion of the profits made by that company in Guarda.
Guarda continues to enhance its feature stack beyond what was previously available. There is no stopping the progression of new use cases for our token, which will also include new methods for claiming it.