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5 Steps To Start your own Digital Marketing Agency from scratch

If you wanted to start a marketing agency more than 25 years ago, you would have faced a very difficult time breaking into this market due to the high entry barrier. Due to the immature state of the digital landscape, the overall cost of launching such a business was intimidating, and doing so without the initial investment was nearly impossible. In addition to the costs associated with starting a business, you were constrained by traditional and physical media, which brought with it the headaches associated with the production and placement of those forms of media. This was not always to the benefit of your customers because of the unique nature of the requests they made for such things.

As a result, it was unavoidable to be “in the red” for an extremely, extremely extended period of time.

Since then, a great deal of progress has been made. Especially in terms of the technologies that are used to deliver information to the intended audience as well as the possibilities of providing services on an international scale.

In today’s world, it is feasible for even a single highly skilled professional or a modest group to launch a fully-fledged international marketing agency from scratch in a relatively short amount of time. This is made possible by advancements in technology.

Companies are devoting a greater proportion of their marketing budgets than ever before to digital advertising, and there is room for everyone to compete for a piece of that market. If you want to start an online marketing agency from scratch, then this article will walk you through the five steps you need to follow in order to do so successfully.

Please keep in mind that the information you are about to read is merely the result of our years of experience and does not constitute a directive for immediate behaviour. For this reason, one must exercise autonomy and responsibility in making any decisions. Before you make a decision about a new business venture, we will guide your thinking about significant concerns by providing you with this information.

The first step is to acquire the necessary abilities.

If you are a narcissist who just graduated from college and you have grandiose plans to dominate the world of marketing, then you are likely to fail dismally.

You can be as creative and as intelligent as any other player in the game, but if you are not mentally prepared for hard, painstaking work and if you do not have enough experience to deal with many of the complexities of account management and customer relationship, then it is highly likely that you will need to give it another shot.

It is unfortunate that this attempt is not always successful because it would be appreciated.

For some people, the acquisition of the necessary skills and attitudes to work in marketing may take years, while for others it may take less time. Despite this, we would advise you to spend some time working on projects that belong to other people rather than the team that has been assembled before you have the courage to strike out on your own.

The work environment of internet marketing is significantly more complicated than it might initially appear, and until you dive into it, you won’t truly understand how complex it is.

In addition to the actual work that will need to be done on a constant basis, there will also be a great deal of communication politics, verbal and non-verbal communication gymnastics, and expectations. It all depends on the leadership, the culture of the organisation, the product process, and how the organisation is structured.

Your day-to-day life and the trajectory of your career in online marketing will each be significantly impacted by these factors.

Before you can become an expert in digital marketing, you need to have a solid understanding of what it’s like to work in the same environments as your potential customers. Because of this, you will undoubtedly evolve into a more compassionate and adaptable professional as a result.

For instance, you will not take it personally even if a client is going through a stressful situation and seems to be projecting their feelings onto you. You will come to realise that these are merely work moments, and it is not worth it to waste your emotions on them. You are going to make an effort to reason out what this means and put those hypotheses to the test with your client in an informal setting.

Having said that, it is essential to have a solid understanding that the communication skills you possess, also known as soft skills, only account for fifty percent of the total marketing product you produce. It is imperative that you have a solid grasp on the nature of the “professional” service that you plan to provide. The customer will sooner or later realise that what was sold to him was not what he expected to receive, despite how appealing your skills are in selling your services. This is true regardless of how well you are at selling your services.

You need to be able to drive results and then explain those results to the client. If you are beginning your career in client management at larger agencies, it is recommended that you begin your career by working in a marketing team or by finding a few small clients so that you can gain experience working with the channels and skills that you will use in your future work.

For individuals who have never been a part of a marketing team before, it is possible that they do not have a clear understanding of the amount of effort that is actually spent on communication and understanding as they go. You will need to produce a marketing product in addition to learning complex systems, and if the team is small, you will also need to develop your own diverse skills in order to be able to select specialists for your future team. If the team is large, however, you will not need to develop your own diverse skills.

  • The following are key marketing skills, but the list is not exhaustive:
  • creating landing pages,
  • advertising development,
  • putting in place a method for the exchange of information with customers,
  • positioning of the product,
  • training programmes for staff members,
  • tracking software for online analytics that is correctly implemented and the ability to draw the right conclusions from the data collected

the identification and evaluation of the most fruitful distribution channels for advertising products and services offered to consumers,

the capability of exerting pressure on production processes in an appropriate manner,

The benefit of having a customer management system is that many of these aspects are handled before they get to you. When a customer comes to you with something that doesn’t work, however, having experience with these things gives you the added value of knowing what you’re talking about. Because you have done this activity so frequently in the past, it will make it easier for you to deal with the pressure of delivering results of a high quality.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot market yourself as an expert in digital marketing if you are not actually an expert in digital marketing. Therefore, consistent training in anything and everything that is newly emerging in the field in which you have professional interests is required for the development and growth of your company to be a success.

The second step is to become a product supplier before moving on to the founder stage.

It is either a sin or a gift from fate to have a job that is financially rewarding and gives you the opportunity to amass a lot of wealth in a short amount of time. On the other hand, many of us who have jobs that pay well take this fact for granted.

For anyone who is interested in taking the leap into the world of working for themselves, there is a lengthy list of potential pitfalls that can crop up right away.

The knowledge and abilities necessary to eliminate or reduce the majority of these risks are gained through experience, which also lays the groundwork for an economically independent company.

Because of this, we have come up with the idea of continuing our full-time jobs while also taking on some part-time contract work as a side hustle.

You will be able to take independent action without exposing yourself to significant danger as a result of this. Your company will never abandon you in a time of need.

Starting your own business on the side will give you a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and this will help you get started. All of these things, from having to pay for your own online tools to having to put money aside for your own taxes, will teach you what it means to be financially and morally responsible for your own actions, which will help you become a better person overall.

If you plan to continue working full time, you need to have the ability to organise and prioritise your time effectively. This means that you will no longer be able to spend the evenings and weekends doing activities that previously provided you with the opportunity to relax (for example, watching Netflix products). At this time, you will be responsible for completing a project on your own at home. Are you prepared to deal with this? After all, not all of us are prepared for such significant shifts in the routines that we have become accustomed to in our comfortable lives.

Developing relationships as a self-employed contractor is beneficial in multiple ways, one of which is that it can result in referrals to other clients. If you are able to keep up with your monthly expenses as a contractor, starting your own one-man agency will be much less difficult for you than starting from square one.

You will gain experience in the field of service contracting as a by-product of managing your customers, which is yet another advantage of this aspect of customer management.

You should become accustomed to the process of writing a proposal, then negotiating and signing a contract, as well as any other documentation that may be required (NDA, etc.). You can get better at this aspect of the game and make it easier on yourself in the future in order to shorten the amount of time it takes to connect new customers.

Because of this, you will be able to cultivate beneficial relationships with returning customers.

If you are able to get some extra work through relationships, former coworkers, or simply by making connections, this will provide you with the experience you require when it comes to constructing and preserving relationships with your customers.

Another important skill that many people fail to develop early on in their careers is the ability to negotiate the price of their services.

Regardless of how well you know your customer, the value of your time and experience cannot be understated. In the course of running your own independent business, you will find that it is of the utmost importance to hone the ability to calculate the fee that should be charged for a particular undertaking or service.

The third step is to create the one and only optimal business model.

Beginning a digital marketing agency can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. As time goes on, the quality of the services you offer and the manner in which you compensate employees for their labour become increasingly significant components of the successful operation of your company.

The choice to charge their clients on an hourly basis is made by many consultants. This is due to the fact that the majority of their time is spent communicating one-on-one with customers either over the phone or in person. This payment model becomes more complicated and time-consuming to use as a result of longer and more difficult service negotiations.

The number of hours spent on digital marketing for a specific client can fluctuate quite a bit from one week to the next. There are a number of factors at play here, including developing and introducing completely new marketing campaigns or promotions, reorganising accounts, devoting time to phone calls, and preserving what is successful for them. It is getting increasingly difficult for me to say that I have spent “X” hours this week, so I have attached your bill for those hours. If the customer begins to question how much time particular activities take each week, this can make them suspicious of the business. If you do not include one-on-one consultation as a component of the services that you provide, then we strongly suggest that you forego the hourly billing model in your business.

The most straightforward approach to pricing is known as the flat pricing model. You provide an estimate of how much the work and your time will cost a specific client, and then the two of you come to an agreement on a flat monthly fee.

In addition to being straightforward, this makes it possible for you to minimise the amount of hassle involved in the billing process. The client is aware of the total cost of your services and, assuming you live up to his expectations, he will not have any trouble making the payment to you.

The disadvantage is that if you have a client whose business grows at an exponential rate over time, then you will have to put in more work to provide the service without receiving additional payment from that client.

To prevent this from happening, all that is required is for you to include in your contract a clause that states that this price will be maintained throughout the duration of the agreement (for example, within one quarter). Should this be the case, you will have the ability to make price adjustments on a quarterly basis.

The most significant advantage of the down payment model is that it gives you the ability to forecast your future earnings and calculate, on a hypothetical basis, how much money you will make if your current customers remain with you for an entire year. Because of this, it is important for the development of a business because it enables one to set goals and prepare for failure. Additionally, it plays a significant part when it is necessary to either hire or outsource staff in order to carry out particular marketing campaigns.

Because it takes into account the client’s expandability and growth potential, the pricing model that is based on a percentage of the total cost is very popular among advertising agencies. When advertising agencies reach a certain level of maturity, they either give up their clients for a nominal fee or transform them into an interest rate model.

If you are just getting started in the business, this is probably not the best option for you because you will want to grow your customer network. However, as time goes on, you will come to the realisation that having a smaller number of more lucrative clients is, for a variety of reasons, much more beneficial to your business.

If you choose to base the operation of your business solely on a cost percentage model, one potential drawback is that there are a variety of factors within the company itself that will be responsible for determining the budget. Although you can influence some of these factors (results), you cannot influence the majority of them (internal decisions, seasonality, other costs). You don’t want to find yourself in a position where your client spends a very modest amount each month and you only receive ten percent of that amount, with the expectation that you will call and waste time on it.

The solution is to begin with a flat commission, as was mentioned above, and then, as your company expands, implement a model in which interest is charged on costs that are in excess of the predetermined amount for your services. This makes it abundantly clear to the customer that if he wishes to scale and spend more, then he will have to put in a greater amount of effort in order to accomplish his objective.

There is a method of payment known as a commission on the result that can be utilised. This is a common tactic that organisations employ in the hope of gaining a competitive advantage over other organisations. To put it simply, the customer only makes a payment if and when he profits from the sale.

Because you want to earn the trust of your customers and because of this, you are doing everything in your power to assist them in achieving their goals, it initially sounds tempting to do so. People who have been unsuccessful with agencies frequently mention the fact that they paid a significant amount of money but did not receive any results or a return on their investment.

When using this model, you will have a very difficult time invoicing the client if you do not have a comprehensive understanding of the processes that they use. This is one of the model’s major drawbacks. This pricing model is a nightmare for companies that provide a service as a service (also known as SaaS) as well as companies that have complex sales funnels.

We are only able to recommend this strategy to consumers who engage in direct selling or e-commerce (for example, the drop shipping market). You will be able to conduct the necessary calculations and get an estimate of how many sales you have made thanks to this method.

Another drawback of this business strategy is that its success is greatly reliant on the product that is being offered for sale. If there is going to be a substantial profit from it, then it makes perfect sense. With that case, you run the risk of becoming bogged down in unpaid labour.

The last thing you need to be doing at the end of each month is figuring out mathematical calculations when you have no idea how much money you can make.

Understanding a company model also requires having a firm grasp on the concepts of taxation and legal responsibility.

If you have come to the conclusion that launching your own company is the path you choose to pursue, your next step is to register in Canada as either a limited partnership or a corporation. Why should you choose Canada and specifically these kinds of companies to do business in?


This will offer you personal legal protection in the event that something goes wrong and you end up being sued for damages. In addition to this, it will safeguard your company against hostile takeover attempts by raiders and unwarranted scrutiny from the regulatory bodies in your nation.

If you have a company that is registered in Canada, your worldwide clients will be proud to do business with you because Canada is a highly valued country in the eyes of other nations. The Canadian brand will be responsible for its own marketing.

There are a number of tax advantages associated with forming a limited partnership and a corporation. Because doing so will help you pay a lot less in taxes in your home country, we strongly advise establishing a limited liability partnership (LLP) or a corporation as quickly as you can in Canada.

You will have a greater number of options to bring in financial backing for your company.

Other benefits, including an online form that can be filled in to select the type of Canadian business that is the most suitable for the particulars of your organisation, are included at the end of the article that we have devoted to this topic: “Five of the Most Important Benefits of Registering Your Company in Canada in 2020”

4. Define your specific market segment

When you are first getting started in the field of marketing, it is easy to fall prey to the allure of the possibility of collaborating with any company.

When a person’s means of subsistence are nearly nonexistent, the idea of having to turn down a request from another person might produce a significant level of cognitive dissonance. Having said that, there are thousands of digital marketing organisations and consultants available today, of which only a select few specialise in the field, while the majority do not.

In the event that you do not receive referrals at a rate that is comparable to that at which salmon return to Sakhalin to spawn, you will need to differentiate yourself from the competition and develop a distinctive selling proposition before approaching new prospects.

There are a myriad of advantages to targeting a well-defined niche with your services, in addition to the value that comes from concentrating in a certain market or category of customers.

Before settling on a marketing tactic for a customer that you have taken on as a client, there are a great many factors that you need to be aware of in order to make an informed decision. When you have a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is, you may streamline this process because you already have an idea of the kinds of questions and information you need to acquire from that customer first. You are also familiar with the inner workings of these companies, as well as the typical returns that can be expected from doing business with them. When taken as a whole, it boosts your capabilities to an incredible degree.

You will be able to essentially conduct advertising campaigns for most organisations if you have gained the expertise in digital marketing (this service comes at an additional cost).

However, you need to educate yourself on your target market and the best ways to communicate with them in order to be successful.

When working with a company that is foreign to you or abstract in comparison to what you are accustomed to working with, it might take a long time to complete, which invariably leads to troubles in the beginning if things do not go as smoothly as you would like them to.

However, if you have already determined who your ideal customer is, you will get a great deal of expertise by working with the market that this customer serves. Because of this, a form of muscle memory and intuition are developed (like in sports, when you yourself do not understand how, but move to the right part of the court before the opponent hits the ball). It’s a big assistance in determining what decisions to make and when to make them. You are in the best position to do the work since you have experienced the issues and understand how to address them. You will also be able to identify customers with whom you do not wish to conduct business in the foreseeable future as a result of this.

When everything is considered together, you have an advantage over other marketing organisations that you can use to your advantage.

Decide how you want to scale your business in this, the fifth stage.

When you tell people that you are going to start your own agency or consulting business, it immediately occurs to them that you are going to need to rent an office space and recruit a number of people to work for you. This is almost always the worst choice you could make in the situation. If you’re like 99 percent of other people in this country, you probably have some bills that need to be paid. If you want to launch a successful company, the first step is to ensure that you will be able to maintain your own life while doing so.

When attempting to construct a successful agency, it is critical to first possess a high level of expertise in the work that the agency does. If you manage your own accounts for a period of time, not only will you gain these skills, but you will also find it much simpler to obtain competent help because you will have a better understanding of the information and abilities that are required to do the task.

You also need to have an understanding of what the financial implications of the expense of this service are for you. What is the rate of customer churn? What is the typical monthly cost of living for a client? How do you recruit new clients? Adding each new employee will result in an increase in the overall level of complexity.

Another challenging aspect of this business is selling someone on the idea of working for you. People work for companies because they want a sense of stability in their lives. Because of this, they will not be interested in contributing to the growth of your project if you are unable to provide them with perks and pay them properly. Simply finding contractors to work with is the most efficient and economical solution to this issue. They should be seasoned independent contractors working on the contract.

Contractual assistance is available from a large number of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who are both eager and able to be of assistance to you. These individuals should not be eligible for any kind of special advantages, and they should be required to pay their own taxes. When your primary focus is on expanding your company, having the flexibility to hand off tedious or time-consuming work to a reliable outside contractor can be a tremendous stress reliever. You are able to develop your business to the point where it makes increasing financial sense to have full-time personnel by utilising this straightforward strategy. If things go well and they have previously demonstrated their skill in your project, some freelancers may decide to join you on a full-time basis and work with you.

This guidance is derived from the author’s experience in establishing their own agency. If you have a partner or two who are interested in doing it with you, then it makes a small difference in the outcome. If this is the case, then the profits will be shared, and you will either need to increase your rates or bring in a greater number of customers in order for this arrangement to be mutually beneficial to the point where it is more advantageous than working a standard job. You simply need to keep this fact in mind at all times.

There is a mentality in today’s period of modern startup companies in which rapid expansion is seen as the only indication of a successful business. When it comes to increasing the amount of clients you have, there is a lot of pressure on you, but you might find that you are able to be financially content with a set number of excellent clients. In the end, you can come to the conclusion that rapid expansion is not the most advantageous circumstance for you. If you do not have investors from the outside helping to fund your company, the possibility of leading a financially secure (if not better) independent life on your own terms may be more appealing to you.

You won’t have to go through the agony of laying off employees or finding a new tenant, and you won’t have to down ten kilogrammes of coffee beans (or something stronger) in one month if you start your own sustainability agency. This gives you the ability to end the company on your own terms, should you ever need to.

You can also come to the conclusion that running an agency is not something you want to do for the rest of your life. You may look at this as a type of investment for other business ideas, the development of which could be more enjoyable for you but would take more time.

When you run your company for a significant amount of time, you will get critical knowledge and the opportunity to cultivate important contacts and connections that you will be able to rely on in the future.

If you are considering starting your own company or have already made the decision to do so, it is likely that you are reading this article because you are interested in learning more about the process. The most important piece of advice we can give you is this: after you have made a choice, do not change your mind and remain steadfast in this choice for as long as you can.

When it comes to difficulties concerning the opening of new business ventures, corporations, and corporate accounts as well as business immigration, the experts who work for the International Wealth portal are always delighted to assist international business owners.

If you are interested in starting your own digital marketing or PR (public relation) agency, you may send a request for a free consultation to info@zexprwire.com, or you can go online to www.zeprwire.com.

Everyone experiences both highs and lows when they are responsible for managing their own firm.

If you want to make the most of a challenging triumph, you have to be able to weather any storm that comes your way. This is typically a very influential time in the life of any entrepreneur, and you ought to treat him appropriately because of this.

If, at an early point, you have the impression that you are not pleased with this, do not push yourself any further than is absolutely required. If you decide to start a new company but don’t believe in it, then you are setting yourself up for failure from the start.

You need to decide on the kind of business strategy and market segment that you will have the greatest faith in, and after you do that, you can move forward with launching your own company and making other positive changes in your life. After you have completed that step, you will be able to evaluate the performance of your own digital marketing agency.