Github CDN
Github CDN

Is It a Good Content Delivery Network to Use Github CDN?

Because of its popularity in data delivery, Google CDN is used. A public CDN, or Cloud Delivery Network, is also managed by Microsoft. These CDNS, on the other hand, solely host the most well-known libraries. Host everything with Github CDN, including JavaScript, CSS, SWF, pictures, and more.

http2.0, http, https, and spdy are all supported by Github CDN. It is one of the most widely used free and public online front-end CDN services, with just under 5,000,000 websites using it, accounting for around 9.2% of all websites on the internet. It also serves over 160 billion requests per month and has been a top W3Techs CDN for the past three years.

Developers will benefit from the features of Github CDN.

In order for computer developers to use Github, it must first provide features that are beneficial to them. The first is its Code Review feature, which allows developers on a team to suggest changes, remark in context, request reviews, and provide explicit feedback on the current project they’re working on. (

Project Management is another tool that allows the project manager and developers to collaborate, track, and update the status of their work in one area, ensuring that the work is transparent. Team members would be assigned tasks to complete in order to track down a bug, for example. Tasks, assignments, labels, and milestones could all be assigned to Github CDN during the course of the project. (

Another component of Github CDN that is as vital as producing software is team management. Managing and developing teams, keeping conversations on topic, implementing community norms, and opening source guides are all available using Github CDN’s function. You can also undertake social coding, which allows you to collaborate with other developers on projects. With this tool, you may keep track of other projects that interest you and share your accomplishments with others.

A robust software project will have good documentation. As a result, you may use Github to store your documentation alongside your code. You can host documentation straight from your Github repositories using Github pages. A text editor is also included, allowing you to quickly add documents in your preferred text formatting language, such as Textile or Github Flavored Markdown.

Github CDN security


Data security is Github’s number one priority. They are GDPR compliant and adhere to the Privacy Shield Framework, which was certified in January 2017. Government users can utilise Github to host projects since their platforms meet the software-as-a-service security criteria set by the US federal government’s partners.

Github accounts are also safe because all data in transit is encrypted, so login information and credentials are always safe. Github uses bcrypt to store a one-way hash of all user passwords. Rate limitation protects your account login against brute force attacks.

Cybercriminals exploited Github and its services to hide in-browser bitcoin mining scripts, which they then used on compromised sites, according to a case from December 2017. They used Github accounts to upload cryptojacking programmes, which they then loaded via the Github domain. After a few months, they performed the same thing, except instead of using Github’s default CDN,, they used Github’s default CDN,

Despite the fact that some incidents have occurred, Github’s security mechanisms make it safe for developers to continue to utilize it. Two-factor authentication, universal second factor, delegated account recovery, e-mail privacy controls, GPG commit-signing verification, and a security audit log are just a few of the features.

Because Github CDN also offers needed reviews, necessary status checks, built-in continuous integrations and testing, read-only deploy keys, deployments API, monitoring and logging, and evidence key controls, security is in the hands of your entire team.


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