If you want to stream movies and channels on your TV, Roku players are a terrific option because they provide you access to a lot of free and paid content.

With over 4,000 channels to choose from, you can watch practically anything from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

In December of last year, Roku launched HBO Max support. Users have claimed that the HBO Max app freezes and crashes frequently since it was released on Roku.

How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku?

On Roku, HBO Max is now accessible. Roku fans may now watch their favourite HBO movies and series on their devices after a long wait. You can watch classic television shows like The Big Bang Theory and Friends. There are other Max Originals available, such as The Flight Attendant.

The bad news is that HBO Max may or may not operate on Roku at any given time. Users may occasionally encounter a variety of technical issues. We’ll focus on the most prevalent ones in this article, as well as how to remedy them.

How to Troubleshoot HBO Max Technical Issues on Roku?

Restart your Roku and your modem.

Make sure to restart your Roku device and modem before proceeding with the rest of the troubleshooting steps. If the difficulty you’re having is related to a network connection problem, restarting your device should solve it.

  1. Remove your Roku streaming stick from your device. To conduct a hard reset, reinstall it.
  2. Alternatively, go to System Settings and select System Restart.
  3. Restart your Roku box.

Roku should be updated or your device should be upgraded.

Only Roku 9.3 and later support the HBO Max app. If you’re still using an older Roku model, such as the Roku 2500, you’ll need to upgrade. HBO Max will not play well on any Roku models that have not received the most recent updates.

To update Roku, navigate to Settings by pressing the Home button on the remote. Then go to System System Update and see if there are any updates available. Check for updates on Roku

If you have a Roku model with OS version 9.4.0 or higher but are still unable to view HBO Max, contact Roku support for assistance.

Turn off your VPN.

To watch HBO Max on Roku, you must be in the United States or select US territories. You must also use your actual IP address. You’ll see an error warning if you’re using a VPN to mask your IP address. After you’ve disabled your VPN software, see if you can watch HBO Max on Roku.

select Remove channel and confirm your choice
select Remove channel and confirm your choice
  1. Add the channel again.
  2. Many issues and bugs can be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max app.
  3. Press the Home button on your Roku control.
  4. Then go to Streaming Channels and click the Channel Store button.
  5. On your remote, find HBO Max and push OK.
  6. After that, choose Remove channel and confirm your decision.
  7. Other users have confirmed that the following workaround worked for them.

Open the HBO Max app on your phone. Then go to Devices in Settings and sign out of all of your devices.

Remove the HBO Max from your Roku and restart it.

Reinstall HBO Max after restarting Roku.

Roku may be holding on to your old HBO login information, so you’ll need to sign out of all of your devices. As a result, the new HBO Max channel will experience technical difficulties.

You can also cancel your HBO subscription. Then unplug your Roku device and unplug the HBO channel. After you’ve done all of that, re-add the HBO Max channel.

Look up the word “title”

Search the Title
Search the Title

Use the search option instead of the home screen to find the title you want to watch. Play the title that was found in the search results. search bar on Roku

If you opt to employ this workaround, there are several drawbacks. You only have access to four controls: the 7-second replay, Pause, Forward, and Backward. The HBO Max menu and closed captioning are not available.

Additionally, go through the options extremely slowly. Allow two or three seconds to pass between actions and choices. Many users reported that by adopting this simple workaround, they were able to avoid frequent problems.

Remove the Cache

your remote and select Remove channel
your remote and select Remove channel
  1. Go to your Homescreen and select it.
  2. Choose HBO Max from the available options.
  3. The channel should then be removed. To do so, hit the asterisk button on your remote and select Remove channel from the menu.
  4. To clear the cache, restart your Roku device.

Devices with HBO Max and Roku 3500x

Many Roku stick owners who have the 3500x model have complained about not being able to watch HBO Max on their devices. HBO Max frequently fails to load material before abruptly ceasing to function and returning to the home screen.

HBO Max appears to require more RAM and CPU power than Roku 3500x units can provide. If you’re still using an older Roku model, you should consider upgrading.

HBO is unlikely to create a lighter version of HBO Max for earlier Roku devices. We also doubt Roku will devote the time and money necessary to create a special software version that automatically clears the cache prior to HBO Max’s launch.


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