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Why Your Company Does Not Show On Page One of Google Search And How To Fix It

The process of optimising a website for search engines is an integral component of digital marketing and advertising. It is the factor that decides where you stand in the rankings of Google search. To improve one’s exposure in search engines and to more readily attract visitors of high calibre, search engine optimization (SEO) requires the use of particular keywords and phrases. It’s possible that billions of people use Google Search to look for products they want to purchase. Because of this, optimising the website of a small business will substantially contribute to the success of the business.

On the other hand, if your website does not have trust, authority, or relevancy, it will not be rated and it is possible that it could be deleted from search results entirely. Because of this, the listing for your modest company will not display on the top page. As a result, you may start to wonder why SEO was unsuccessful and may be in a hurry to engage someone like Scott Keever SEO Naples to help you with your strategic marketing.

Reasons Why Your Company Fail to Appear On The First Page And How To Fix It

Lack Of Optimized Content

The content is optimised by inserting keywords into the heading, title tag, and body, as well as into the URL or the Meta description. Users will have an easier time finding your website if they conduct their study utilising the keywords that have been placed. Because of this, more people will see you when they search on Google. However, because your content does not contain any of the aforementioned keywords, it is difficult for consumers to locate your website, and Google does not rank your business highly in search results.

In addition, the visibility of your organisation may suffer as a result of over-optimizing the material. An excessive usage of keywords might make it challenging or even awkward for a user to comprehend the content. Content that has been over-optimized has a substantial impact on readability, ranking, and the experience that users have.

When optimising content, use keywords sparingly so that the text does not lose any of its value in the process. You should also conduct extensive research to verify that the keywords you pick are based on the usual searches performed by the people who make up your target demographic.

Duplicated Content

If the content of your website is quite similar to that of another website, then your website will not rank as highly. This is due to the fact that people are unable to differentiate between the several contents given by a Google search and determine which one has the original information. Because of this, the value of your material is distributed across links that include content that is comparable to it, rather than being ranked alone. You need to canonicalize your page so that Google will index it instead of the duplicate page so that you may get rid of the duplicate content problem.

Failure To Use Google My Business Page

On your Google My Business page, you will be able to post the name of your company, product, or service, as well as your contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) and other pertinent information, such as your business’s hours of operation and days it is open. Users who conduct searches on Google can get results that are relevant to their queries. In addition, this website gives you the ability to regularly update the information that you provide, which will result in a higher ranking on Google and more exposure in Google Search.

One of the key reasons for the failure of your digital marketing and the fact that you do not appear on the first page of Google Search is that you do not have a Google My Business account. To your good fortune, opening new entries and populating them with current information about your business involves less time and work. It is essential since a high ranking on Google Search will help you increase your traffic.

Mobile-Unfriendly Websites

There is evidence to suggest that a sizeable portion of Google searches are performed on mobile devices. Google takes this information into consideration when ranking websites and ranks them based on how mobile-friendly they are. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are difficult to read, which has a negative impact on the user experience. As a result, search engines rank websites that are not mobile-friendly negatively.

On the other hand, you can optimise your website for mobile use so that users have an easier time navigating the site and reading the material. Websites that are optimised for mobile use present a more professional appearance and are likely to see an increase in user traffic. As a consequence of this, more people are sent to the website, and its ranking on Google Search is improved.

Slow Website

In recent years, speed has emerged as an important component in SEO ranking. Therefore, slow-loading websites are an inconvenience for the people who use them. They become so frustrated that they decide to visit alternative websites in the hope that they would load more quickly. Ones that load quickly receive higher rankings on Google than websites that load more slowly.

You are in luck since evaluating the website’s theme and plugins will allow you to boost the speed. Once you’ve resolved the issue, you might expect an increase in traffic to your website. Google will take note of the increased traffic to your website and adjust your ranking appropriately. As a result, you will be displayed on the first pages of the results provided by Google Search.

Failure To Use In-Bound Links

When determining a website’s trustworthiness and authority, Google Search also looks at the sites that connect to it. Your website will have a poor ranking as a direct result of the absence of inbound links. In the search results, if a user searches using the appropriate terms, websites belonging to rivals that have inbound connections will be displayed.

Sponsoring events is the simplest approach to build inbound connections, thus you should prioritise doing that. Because of this, it is possible that you may need to generate content for people with whom you have a working relationship, such as contractors, suppliers, or partners, and then promote that material. Your website’s ability to attract relevant links will assist Google determine whether or not it is relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative. Google Search gives websites that have relevant inbound links a higher rating overall. This is Google’s way of saying “thank you.”

The Absence of Opinions
When it comes to ranking, reviews are a very important component. They not only draw people to your website but also drive traffic there, and they help Google determine how relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative your website is. Your website will have a poor ranking as a result of the absence of reviews, and your business will not appear on the first page of search results.

As a result, you need to aggressively reply to the criticism while also actively encouraging response from customers. The users’ confidence will increase as a result, and they will be more likely to visit your website. Use the power of reviews to your advantage because they bring in visitors, establish trust, and increase your standing in Google Search.

Google Blocked From Crawling Your Website

Google will crawl your website in order to examine its content and index it appropriately. If you prevent it from crawling on your website in a comfortable manner, it will not index the website, which means that you will not appear in the search results. You are able to rectify this situation by checking to see that you have not prevented crawling bots from inspecting and evaluating your website.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of an SEO strategy is critically important to enhancing visibility. How well you strategy on SEO will determine how much additional traffic will be driven to your site, which in turn will increase your ranking. As a result, increasing the presence of your organisation on the results pages of search engines is an efficient strategy to increase the likelihood that you will be among the top results. Working with an SEO agency like Scott Keever SEO Naples or a similar SEO firm may improve your chances of being successful in SEO marketing. Therefore, you will improve your visibility, which will result in increased sales, which will lead to the growth of your firm and an advantage over the competition.