HowMSPsHandleNetworkSecurityforSmall&Mid sizedBusinesses
How MSPs Handle Network Security for Small & Mid-sized Businesses

How MSPs Handle Network Security for Small & Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs)?

Cybercriminals are persistent in trying to corrupt and steal data from organizations. This means that IT network security is at risk for almost all businesses. Small businesses often find it difficult to keep an adequate IT staff to deal with day-to-day problems and give cybersecurity the constant attention it deserves. Small businesses that are hit by a major cyber-attack can lose approximately 60% of their business. The ideal solution is managed network services.

These are some tips to improve network security. If they seem overwhelming for your IT staff, a managed networking solution is the best option.

Install updates

Software and apps, as well as smartphones, require security updates. These updates are called “security patches”, and provide protection. Experts recommend that you use the most recent versions of your web browser, operating system, and security software to protect yourself against online threats like malware and viruses. It is important to update as soon as possible.

For network security, limit data access

Only allow employees to access the data systems that are necessary to carry out their job duties. Also, ensure that employees are aware of the restrictions on software installation without their permission.

All data should be backed up

Determine the time that backups should be performed before your IT infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attacks or equipment failures. To ensure your business’s recovery in the event of hackers infiltrating your network security, schedule backups as frequently as necessary. Backups should include data, documents, information, and other important information. Managed networks offer data recovery and backup services.


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