How to Stop Phishing Emails Outlook
How to Stop Phishing Emails Outlook

Stop Phishing Emails: Basics You Should Implement

Stopping phishing emails immediately is crucial, as the potential loss is enormous. They appear to be legitimate, and even the most tech-savvy person can’t identify them.

To stop phishing emails, you should take the following steps:

Training and Guiding

Training your employees to think and stop before responding to an email is essential. Enterprises should periodically send test phishing email to employees. Users must be informed about scamming tactics as they evolve from time to time.

To avoid phishing emails, users must follow the following practices:

  • Do not respond email asking for personal information, bank details or passwords.
  • Do a thorough review of poorly-spelled emails that contain grammatical errors and misspelled words
  • If the user is unsure, click and hold the link to reveal the URL of the page. He can then verify if it is legitimate.
  • On a PC hover your mouse over the link in order to verify that the URL or page address is correct.
  • Do not click on any suspicious links, and think twice before you click.


Encryption is a reliable and constant method to prevent phishing attacks. When passwords are stored in a database they must be encrypted.

There are two types of encryption.


A cryptographic haveh prevents the user from working on input data by reverse engineering the hash.

Salt + Hash

This extra layer of encryption is used to protect passwords that are shared by two users. It generates the same hash. Also called ‘a number used one’ or ‘nonce. How to Deal with Phishing

Phishing emails are emails that appear legitimate, but in fact attempt to steal your money or get your personal data. Here are some tips to help you deal with phishing scams and spoofing scams.
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How to recognize a phishing email

These are the most popular types of phishing scams.

  • Emails promising a reward Click on this link to receive your tax refund!
  • Untrustworthy organizations may send you a document that looks like it came from a friend or bank. It reads something like this: “Your document is stored by an online storage provider. You need to enter your password and email address to open it.”
  • An invoice from an online supplier or retailer for a purchase that you didn’t make. You will need to enter your email address to access the attachment.
  • Find out how to spot phishing emails.
  • You think someone has accessed or that you have received a confirmation email regarding a password change you did not authorize, please read My has been hacked.

Report a message to as phishing

  1. Select the message you wish to report from the message list.
  2. To report the sender of the message, click the Junk Phishing Report button.

Network and Endpoint Protection

To stop phishing emails, it is a good countermeasure to ensure that operating systems and antimalware programs are current on all servers.

It is also helpful to set up a secure email gateway, and to implement email authentication methods such as sender policy framework and DMARC, in order to prevent email spoofing.

Outlook: How to Stop Phishing Emails

Spamming can be a never-ending process. However, Microsoft Outlook can help slow it down. It’s primarily a webmail service, which uses Ajax programming techniques. It offers message filters, spam filtering and virus scanning. There is also support for multiple addresses.

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Here are some ways to stop Outlook phishing emails

  1. ‘Block sender’ feature: Outlook’s “Block Sender” feature under the “Junk Email Folder” block spam from reaching the user’s inbox and prevents it.Follow these steps:
    • Click on the right button to select the spam email
    • Select Junk from drop-down menu and then click Block Sender. Alternativly, select Home -> Junk-> Block Sender. Outlook immediately marks the item and moves it.
  2. Set up a blocked sender list:A list of senders that look legitimate can be blocked in the same way as blocking a sender. These can look similar to and The user can then block them by going to Home-> Junk-> Junk Email Options. This will display a Blocked Senders tab. By clicking on the “Add button” and then on “OK”, users can create a fake site.
  3. SetupOutlook offers an exclusive feature, ‘Create Rule’. It allows you to create rules and provides additional functionality. custom email management In which users can set up rules for the email that will beep or intimate the user when it arrives.


    • Move the email to another folder by selecting it.
    • Select Home > Rules > Create Rule.
    • Outlook will ask you in the dialog box: Outlook, when I receive an email with the specified conditions (From Subject, Sent to), what should I do? Display in New Alert Window, Play Selected Sound or Move Item To Folder
    • Check the boxes in the bottom pane that perform the necessary actions
    • Click OK.
  4. Filtering is often done by checking the spam folders.
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Office 365: How to Stop Phishing Emails

Microsoft Office 365 has other methods, such as spam filtering or reporting like outlook. However, the process is entirely different to stop users from spoofing.

  1. Microsoft ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) adds an extra layer to security in stopping fake email. Office 365 threat intelligence You have the following options to block phishing emails:
    • ATP Safe Link: Provides protection to the organization when employees click web addresses (URLs).
    • ATP Secure Attachments: Protects your organization from attacks via unsecure email attachments.
    • ATP Anti-phishing Policies: Protects your organization from sophisticated attacks such as spear-phishing or whaling.
  2. Another option is The Microsoft Office 365 Admin Dashboard.
    • Office 365 includes a wide range of features that can be used to manage spam.
    • Go to Admin Security and Compliance-Home Mail filtering-Antispam settings.
    • Administrators can either stick with the default settings or modify them.
  3. Microsoft can be contacted directly to report phishing messages. Microsoft will then take appropriate measures to block the sender.

The Final Word

Microsoft’s advanced digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML), are reliable in stopping and reporting phishing email. Organizations should not rely on their employees. Instead, they must use solutions for Anti-phishing to identify and filter malicious emails before they reach employees’ inboxes. These tools can be used to analyze large volumes of inbound email and filter out harmful messages.

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