How To Remove Ransomware From Android Phone
How To Remove Ransomware From Android Phone

Step By Step Guide To Remove Ransomware From Android Phone

Many people think of ransomware as a hacking attack on computers rather than mobile phones. This could not be further from the truth. As a result, everyone should know how to uninstall ransomware from Android devices.

The most prevalent mobile operating system is Android. A vast number of individuals use Android phones all across the world. This means that, unlike when attacking businesses, hackers have a large prey base.

As a result, everybody owning an Android phone should be aware of the danger they face if their device is infected with ransomware.

How Do You Know If Your Android Phones Are Infected With Ransomware?

Before you begin removing ransomware from your Android phone, you must first determine whether or not it is affected.

Hackers aren’t shy about boasting about their accomplishments. They will notify you once your Android smartphone has been successfully infiltrated. This will happen as a result of their constant insistence on charging you for access to your device.

You won’t be able to use any of the apps on your Android device if it has been infected with ransomware. In computer devices and networks, this is comparable to how ransomware assaults work.

Now that you’ve determined that you have ransomware on your Android smartphone, it’s time to get rid of it.

How Do You Get Rid Of Ransomware On Your Android Phone?

Antivirus or antimalware software for mobile devices

You can use an antimalware tool in the same way that we remove malware from PCs. To scan your complete Android phone system, use this tool. It will remove malware from your device after it has been discovered.

After that, you’ll get a complete report on the procedure. The report will also detail any system flaws that may have allowed malware to infiltrate the system.

Take note of this report’s recommendations in order to prevent your device against further malware infection.

How to Manually Uninstall Ransomware from an Android Phone

If, like many Android phone users, you do not have antivirus or antimalware software installed on your device, you can manually remove the malware.

You’ll need to start your phone in safe mode first. This procedure is carried out in a variety of ways on different Android phones. Learn how to do it on your particular device. Your screen will show that your phone is beginning in safe mode once you’ve found the proper way.

Third-party apps do not operate when your smartphone is in safe mode. Depending on how malware is created, this may or may not include it.

You may now check your installed apps while your phone is in safe mode. This may be done by going to Settings and then Apps. Look through the list of apps on your phone to see if there are any that you don’t recall installing.

Uninstall any app that appears to be suspicious from your phone. You may have a big list of apps to look through depending on how you use your phone. Make a list of all the apps on the smartphone and delete those that are suspect or that you don’t use frequently.

After you’ve completed the uninstallation, go to your phone’s security settings. Under the device administrators area, look for apps. If you detect any suspicious apps in this section, you should deny them administrator permissions on your phone and delete them. It’s possible that they let the infection in.

You can now restart your Android phone once you’ve completed manually eradicating the spyware. Depending on the type of virus, your phone will be free of it. This method can be used to remove malware that merely locks the phone screen.

It’s possible that the malware will self-destruct

Another option for removing malware from your Android phone is to wait for it to go away on its own. Most hackers do not want security specialists to reverse-engineer their malware software. To avoid this, they will not expose their malware viruses for long periods of time.

If your Android phone has been infected with malware, you can wait a while and hope that the hackers would happily hand up your phone.

This, however, is a rare occurrence. To ensure that the malware is entirely removed, you may need to apply any of the procedures listed above.


Always be aware that if you use an Android phone, you could be infected with malware. Find out how to avoid this, as well as how to effortlessly remove spyware from your Android phone. Also, once you’ve eliminated the malware, figure out how to recover any data you’ve lost as a result of the malware.


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