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IT recruitment Poland – why it’s worth it

IT recruitment is becoming increasingly popular. Poland is on the rise and capturing the attention of the IT world, and there are strong reasons for this. One of these characteristics is the brilliance, swiftness, and capacity to accomplish old things in new ways that distinguish Poles from other people. Because they are also extremely adaptable and enterprising, they typically produce exceptional results, which is especially true in IT-related companies and fields.

Employers in the high-tech sector and overseas investors should take full advantage of the situation by recruiting the top Polish information technology workers. And, without a question, the information technology business is one in which deep knowledge meets a creative approach to produce exceptional results. Investors can benefit from innovative, inspirational, and time-saving solutions that are achieved without cutting corners by employing those exceptional qualities provided that they select the appropriate IT recruiting Poland firm, such as Soweto Consulting.

IT recruitment Poland – looking for the robust workforce 

There are other ways to collaborate with Polish developers, and an employment contract is merely one of them. Others include business-to-business contracts, which are quite popular among Polish programmers who work on a freelance basis. This dependable labour is widely accessible throughout the entire country, which is critical for business success. Not only are Warsaw and Krakow – Poland’s two largest cities – prominent on the list, but so are other cities in the country. Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, and a slew of other smaller cities are critical components of Poland’s information technology infrastructure. Furthermore, in these remote-first times, even IT specialists from small towns can pursue occupations that they would not have otherwise been able to pursue. And the companies with which they collaborate appreciate the combination of their high competencies and resourcefulness.

Furthermore, Poland has recently seen a significant migration of software engineers from neighbouring nations such as Ukraine and Belarus. This undoubtedly contributes to the development of the Polish information technology market and increases its attractiveness. In addition, it increases the number of IT workers who are available within the organisation. On the other hand, Poland’s close closeness to Western Europe — both culturally and geographically – cannot be ignored. Poland’s strategic location in Europe provides it with an unequalled competitive advantage over a wide range of other countries. Furthermore, a slew of investors gains from it as well, taking advantage of the country’s thriving job sector.

It’s also worth noting that Poland, as the majority of Western European countries, operates on Central European Time (CET). That is convenient and useful not only for all types of travel but also for doing commercial transactions. And it includes not just contacting the Sowelo Consulting recruitment firm, but also going about your normal business operations. Having IT professionals ready at one’s disposal – whether on-site or online – makes the process smooth and simple. Furthermore, Poland’s central location makes it simple to go to a variety of key attractions in the surrounding area. Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia, and the Balkans are examples of such regions.

IT recruitment Poland – perfect conditions

In terms of accessibility, both faraway regions, as well as neighbouring countries and local sites, are easily accessible from Poland. This is made possible by a broad, extensive, and contemporary infrastructure – which includes aircraft and airports, railways, and motorways – that makes it possible. Within 30 years of the fall of communism, Poland has achieved enormous achievement in a wide range of fields and many different ways. And the most obvious of these is, without a doubt, the economic one. In addition to the economic aspect, Poland joined NATO in 1998 and the European Union two years later in 2004.

Despite being forced to remain behind the “iron curtain” following World War II, Poland recovered its right to vote 30 years ago. And now it has the opportunity to completely demonstrate its incredible possibilities and vast potential. It is evidenced, among other things, in the state’s advancement into the group of countries with exceptionally high levels of human development. Following a data set representing the Human Development Index, Poland came in at number 35 out of 189 states, according to research from 2020. United Nations Development Programme data from 2019 was used in this comparison, which was put together. A variety of characteristics, including Gross National Income per capita, education, and health, were considered. Hungary came in at 40th place, Russia came in at 52nd, Turkey came in at 54th, and Ukraine came in at 74th, among the countries that were left behind.

In Poland, the Latin alphabet is used, and the English language is something that many young people are familiar with and can communicate effectively. And this is especially true for those in the information technology or technological fields. Furthermore, many multinational information technology teams are based in Poland, where they operate on-site, completely online, or in a hybrid model. The majority of IT specialists operate in English daily, and others do not even speak Polish at all. The COVID-19 pandemic accentuated and made this trend even more obvious and prevalent. Apart from that, there have been substantial changes to the Polish job market, particularly in the area of IT recruitment in Poland.

IT recruitment is becoming increasingly popular. Poland in the aftermath of the pandemic
Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic widened the scope of the Polish market’s appeal to information technology professionals. Employees quickly adapted to a partially or remote work model in remote-first times, when employers were amenable to the idea of a partially or entirely remote work model. A large number of them also continued to work from home, even though they had the option of returning to the office later. There was another benefit to the growing popularity of telecommuting: the availability of IT specialists from smaller areas has increased as a result.

IT recruitment Poland in the post-pandemic world 

They have access to excellent work prospects without the necessity of physically commuting or relocating to major metropolitan areas. And even though they were paid less than their colleagues who lived in Warsaw or Krakow, they were content with their jobs. It’s also because they provided them with sufficient time and space to maintain a healthy work-life balance. According to the results of a poll conducted by NoFluffJobs, seniority began to matter more in the case of information technology experts.

New flexible options have also been available for those looking to make investments in information technology or other forms of technology. New choices for renting office space have emerged, in addition to working with IT specialists remotely or through hybrid forms of collaboration. They suggest greater mobility for the workforce as well as some degree of flexibility, which allows for the adaptation of the working environment to current requirements. Open areas are becoming less popular, while smaller locations that allow for privacy, teleconferencing, or even individual phone calls are becoming more popular. Poland also has offices that provide superior COVID-19 protection that is freely accessible.

Flexibility is also important when it comes to the types of agreements that are made when renting office space. Companies are now able to rent them for shorter periods, which makes it easier to conduct business in these more unpredictable times. And, as a result of many organisations’ decisions to remain in a remote or hybrid paradigm, excellent offices have become even more readily available. In addition, their prices are generally lower in some cases than those of their competitors.