Windows 10 is one of the newest versions of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. It was released in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular versions of Windows. If you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10, and your computer crashes or becomes unstable, there is a good chance you will need to reinstall it. This guide will walk you through the process step by step.

What do I need to reinstall windows 10?

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 or installed it on a new system and decide that you want to go back to the previous version of Windows, you can reinstall Windows 10. This will erase your data and restore your computer to its original state. You will need a valid product key, USB drive containing the original installation files, and at least 30 minutes free time.

How to reinstall windows 10 with a USB drive?

If you have a Windows 10 installation disk or an ISO file of Windows 10, you can reinstall it using the USB drive method. This will create a new installation on your hard drive. You should back up any important files before you begin.

To reinstall Windows 10 using the USB drive method, insert theWindows 10 installation media into your computer and turn it on. After it boots up, click “Settings” in the bottom-left corner of the screen. In the “Windows Update” section, click “Get started.” Click “Install now.” Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10.

After Windows 10 is installed, use the following steps to reinstall apps:

  1. In System Tray at bottom right corner of screen, click Apps icon > All apps. Zoom out to see entire list of installed apps > Uninstall app.
  2. In uninstall app window, select which app you want to uninstall and then press Uninstall button.
  3. After uninstalling selected app, go back to System Tray and repeat steps 1 and 2 for next app until all apps are uninstalled (or until there’s no more space left on HDD).

How to reinstall windows 10 with an ISO file?

Windows 10 can occasionally be reinstalled from an ISO file instead of the Microsoft Store. This tutorial will show you how to do it. Before starting, make sure that you have the latest Windows 10 installation media, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. Once you have the media, follow these steps:

  1.  Insert your Windows 10 installation media into your computer’s optical drive. If you are using a UEFI system, ensure that the media is bootable in UEFI mode.
  2. On your computer, go to Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Restore files and settings > Choose an operating system image to restore (or use the search bar).
  3. In the list of operating systems, select Windows 10 x64 Anniversary Update (1709).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Review the details of the restore operation and click Next again. 
  6. When prompted to select a destination drive, choose a location on your computer where you want to install Windows 10 after restoring it.
  7. Click Next. 
  8. When Windows 10 starts up after restoration, click Try It Out to verify that it is working as expected.
  9. If everything has worked as expected, go ahead and remove the installation media from your computer.

How to reinstall windows 10 if your computer has been damaged?

If your computer has been damaged and you need to reinstall windows, there are a few things you need to do.
First, make sure that your computer is turned off and unplugged from the power source.
Next, locate the Windows 10 installation media. If you have a DVD or USB drive with the installation media, insert it into the optical drive of your computer. If you have downloaded the installation media, double-click on the file to start the installer.
Click on “Install Windows.”
Select “Repair your computer.”
Click on “Next.”
Select “Have disk…” and insert the Windows 10 installation media that you inserted earlier into your computer’s optical drive if it is not already there. Click on “OK” to continue with the installation process.
When the installation process finishes, click on “Finish” to restart your computer and finish installing windows 10.

How to reinstall windows 10 if you have lost your original installation disk?

If you have lost your original installation disk, you can reinstall Windows 10 by using a recovery image. A recovery image is a pre-created copy of your computer’s operating system that you can use to restore your computer to its original condition. You can create a recovery image if you have purchased an upgrade or full version of Windows 10, or if you have used the built-in Windows 10 Restore feature. To create a recovery image, follow these steps:

  1. On your desktop, open the File Explorer directory.
  2.  Double-click the drive where you want to save the recovery image file.
  3.  In the File Explorer window that opens, click the Create button (or press CTRL+N).
  4.  Type a name for the recovery image file in the File Name field and then click Save (or press ENTER).
  5.  Close all windows on your computer and restart your computer. When you restart your computer, Windows will start automatically loading the recovery image file that you created in Step 3. If it does not start automatically, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and select Recovery from the list of available options.

How to reinstall windows 10 if you have forgotten the password?

If you have forgotten your Windows 10 password, there are a few different ways you can go about reinstalling the operating system. One option is to use a bootable USB drive or partition.
Another option is to create a new installation disk using the Windows 10 installation media. (You will need to have the original CD or DVD that came with your computer.)
Once you have your installation media, follow these steps to reinstall Windows 10:

  1.  Insert the installation media into your computer and start the installer.
  2.  During the installation process, choose to create a new account instead of using an existing one.
  3.  When the account creation process is finished, choose to continue with the installation by selecting “Install windows.”
  4.  After selecting “Install windows,” select “Next.”
  5.  On the next screen, select “Reinstall your computer.”
  6.  On the next screen, select “Windows 10 (64-bit).”
  7.  Click on “Next.”
  8.  On the next screen, click on “Browse for files.”
  9.  Locate and select your Windows 10 ISO file from where it was saved on your computer AFP or NTFS partition or USB drive if using one). You may also need to browse for additional files if prompted during setup depending on which edition of Windows 10 you are installing (Home or Pro)
  10. Click on “Open” and follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10.
  11.  When installation is complete, click on “Finish.”
  12.  Sign in to your new Windows 10 account and enjoy your new operating system!

How to recover your Windows 10 account if it has been deleted?

If you have deleted your Windows 10 account, there are a few things you can do to recover it. First, you can try to sign in with a Microsoft account. If that doesn’t work, you can reset your password or create a new account. Finally, if all else fails, you can restore your operating system from a backup.
To sign in with a Microsoft account, go to the Account overview page and select Sign in. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one.

To reset your password, go to the Account overview page and select Change password. Enter your old password and click Change password.

To create a new account, go to the Account overview page and select Create an account. Enter your name, email address, and password and click Create an account.