how to torrent in germany safely and anonymously

It is very risky to download torrents from Germany. If you are caught, you could face a large fine.

This guide will show you how to avoid being caught torrenting in Germany. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions.

How can you be caught downloading torrents in Germany

German lawyers, copyright agencies and copyright agencies inspect the list of torrent peers within a torrent client. They can see the IP addresses for everyone who downloads or uploads a torrent.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, here’s a screenshot from the list of peers in QBittorrent:

The agencies and lawyers will use your IP to locate your ISP once they have it. They can simply use an IP lookup tool to find the ISP to which your IP belongs. They then send you letters from your ISP asking for your personal information. Your ISP is almost guaranteed to comply with their requests because they are allowed by law.

Once that happens, they’ll send you a cease and desist letter with an invoice for the amount you have to pay. In Germany, torrent cease and desist letters are called “Abmahnung,” or “Unterlassungserklarung.” They usually say you need to pay compensation and reimbursement fees. The average cost of the file is EUR1,000 (around $11,176).

German ISPs have the ability to monitor your traffic and see if you are downloading German torrents. They will check your DNS queries to determine if you are connecting to torrent sites. They will also monitor your traffic in order to detect signs of torrenting, such as simultaneous upload streams or high bandwidth usage. They might also use third party torrent monitoring tools. Reddit users from Germany mentioned Torrent-Logger, Hash and Hash.

ISPs might catch you torrenting in Germany and threaten to terminate your service if they don’t stop. They might also throttle your bandwidth if you use too much data. According to German Redditors, Vodafone does this often.

How do I download torrents from Germany the best way?

It is extremely risky to download torrents from Germany. You can do many things to keep yourself safe when torrenting. These are covered in the article. We believe that one tip is worth being discussed here: using a VPN.

VPNs are online applications that encrypt and hide your IP address. Encrypt simply means that they make your traffic impossible to read. Your ISP will not know that you are torrenting. They won’t see any traffic if they spy on it. The VPN also hides your IP address. Your ISP will not see that you are connecting to a torrent site’s URL. Instead, they will see that you are connecting to the VPN’s address.

VPNs can hide your IP address by routing your traffic through a VPN server. This is a firewall that acts between you and the Internet. Anyone who interacts with you or any site that you visit will only see the VPN IP address. Copyright agencies and lawyers won’t be able to see your actual IP address when they check the torrent swarm’s peer list. They will only see the VPN’s IP. They won’t be in a position to find your ISP.

Important: While most VPNs will protect your traffic, it is not enough to allow you to torrent in Germany. A VPN with a zero-logs policy is essential. You should not allow the service to monitor your browsing habits or log your IP address. Lawyers and copyright agencies may try to force the VPN to turn over your data if they do that.

Which VPN is the best for torrenting in Germany?

There are many VPNs available, but not all are suitable for torrenting. This guide lists the top ten P2P VPNs. We have also tested them all. If you are in a rush, we recommend NordVPN to torrent in Germany.

We recommend this VPN as it provides excellent torrenting support. It supports P2P traffic from over 5,000 servers in all parts of the globe. It’s easy to locate a server near you to enjoy fast speeds. NordVPN works with some of the most popular torrent clients, such as qBittorrent and uTorrent.

This provider also has extremely fast download speeds, thanks to its NordLynx implementation. It built its protocol around WireGuard technology. This protocol is very fast.

NordVPN offers great security. NordVPN has excellent security features, including a no-logs policy which has been audited twice. It also has a kill switch that works very well. Its servers are RAM-only, meaning that data is only saved to RAM. Every reboot erases all data. This means that the authorities cannot force the provider to share data.

These are just a few of the many reasons this VPN is a great VPN to torrent in Germany.

  • Its apps are extremely user-friendly and can be used on any platform.
  • Split-tunneling allows you to choose which apps use the VPN connection. You can increase your speed by routing torrent apps only through the VPN.
  • If you sign up for a long-term plan, the prices will be very affordable.
  • NordVPN offers a 30-day guarantee on all plans.
  • Live chat is available 24/7 to assist you with any issue.
  • CyberSec is an ad-blocker that blocks all ads and malicious websites.

Useful Tips: How to Download Torrents from Germany using a VPN

A VPN is a great way for you to keep safe when torrenting in Germany. However, you should be careful as things can go wrong if not taken care of. These are the steps you need to take in order to have the best torrenting experience possible.

Use P2P Friendly Servers

Some VPNs do not allow torrenting from all servers. Many VPNs have P2P servers you can use. They are usually easy to locate. You can either find them in a different server category, or by entering keywords such as “P2P” or “torrenting in the search field.

Most VPN providers will block torrent traffic if you use non P2P servers. You’ll see that your torrents will stall till you disconnect from your VPN. The VPN may redirect your traffic to a P2P service. The VPN will essentially send your traffic through two servers, which means that you might experience slower speeds. It cannot disconnect you from the non P2P server and connect to a P2P Server as this would be a security breach.

Enable Kill Switch

If your VPN connection drops, the kill switch will disconnect you from the Internet. Your data won’t be accidentally exposed until your VPN connection reconnects. Your IP could be visible on the peer list if there is no kill switch. Even if the only time it takes to expose your IP, it can be enough to put you at serious risk.

Although most VPNs have the kill switch enabled by default, it is a good idea to verify before you start torrenting.

What if you don’t want to lose your Internet access?

Some VPNs offer app-based kill switches. This means that you can select which apps cannot use the Internet if your VPN is disconnected. NordVPN users who torrent in Germany will have this feature.

Enable Leak Protection

If they experience DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks, VPNs could leak your data.

Before you begin torrenting in Germany, make sure that you have enabled all leak protection settings. If the VPN doesn’t list the settings, but it says they have leak protection enabled by default, then it is not possible to find them. NordVPN integrates DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leak prevention into its servers. It doesn’t offer any in-app options.

Check for Leaks

It’s important to test a VPN to ensure it is working properly. This can be done using the service. Here are the steps:

  1. Use the tool first without the VPN.
  2. Take a screenshot to see the results.
  3. Next, connect to your VPN and start using the tool.
  4. Compare the results to your screenshot.
  5. The VPN may be leaking if you can see your DNS and IP addresses.

Contact support if the VPN leaks. You may need to take additional precautions to prevent leaks.


Reddit, Quora and Reddit were used to find out what questions people had about Germany’s torrenting laws. Below are the most frequently asked questions.

Is Torrenting Illegal in Germany?

Although torrenting is legal in Germany it is against the law to copyrighted content. You will be sent a cease-and-desist letter, and you will have to pay a fine of around EUR1,000.

You can use a mediator service or lawyer to reduce your fine if you don’t want it to be paid immediately. However, you will still need to pay for the lawyer and mediation. You can also ignore the letter and pray for the best. Sometimes, law firms are too busy keeping track of all the letters they send. There’s no guarantee that you won’t get ignored by them.

To avoid a fine, it is best to use a VPN to torrent in Germany.

Is it legal to use VPNs in Germany?

VPNs in Germany are legal. No laws prohibit you from using a VPN. A VPN can only be used to engage in serious criminal activity. This includes smuggling, child pornography and drug trafficking as well as cyber attacks.

Are You Going to Be Fined if Someone Torrents on Your Network?

This used to be the case before 2017, but it is no longer. You are no longer responsible for the actions of your guests on your network. You can be exonerated of any and all charges, but the true culprit will still be held responsible. It is your responsibility to ensure that it is not used by random people for copyrighted content.

How to torrent in Germany using a VPN

VPNs are often viewed as complicated tools by many people. They are actually quite simple to use. In just 4 steps, you can use a VPN to torrent in Germany.

  1. Get a great P2P VPN. NordVPN is our favorite.
  2. Install the VPN provider’s application.
  3. Connect to a P2P server by opening the app
  4. Start torrenting and all traffic will be encrypted

Is torrenting in Germany possible with a free VPN?

You can download torrents from Germany using a free VPN. However, we do not recommend it. VPNs that are free of charge are not secure. They lack important security features such as leak protection and kill switches. They often keep logs so that you don’t know when they might give your data to copyright agencies.

Other than that, VPNs are free but can have some other problems.

  • They are extremely slow. We experience speeds that are 50-60% slower with free VPNs than we do with paid VPNs.
  • These caps limit the data you can use per month. Most of them have bandwidth caps of 2 GB.
  • VPNs that are free have buggy apps and crashes a lot.
  • They lack customer service. You might not be able to chat live and may have to wait for a response by email.

A paid VPN is better for torrenting in Germany. Many offer long-term plans at a low price. They also offer 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test them “freely” for 30 days.

How to spot a fake Torrent Cease in Germany

Scammers may try to exploit people’s fear of receiving a cease-and-desist letter. This is how to tell if the letter is fake

  • It is not a letter. It’s actually an email. German Redditors claim that illegal torrenting cases can be handled by regular mail.
  • The message does not contain a cease-and-desist letter. It uses legal jargon to request money instead. You are also asked to send the money to an account in another country.
  • The email does not contain contact information and there is no information about the alleged law office.
  • The message does not mention which content you have downloaded.


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