It is now official that the IMC Token, also known as the first Hybridcoin, will be available for purchase and sale on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

We shall describe this token and its notion in a straightforward manner for those individuals who are not yet familiar with either one.

IMCoin is a cryptocurrency that blends two distinct ideas into a single product: the stablecoin and the performance Coin. What are the odds of that happening?

IMC has an underlying asset that contributes to its value, just like USDT Coin does. Each currency sold is compensated by its value in USD and is subject to an audited trading account that is made public. However, in contrast to USDT, this underlying asset does not remain held but rather participates in a variety of markets and strategies in order to increase its value and achieve a positive outcome for IMC’s price.

The value of this token’s backing will go up whenever the value of the asset it is backed by goes up. Because of this, the notion of Hybrid Coin and those who enjoy stablecoins won’t have to lose the profitability in order to become used to a stable value. Instead, they will gain a utility with this coin, which means that they will get both at the same time.

The underlying has a track record that has been audited for about 600 days, and it demonstrates that they have been quite effective on their methods, consistently generating close to 4 percent of profitability each month.

Link underlying:

IMC completes the initial coin offering phase with a successful sale of more than 20 million tokens and a valuation of more than 50 USD million. It will thereafter comply with the roadmap and launch on the market at Binance on April 15, 2021.

The release on Binance will consist of three stages, each of which will count toward the construction of his launch strategy and provide a significant chance for Investors.

The initial offering of IMC will take place on Binance DEX, the decentralised environment of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. It will initially be offered as a BEP8 Token and may be purchased for a price that is close to three dollars USD.

It is important to keep in mind that the price of IMC will be affected by the back fund of the Hybridcoin.

At this stage, there will be made available one million IMC so that we can think about a very interesting prospect because the projection appears to be bullish as most likely.

IMCoin will move from BINANCE DEX BEP8 to BINANCE DEX BEP2 in the second Stage after the completion of the sale of one million tokens in BEP8; at this point, they will have an open price of 3.90 USD, which will result in an anticipated benefit for the holders who previously purchased IMC in BEP8.

At this level, there will be a total supply of 10 million Tokens accessible, and after this goal has been met, the stage will advance to Stage 3, Binance CEX.

For this third stage, it is anticipated that it will become a potent attractive option for Institutional investors. This is because it will be the first and only Hybrid Coin available on the centralised market on the most successful and largest global exchange, which will result in a large market cap.

It is anticipated that the price of IMC will reach five dollars at the time of the completion of this stage. This price will be determined by dividing the total number of tokens sold by the reserve fund, which is expected to be close to two hundred million dollars. This will provide advantages to users who purchased IMC during the earlier phases of BEP8 and BEP2.

IMCoin appears to have no boundaries of growth, will satisfy your aims, and promises to be a stable and profitable coin being the only one of its type, also known as a Hrybridcoin with a large improvement range at the services supplied by the Stablecoin.

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