How Much Does it Cost To Renew Microsoft Office 365

How much will it cost me to renew Office 365 Home on an annual basis?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Price for an Office 365 Home subscription is USD $99.99 a year, which will also be the cost of renewal. Customers who purchase Office at the same time as a new PC, Windows tablet, or Mac may be eligible for a discount. It’s crucial to remember that Microsoft doesn’t control the actual selling price, so check with your store manager for the most up-to-date pricing.

What happens if a customer’s Office 365 subscription isn’t renewed? What’s your impression on the primary PC?

What about the other devices?

If a customer chooses not to renew, they will still have access to their Office documents on their PC/Mac or online, which they can read and print. Other Office features, like as creating new documents and editing existing ones, will be unavailable until the subscription is reactivated. All of the PCs and Macs linked with the subscription will have the same experience. On their iPhones and Android phones, all users linked with the subscription will lose access to Office Mobile. Customers can make basic adjustments to documents using the free Office Web Apps.

How does a customer renew their Office 365 Home subscription?

Before the expiration date

At any time, a client can renew their Office 365 Home subscription for another year from a partner or directly from Microsoft.

To extend their subscription, the customer returns to and enters the Product Key. Note: If you’re asked for something, say yes.

They must use the same Microsoft account that they used for their initial subscription.

After the expiration date,

When the customer’s subscription expires, a “Subscription Expired” warning appears in the Office applications, along with a “Reactivate” button. Customers can renew their subscriptions by clicking Reactivate, which opens a box with three options: Buy, Enter Key, and Sign In.

If someone bought a Product Key from your store…

1. To renew their subscription, the consumer should click “Enter Key” and follow the onscreen steps. This is the same procedure as going to directly.

2. After the primary PC’s subscription has been renewed, the customer must open an Office application on all other PCs and Macs in their home, click “Reactivate,” select “Sign in,” and enter the subscriber’s Microsoft account credentials. Note: If your subscription has expired, you must finish this step on a backup device.

If the customer chooses to Buy…

If the consumer chooses the “Buy” option, they will be directed to to purchase another one-year subscription.

When a customer’s Microsoft online storage membership expires, what happens to the papers they’ve saved there?

Microsoft will notify your customer that their Office 365 Home membership has expired, and their available Microsoft online storage has been cut from 20GB to 7GB. Your customer can still log in, access, and download all of their online documents, including existing content that exceeds the free storage limit of 7GB. If they have used up all of their free storage, they will be unable to add or edit documents until they lower their usage below the 7GB limit.


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