How to Create a New Folder in SharePoint?

Follow the shown steps to learn how to create a new folder in SharePoint, and you’ll be able to personalize and manage folders on your website. SharePoint folders give you the ability to organize and manage your site’s content in a list or library. Folders should be used on SharePoint sites with a lot of content to conveniently group and classify content categories for simpler identification and to avoid mix-ups.

How to Make a New SharePoint Folder?

It’s simple to create a basic folder in your SharePoint site. SharePoint is configured by default to display the new folder menu in your site library, but it does not appear on lists unless the administrator enables them. You must update your website’s advanced list-settings if you want to add the new-folder menu to a list.

  1. To do so, go to the quick-launch options and click on a list name.
  2. Select new-folder from the new-menu.
  3. Create the folder and give it a name that is appropriate for the category.

How to Organize Items for Easy Access into Sub-folders and Folders?

Use folders to organize material within a list or library if there are many items that are similar or perplexing in a certain way. Departments, categories, projects, age ranges, alphabetical sub-groups, and alphabetical listings are all examples of group-folders. Users of SharePoint sites can use folders to conveniently handle files in a professional manner. SharePoint lists and libraries enable folders view without a filter by default for all lists and libraries. This option aids in the selection of the proper file folder and the addition of new items. Having many directories in your site allows you to add objects and information from both inside and outside your site effectively. Despite the fact that you can simply re-organize objects in multiple libraries folders using the standard-windows-explorer, there is no automatic way for new users to move items across directories in a list. Although lists and libraries do not appear in the document area of quick-launch, website owners with editing or design access can enable Tree-view, which displays the site-content section.

Depending on the architecture of your website, you may want to explore using folders and views because they allow material to be filtered, sorted in many ways, and organized in different ways. How to Make a List with a Folder You might be interested in learning how to add a new folder to a list if you’re learning how to build a new folder in SharePoint. The new-folder command is not available in lists by default. By modifying some advanced list-settings, a user with design capabilities on SharePoint lists can add additional folders to a list.

  1. Navigate to the website containing the lists to which you wish to add new folders if you have the necessary permissions.
  2. In the quick-launch, click on the name of a specific list. If you can’t find the title of your list, go to site-settings >> site-contents and search for it.
  3. Click the items-tab in the ribbons, then new-group. select new-folder from the drop-down menu.
  4. Type a folder name in the name-box of the new-folder dialogue box and click OK.

How can I delete a folder from a list or library?

When you delete a folder from a list, it also deletes all of the files, subfolders, and documents included within it. You must use extreme caution while using this option to avoid deleting vital and critical folders from your SharePoint website. Consider saving the folders to a location on your desktop in case you need them again in the future. If you have authority to edit and create new folders on a site, you can permanently delete folders by performing the following tasks. A website server with a small number of folders replies faster than one with thousands of folders. It’s critical to make sure your SharePoint web server contains only necessary folders. Consider removing any list folders that aren’t needed on your server.

  1. Navigate to the list or library on your website that contains the folder you want to delete.
  2. On the quick-launch choices, click the name of the folder.
  3. By clicking on the folder’s row, you can confirm that you want to delete it.
  4. Select Delete item or Delete document from the items-tab of the manage-group.

Your folder will be removed permanently

In a library, how can I make a new folder? Creating a new folder in a library appears by default as a command in that library. You can adjust the advanced settings and build folders in any reasonable fashion you like if you have design permissions on your site.

  1. To make a new folder, go to the site where the library you want to add a new folder is located.
  2. Select the library’s name from the quick-launch menu.
  3. Click the items-tab in the ribbons, then new-group. select new-folder from the drop-down menu.
  4. Type a folder name in the name-box of the new-folder dialogue box and click OK.

How can I move a document to a new folder in my library or list?

In contrast to previous versions of SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 includes new features that allow you to drag & drop files into folders with ease. Because you can’t drag and drop files into folders in SharePoint 2010, 2007, you’ll have to manually copy and paste them. For users of older SharePoint versions, moving several files or documents into a new folder has proven to be a difficult task. SharePoint 2013 includes a new drag-and-drop tool that makes copying folders, files, and documents within a SharePoint site a breeze. You can copy numerous documents from one list to another using the drag-and-drop capability.

  1. Open the folders and all places where you want to copy files and documents before dragging and dropping them.
  2. Reduce the size of the folder windows to small windows and arrange them on your screen so that none of them overlap.
  3. Drag and drop documents and files into the folders where you want them. Folders are essential because they aid in the categorization of documents and files for easy access.

Create and delete directories in your site using the steps outlined above. You’ll find it simple to maintain your SharePoint site folders once you’ve completed the methods above, and you’ll also learn how to establish a new folder in SharePoint.


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