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Importance of Chatbots and various types of Chatbots

People did not initially have a high level of respect for the chatbot. On the other hand, with the recent progress that has been made in chatbot builders and artificial intelligence and the huge rise that has occurred over the years. In this article, we are going to discuss information regarding chatbots, such as what a chatbot is and the many sorts of chatbots.

All chatbots are created with the intention of serving the same aim, which is to provide users with an experience that is analogous to what it would be like to communicate with a typical person. In this session, we will talk about a few different chatbots that have applications in everyday life.

What exactly is a chatbot you ask?

A chatbot is a computer software that is based on artificial intelligence and can converse with users using both text-based and voice-based channels, such as chat and voice. There are a variety of names for it, including Conversational Agents, Talk Bot, Ai Bot, and Chatterbot, among others.

Different kinds of chatbots

Chatbots that communicate via buttons: It is the most fundamental kind of chatbot there is. It’s nothing more than a simple drop-down menu providing responses to the most current and most commonly requested inquiries. It has the same user interface as the automatic phone menu that a user interacts with to make selections. In addition to that, it provides a real-time option that can be used if necessary. We may make use of all of these potential solutions to ensure that a solution has been discovered.

Chatbots that are governed by rules: Rule-based chatbots are the next most fundamental type of chatbot after simple chatbots. Using an if-then logic structure, this variation will pull topic areas from user inquiries. The programmer constructs a rule-based bot that, in response to the user entering a specific sort of term, such as “size-chart,” offers the appropriate image. Programming these bots takes a significant amount of time, and the intricacy of the code is another factor to consider. The majority of users prefer obviously computer-generated solutions to ostensibly random questions.

Chatbots that utilise Natural Learning Processing (NLP): It is the third fundamental option and one of the greatest available for the chatbot. Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is an astonishingly accurate modelling approach, enables bots that recognise keywords to derive meaning from related language and respond in whatever way they see fit.

Chatbots that use machine learning: This particular variety of chatbot is the fourth and final one available. In compared to the other chatbots that are at our disposal, it is incomparably superior and possesses a great deal more capability. This is because it may maintain the previous talks that we had carried across. This memory enables tailored responses for users that log in multiple times each day. A bot that can pass the Turing test isn’t necessary for every company. Even if it were to be said, considering the recent advances in computers, the most intelligent bots of today will pale in comparison to the technology of tomorrow.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of chatbots tailored to their specific needs. All of these things are very significant to various types of applications used in business and by consumers. We will talk about a few of these in more detail.

Chatbots designed to assist customers with their support inquiries are the most prevalent type of chatbot. The purpose of the chatbot is to perform the same tasks that would normally be completed by a customer service agent or a live agent in person or over the phone. The main advantage is that it is capable of functioning for 24 hours a day for a whole week. The involvement of the customer improves while simultaneously lowering associated costs. A company may use a customer care chatbot in the event that it desired to free its support crew from the responsibility of handling incoming support requests or calls.

Chatbots for eCommerce: Chatbots in eCommerce, retail, and booking assist the user in completing a transaction in the same way that a shopping assistant or support representative would normally assist a customer. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular. It’s possible that a chatbot might be quite helpful for handling consumer transactions. Chatbots are able to guide users in the right direction so they don’t have to waste time searching through a massive website or going through a drawn-out ordering process.

Skill Chatbots:- Chatbots are another name for these types of virtual assistants. They operate using the same method as is used by Siri and Alexa. The user issues a command, which the chatbot then processes as input before carrying out the specified task. These kinds of chatbots do not require text orders; rather, they can just be informed to perform the desired action, and they will do so.

For reservations using chatbots: It is one of the more widespread varieties of chatbot that can be used. Customers are assisted in booking various sorts of tickets and other customer services thanks to this feature. The majority of these can be discovered in various travel agencies, including airlines, railroads, and other types. These chatbots are designed to be the easiest to use.


One of the more recent technological advancements in the past is the chatbot. Because of this, a significant number of individuals have been successful in completing a variety of tasks and buying tickets. People were now easily able to understand the content on websites and order stuff using the same method. The vast majority of websites throughout the world currently make use of these chatbots, and their use is only expected to increase in the years to come. They are one of the most incredible characteristics of the internet that users should keep an eye out for. I really hope my explanation of what a chatbot is helps clear things up for you.

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