How to Increase uTorrent Download Speed


uTorrent is used by over 150 million people around the world. Although uTorrent is great for downloading torrents there are ways to speed it up. You may be able fix uTorrent’s slow speeds if it suddenly drops to zero or goes up and down rapidly.

Incorrect settings, problems with your internet provider (ISP) or a variety of other factors can cause slow or irregular uTorrent download speeds. These issues can usually be fixed with a few simple steps. If your uTorrent download speed slows down, you can take advantage of the following remedies to get them back up to par.

Why is my uTorrent download speed slow?

There are many reasons why your uTorrent download speed may be slow.

  • Internet data cap and speed: Your internet package may have a limit on how much data you can use each month, or offer low download speeds. This can be fixed by upgrading to a better internet package.
  • Too many leechers and too few seeders: The number of people with the entire file that you can download from is the number of seeders. The people who are downloading the file are called leechers. Download rates are higher for files with more seeders than leechers.
  • Your bandwidth throttled by your ISP: There are some ISPs that limit your bandwidth for streaming and downloading torrents. You can use a VPN to bypass bandwidth throttling. Otherwise, you will need to look for an ISP with a different policy.

Your firewall, uTorrent settings and Wi-Fi connection could also be causing slow uTorrent downloads. All of these things can be changed, as we’ll discuss in the next sections.

Making uTorrent Downloads Faster

Add Firewall Exception

Windows Firewall could be responsible for your slow download speeds. Make sure that the firewall doesn’t block incoming connections from BitTorrent clients.

It is quite simple to do this with uTorrent. There are only a few steps involved.

  1. Click Preferences in the Optionsmenu.
  2. Click on the menu labeled Connections.
  3. Click the box next Add Windows Firewall exception and hit the App or OKbutton.

Adjust Bandwidth Settings

Another way to increase your uTorrent speed is to adjust the bandwidth settings. You can adjust several settings in the Bandwidth menu to increase uTorrent’s speed.

Global upload rate limit is the first setting to adjust. Too high an upload rate can slow down your uTorrent download speeds. Speeds can be affected if your upload speed is set too low. Ideal settings are between 70% and 80% of the maximum upload speed.

Next, make sure you have your Global download rate limit correctly set. This setting will affect how fast you can download a file. If the download speed is set to 1,000kbps, your download speed will be restricted to 1Mbps. uTorrent allows you to set the download speed to zero and it will be unlimited. This will increase uTorrent’s performance by giving you the fastest possible download speed.

You can also adjust the number of connections. You can adjust the number of connections you use, depending on how much internet you have. However, too many connections could cause overload. It is worth trying different numbers to get the best results. You can increase your uTorrent speed by setting your global maximum at 150 and the maximum number you can have as peers at 100.

These adjustments will need to be made:

  1. Select Preferences from uTorrent.
  2. Go to the Bandwidth Menu.
  3. Set your maximum upload speed to approximately 70% to 80% under Global Upload Speed Limiting
  4. Now, set your Global Download Rate Limiting to zero.
  5. Global maximum number of connectionstype 150 or try different amounts to determine the best connection number.
  6. Maximum number connected peers per torrent you have two options : you can choose from different numbers, or opt for 100.


Your file will download faster if you have more seeders. You can increase the number and speed of downloads by adding trackers to specific files. Google can be used to find active trackers.

These steps will be followed once you’ve added the trackers to your download.

  1. Right-click the file that you want to add trackers to, and then open Properties.
  2. Paste the trackers under Trackers. You don’t have to add duplicate trackers, but you should not delete the ones that are present. Each tracker should be separated with an empty line.
  3. Click on the OK icon.

Enable Automatic Port Forwarding

Your BitTorrent port could be blocked. This could slow down your uTorrent download speed. Port forwarding is a way to bypass this block and allow you to access your device remotely via the internet. This allows torrenting to be done directly with your peers, allowing you to exchange files quickly. Port forwarding can also be used to speed up the seeding process for other downloaders.

uTorrent offers two options to automate port forwarding: NAT-PMP and UPnP port map protocol. These protocols must be enabled first on your router or network before they can work.

To increase your internet speed, you will need a VPN that supports port forwarding. Port forwarding is only available from a few VPNs.

You can set up automatic port forwarding via uTorrent

  1. Click the Options dropdown and choose Preferences.
  2. Scroll down to the Connections menu.
  3. Enable port mapping via UPnP.
  4. Click the box to enable NAT-PMP port mapping.
  5. Click the OK or Apply buttons.

Manual Port Forwarding

Port forwarding can be set up manually. In this case, you won’t have to use the automated ports mapping functions. You will need to specify the port for incoming connections in uTorrent. Then tell your router to connect to this port.

You should choose a port number that is greater than 10000 when choosing a port number. These port numbers are not required, even though the BitTorrent TCP port range is between 681 and 689.

These port numbers are frequently used for torrenting, so ISPs often throttle them. This results in slow uTorrent download speeds. BitTorrent can run on any port number. It is best to use one that exceeds 10000 to avoid ISP throttle.

To set up manual port forwarding, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose Options in uTorrent and then select Preferences from the dropdown menu.
  2. You can go to the Connects section.
  3. In the Box for incoming connections, enter a port number greater than 10000.
  4. Log in to your router to open its settings.
  5. Enter the same port number that you used in uTorrent into the Port Forwardingmenu. This process will vary depending on which router you use.

Choose Torrents With More Seeders and Fewer Leechers

Because more seeders mean faster download speeds, it makes sense that a file with more files will increase uTorrent speed. Many torrent sites allow you to arrange your search results according to seeders. Files with more seeds will be at the top, while those with fewer seeds will be further down.

If you are experiencing slow uTorrent download speeds for a particular torrent, try to find a similar file that has more seeders and fewer leechers. There will be multiple files on many torrent sites. Choose the one that has the highest seeder/leecher ratio, and you can download it.

Increase Bandwidth

You can assign more bandwidth to files that you want to download at the same time. You can set priority so that the first file you download will be downloaded faster, while the second and third files will take up more bandwidth and arrive a bit slower.

It is simple to allocate bandwidth in uTorrent. You will need to:

  1. Right-click on the file that you wish to allot bandwidth.
  2. To open the menu, hover over Bandwidth Allocation.
  3. Choose High or for files that you need to download quickly. For smaller files, select Low.

Use a Wired Connection

Wi-Fi can be very convenient but it doesn’t always provide the fastest internet connection. An ethernet cable can be used to quickly increase uTorrent speed.

Download One BitTorrent at a Time

You can also increase uTorrent speed by only downloading one file at a given time. This can be done by only allowing one active download at once so that any additional files are not placed in queue. The next file in the queue will start downloading once the file has been finished.

These steps will allow you to set up only one active download at once:

  1. Choose Preferences from the Options dropdown list in uTorrent.
  2. The Queueingmenu is now open.
  3. Limit the Maximum number of active downloads to 1.

Increase uTorrent speed in Android

You can take a few steps to make sure you get the fastest possible download speeds using the uTorrent App on Android. The app supports some of the above methods. You can choose torrents with more seeders or adjust the bandwidth settings. It is also possible to download via a Wi-Fi network, rather than downloading data.

You can change the bandwidth settings on Android by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings in the uTorrent app.
  2. Go to Bandwidth and slide it to Maximum KB/s.
  3. You can open the Upload Limitslider, and lower it to approximately 20 KB/s.
  4. Click the Set icon.

How to Speed up uTorrent with a VPN

Bandwidth throttle is an ISP practice that intentionally reduces your bandwidth and slows down your internet connection. BitTorrent protocols are a common target for bandwidth throttling. This can directly affect your uTorrent download speed. There is an easy way to avoid the bandwidth throttling effects: use a VPN.

VPNs will encrypt your internet traffic, and hide your online activities from your ISP. Your ISP won’t know what websites or applications you use, making it impossible to throttle your download speeds. A VPN will protect you from prosecution and fines when you download copyright-protected material through torrent sites. It is important to use a VPN whenever you download torrents.

What Strategies Are Best?

All of the strategies mentioned above can be used to increase uTorrent download speeds. However, some work better than others. To speed up uTorrent download speeds, adding more seeders is the fastest and most efficient way to do so. You can do this by selecting a file that has more seeders and less leechers, and adding trackers to your downloaded file. It is possible to adjust settings like bandwidth or use a wired connection.

You can quickly download one file by allocating more bandwidth and putting any other files in queue. Port forwarding is a way to speed up seeding and download.


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