Although torrenting is often associated with copyrighted content it is still a popular way to share and distribute information. VPNs are popular to protect users and devices. Opera has its own VPN, but can it protect you against torrenting or your privacy?

OperaVPN is a VPN like the one you use for torrenting.

  • Very limited bandwidth
  • Logs and other information could be stored
  • Doesn’t conceal torrents or media sharing
  • Many torrents cannot be supported.

VPNs are a great way to ensure your data is safe. This is particularly important when torrent downloading takes place. Let’s talk about why Opera VPN isn’t the best for torrents and what other options you have.

Do you have a limited amount of time?

These are the best OperaVPN alternatives.

  1. NordVPN provides torrenting and privacy protection.
  2. ExpressVPN Privacy-focused, RAM-disks and P2P support
  3. Private Internet Access works best for torrenting or port-forwarding.

OperaVPN does not work while torrenting

Opera VPN is a good option for anyone looking to secure their data using a VPN. While “free” is always a selling point, you can only get what you pay. Opera VPN has serious issues.

  • It’s slow and it doesn’t protect all your devices.
  • OperaVPN logs and tracks your online activities.
  • The platform does not tell you what protocol they use to connect.
  • If you don’t have the option to choose actual server locations, flagging a red flag is possible.

VPNs should protect your IP address as well as your location. This is especially important if you use torrents as they could expose you to serious legal consequences.

Opera VPN is great for many online activities. OperaVPN should not be used for tormenting.

Bandwidth Limits

Opera VPN’s limited bandwidth is what discourages torrents users from using it. Your internet will be severely impacted if you download large files or use high-speed internet.

OperaVPN claims to offer unlimited bandwidth. Many users have found that this is not true.

It doesn’t hide your identity well

OperaVPN is not able to torrent. This is due to the fact it hides your identity for a brief time, and sometimes not at all. Opera is the browser that you use to access the content.

OperaVPN has been disabled after you’ve downloaded torrents to your computer. These browser extensions can be used to expose your personal data and are not intended to hide torrenting.

Opera Tracks Your Info

OperaVPN logs torrent downloaders. Most likely, you are using a VPN to protect your torrent downloads. This VPN will most likely log all files and data that you save.

Opera doesn’t use designated locations

OperaVPN does not use any specific locations while it’s active. This could be a red flag that may lead to more attention being paid online.

Which VPN option is better for torrenting?

VPNs are available that allow torrent downloads to be protected. VPNs can be costly upfront or for one year. It’s cheaper than hiring a lawyer for legal defense.

When choosing a VPN, there are many things to consider. These include speed, privacy and security settings. VPNs must have strong encryption, IP and DNS leak protection.

These VPNs are the best for torrenting.

  • NordVPN Security is a top concern. They allow P2P traffic and provide DNS and IP leak protection. The Internet Kill Switch can be used to protect torrenting against accidental IP leaks.
  • ExpressVPN has been one of the most popular VPNs for torrent downloads and usage. It’s fast and all servers run on RAM-disks. It is privacy-focused and does not log any of your activities.
  • Private Internet Access The PIA service is for people who seed and torrent often. This service supports port forwarding which is helpful for advanced torrent users. You can also use the internet kill switch or no-log policy.

Last Thoughts

VPNs and torrents can go hand in hand. You can download content from the Internet. However, you will also be protected. A VPN can save you time and money, even though it may not seem that important. VPNs may not be the same.

A free VPN might seem like the best option, but it is not the best. Virtually all of the information you may want to access a VPN is lost. OperaVPN, a popular browser extension, does not work as a VPN.

OperaVPN is not great for torrenting.

  • Low bandwidth can lead to slow download speeds and difficulty downloading your content.
  • Opera VPN is a browser VPN which will not work on torrent sites.
  • Opera VPN logs all information you enter.

OperaVPN is not the best VPN but there are other options. ExpressVPN or NordVPN can be used to torrent download safely.


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