How to report phishing email to aol
How to report phishing email to aol

Opening your business email inbox to discover it clogged with unwanted and potentially unpleasant spam emails may be demoralising, especially when you have to sift through all of the rubbish to get the crucial emails you need to read. Although AOL Mail has an automatic spam filter that detects spam and sends it to the Spam folder, spam email messages can occasionally get through the cracks and end up in your inbox. AOL accepts spam reports and uses the information to add spammers to its blacklist and enhance its spam filtering system. The Spam button in AOL Mail can be used to report spammers to AOL.

How to Report a Spammer to AOL?

1st step

Log in to your AOL email account and look over the allegedly fake email(s) you’ve received. Assemble as much information as possible, paying special attention to the who, what, when, where, how, and why questions.

2nd Step

In a new AOL compose page, copy and paste all of the emails in chronological sequence. To give yourself plenty of room to write at the top of the email message(s), you might want to tap the “Enter” key at the start.

3rd step

Write a message to the “AOL Legal Department,” outlining what you know and directing them to the email(s) listed below. If you’d prefer to be contacted at a different address, please specify that in your email. In the “To” field, type “,” fill in the “Subject” box, and then click “Send.” You have successfully reported a suspected fraud to the AOL Legal Department; you should receive a response from one of its representatives within two to three business days.

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