is it illegal to use a vpn for netflix can you get banned

A VPN can be used to access streaming video content that isn’t available in your area. A quality VPN allows users to access content from any server around the globe. You can configure your VPN to route your traffic through a server in the country you are viewing Netflix to unlock that movie.

This is a great way to find content that you might not otherwise have access to, but many people wonder if there are legal issues. Is this illegal? Is it possible to have your Netflix account suspended for using a VPN. Netflix would ban VPN users.

Finally, if Netflix is something you enjoy, how do you get around a Netflix VPN ban.

Is Watching Netflix Via VPN Illegal?

It is hard to pinpoint a specific law that would make Netflix streaming via VPN illegal. This applies unless you live in one of the few countries mentioned above. A VPN is legal in most countries. If you subscribe to Netflix, you will not be breaking any laws by accessing the service.

Although the purpose of this article is not to give legal advice, it does not seem to pose any legal risks. Netflix allows it, but that does not mean that it is permitted.

Netflix bans VPN users?

For streamers, the more important question is whether they can get in trouble at Netflix. Does Netflix ban VPN users? This question is slightly more complex.

Here’s what Netflix has to say about this matter in section 4 of their Terms of Service.

“4.3. “4.3. […]”

A little further down:

“4.6. “4.6.

Also, you will find the following paragraph:

We may suspend or terminate your access to our service if we find that you are violating these Terms of Use, or engaging in fraudulent or illegal use of the service.

The short answer is that circumventing geo-restrictions using a VPN is against Netflix’s Terms of Service. For doing so, they can terminate your account. But can they do that? Evidently not.

Netflix has not reported any cases of users being banned from accessing restricted content via VPN. Netflix may allow users to do so in accordance with their terms of service. However, they don’t seem to practice it. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Netflix makes it difficult to stream content through a VPN, rather than ban users or cancelling accounts. It doesn’t work, which is the worst result most users will see. Netflix blocks VPNs, which is why VPN streaming is often restricted. Netflix blocks VPNs by trying to find IP addresses. There are many ways to get around the Netflix VPN ban.

Netflix Blocks VPNs?

You might wonder why Netflix users can’t access Netflix via VPN. It all comes down to copyright and licensing. Netflix owns some content, including Netflix Originals. Rest of the content is licensed from content creators or studios. Content owners negotiate deals with broadcast networks and cable providers around the world.

You might be able to access the content you are looking for in one country but not in another. Netflix doesn’t have the license to display that content in the U.S. It doesn’t appear as an option for these viewers.

A VPN allows streamers to bypass the geographical restrictions and still be able to view the content. Netflix has an agreement with content creators to prevent people from viewing content in non-licensed areas.

How to bypass the Netflix VPN Ban

You can access Netflix using all of the information you have. You will need a VPN to bypass any Netflix restrictions.

How to bypass Netflix VPN Ban:

  1. Register for a VPN ( NordVPN recommended).
  2. Install the app on your device
  3. Select a VPN server located in the country where you want to unblock Netflix content
  4. Connect to this server
  5. Register to Netflix
  6. Search for and stream your content
  7. You can now remove the Netflix VPN ban

High-quality VPNs are now promoting their ability to bypass VPN bans from Netflix, and other services. Here are the things you should look for in VPNs:

  • Connection Speed Make sure your VPN provides high-speed connections that are fast enough to stream HD video.
  • Large Server Network The greater the number of servers and locations a VPN has, the higher your chances of being blocked.
  • Streaming specific Servers The best VPNs now offer streaming servers that are specifically designed to prevent bans on streaming sites.
  • Privacy Make sure you review the VPN’s privacy policy. A VPN should not keep logs. There is no way that your private browsing data can be misused without a log.
  • Multiple Platforms – Most viewers don’t stream video on just their computer. Make sure your VPN works on all streaming devices, including smart TVs and streaming sticks.

VPN to Bypass Netflix VPN Ban


  • 5200+ Global Servers in 59+ Countries
  • CyberSec malware protection and ad blocking
  • Next-generation encryption using double VPN servers
  • VPN traffic is obscured by obfuscation technology
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Lightning fast with P2P Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Server locations in more than 60 countries
  • Zero data logging policy
  • 2048-bit encryption using AES-256
  • Unlimited bandwidth and high speeds
  • Supports anonymous torrenting/P2P friendly
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Allows port forwarding


  • More than 3200+ global servers located in 60+ countries
  • CleanWeb Ad-blocking feature
  • OpenVPN offers strong encryption and security
  • Whitelister, Multihop VPN and Kill Switch
  • No-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Amazing speeds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • 160+ Locations and 3000+ Servers
  • Strict No-Log policy
  • Unlimited streaming (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer)
  • Strong military-grade AES256-bit key encryption
  • Split tunneling, Kill Switch and RAM-disk Servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Reliable connections and fast speeds


  • 140+ Countries and 2000+ Servers
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • It hides internet traffic and allows you to unblock geo-restricted content
  • Protection against IP leakage and Internet Kill Switch
  • The cheapest dedicated IP addresses
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Android.
  • Ideal for streaming Netflix, Hulu and BBC
  • No-log policy. Audited and strict.


A VPN to access Netflix is legal. Netflix doesn’t allow you to bypass geo-restrictions. Netflix has the right to ban you from your account. However, there have been no reported cases of such activity. Netflix wants to keep its subscribers happy.

It is possible to bypass Netflix’s ban on VPN connections even though Netflix blocks them. A VPN should have streaming servers and a constant renewal of its IP addresses.

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