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RARBG is one the most popular and highly rated torrenting websites online. However, you can’t access the site from many internet service providers (ISPs). This is where RARBG proxy websites come in.

These sites allow you to access RARBG’s torrent library even if your ISP blocks it. To unblock RARBG and navigate the site’s offerings, you can use a proxy. You can also freely download torrents. We’ll be covering the top proxy and mirror sites for RARBG that were still available in 2022.

NordVPN is the easiest way to unblock RARBG. It will hide torrenting traffic and bypass ISP block.

Why some ISPs Block RARBG

RARBG is blocked by ISPs around the world because it hosts a lot of copyright-protected material which is illegal to download. ISPs often have to block torrenting sites due to the pressure of copyright owners, governments and law enforcement agencies. If they don’t, they could face litigation and penalties.

RARBG may not be accessible in certain countries due to legal reasons. This is due to copyright infringements and the availability of pirated material on the site. Piracy costs the movie and music industries billions every year. It’s not surprising that they would pressure ISPs into blocking a website that is known for distributing pirated material.

Unblocking RARBG is the Best Method

A VPN is the best way to unblock RARBG and other torrent sites. Although a mirror of RARBG can bypass ISP blockages, it cannot hide your torrenting activities. VPNs can unblock RARBG and hide your traffic.

It is illegal to download copyright-protected content, such as movies, music, or software, from torrent sites. It can result in a number of unpleasant consequences such as loss of internet service, fines and imprisonment. VPNs encrypt your torrent site traffic and hide what you are doing from law enforcement and governments.

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NordVPN has been rated as one of the most reliable services for torrent downloading. It has excellent security features such as a killswitch, AES256 encryption, and many other options. NordVPN offers faster download speeds than the average and hundreds of servers specifically designed for P2P downloading such as torrents. NordVPN protects you against malware and hackers, and can also stop torrenting.

RARBG Proxy List for 2022

A proxy is the fastest and most efficient way to unblock RARBG. While a proxy for RARBG will allow you to access the site, it won’t protect you from downloading. NordVPN is a VPN service that allows torrent downloads without any risk.

Below is a list with working links that will give you instant access all RARBG torrents.

These are RARBG proxy and mirror sites:


RARBG Alternates

RARBG is an excellent torrenting site. But it’s not all that great. Many RARBG alternatives offer a similar size library of content and an easy-to-use interface.

These are some RARBG alternatives to

  • Pirate Bay: A huge collection of movies, music and software. Also, ebooks that include international content like Bollywood films.
  • YTS: A beautiful interface with loads of HD movies, both new and old, compressed into small files that are easy to download.
  • LimeTorrents is a great place to find music and movies from all over the globe, including China, India and Japan.
  • 1337x: Lots of old and new movies, anime, documentaries and games.
  • Zooqle: A great website that hosts torrents of popular movies, international films and ebooks.
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Why is RARBG in India Blocked?


Which VPN is the best to unblock RARBG?

NordVPN is recommended to unblock RARBG downloads and torrents. It offers great encryption and security features that will keep you safe while torrenting. Surfshark and ExpressVPN are excellent options.

What to do if the Proxy site doesn’t work?

Proxy websites can sometimes go down. There are many options. Try another proxy if you are having problems with one particular proxy. If none of the above work, you should consider using a VPN. NordVPN is a great way to unblock sites and has the added benefit that it will protect you while you download torrents.

Are all torrents illegal?

It is illegal to torrent copyright-protected material. Sites like RARBG may have legal torrents, but these are rare. It’s a good idea for torrenting to keep your computer safe.

Is it Safe to Use RARBG Proxy Websites?

Torrent downloading from RARBG mirror sites can be punished even if you aren’t using a VPN. Although a proxy may help you unblock RARBG it cannot hide your online activities.

Choosing an Proxy

The RARBG proxy sites mentioned above should all be active and offer good speeds. Some mirrors of RARBG are faster than others. These mirrors can also go down from time to time, so make sure you test them all and choose the one that is most convenient for you. A service like NordVPN is the best choice if you need consistent access to RARBG but want to avoid torrenting.

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