IT Services For Medical Industry
IT Services For Medical Industry

IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

In recent years, healthcare has been transformed by new and emerging technologies. Small and large hospitals and doctor offices have adopted new technologies in order to adapt to changing regulatory environments and improve patient care. Modern medical facilities are highly-tech and put cutting-edge technology in the hands of skilled professionals. There are still significant opportunities for hospitals and healthcare facilities to improve their use and implementation of new technologies.

IT services in healthcare are more important than ever. Your medical facility can reap the incredible benefits of IT in healthcare with the right partner. Our IT services will help your medical facility avoid errors, comply with current regulations, and recover quickly after unexpected disasters. Our electronic health records (EHRs) can be used by your staff to securely record vital patient data and share it with other healthcare providers.

The demand for IT support in healthcare will increase as hospitals across the country modernize.

Healthcare IT Standards: The Opportunities and Challenges

Although each individual expert in a medical facility is important, patients get the best care when they are provided by a team of skilled nurses, doctors, and staff. Through legislation like the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, Congress pushed medical facilities to modernize their IT systems, particularly regarding the use of electronic health records. These detailed, shared records enable a patient’s medical providers to work together and make critical healthcare decisions based upon the entire patient’s health record.

EHRs can be used in all areas of medicine, but there are many issues that must be addressed before EHRs can live up to their potential. Over 85% of office-based doctors use an EHR system, but most doctors are calling for change. In a 2016 poll, 63% of doctors agree that EHRs have improved patient care, but 71% think that EHRs are a cause of physician burnout. Worse, 69% said that EHRs have made it harder for them to spend more time with patients. There is a clear need to change.

These doctors’ specific concerns highlight the importance of health information technology. Doctors also called for improvements in EHR system user interfaces and better interoperability. These changes can only be implemented by a healthcare IT support partner. Cyber Special can assist with the design and implementation of EHR user interfaces that are intuitive, user-centered, and simple to use. Interoperability, which is a bigger goal, will require reliable networking and well-constructed systems. This cooperation will also be required from regulatory bodies and other healthcare partners. The 21st Century Cures Act, passed in 2016, charged regulatory agencies with creating standards for interoperable, usable and accessible EHRs. It will not suffice to have electronic records. You’ll need to be able share and receive records from others providers.

EHRs are a new era that will provide many benefits for the medical community. Patients will be able to trust that their medical providers have access to their records no matter where they are located. As they adapt to new standards in healthcare information technology, healthcare providers will face many challenges. EHRs must be accessible to all healthcare providers and should be easy to use. They also need to be extremely secure. The Privacy and Security Guidelines for Healthcare Providers (HIPAA), which were established in 1996 and have been refined and extended over time, are highly respected.

It is crucial that you have an experienced IT provider who can implement services that meet the requirements. A professional partner can ensure that your EHRs are secure, private, and easy to access.

Healthcare IT Support: What is its Role?

Healthcare information technology is fundamentally about communication. It involves communication between healthcare devices, between healthcare team members, patients and their doctors, as well as between different medical facilities. These channels can be enabled by well-selected hardware solutions that are installed and maintained with quick and effective repairs. These components must be adaptable and flexible to allow your network to grow with your facility.

Information technology plays a vital role in communication and is a key component of your security team. The security of patient information, privacy rights, and patient well-being require a secure, trustworthy network that is both transparent for staff and opaque to unauthorized users. Healthcare IT services providers can help you implement best practices in network security. Patients expect security today, and we can help you establish your reputation for being a reliable steward of patient data.

Your facility’s efficiency is also dependent on information technology. Research indicates that new healthcare technologies are only effective when they are designed with ergonomics and human factors in mind, when they have a robust interface with the patient and the environment and when appropriate implementation and maintenance plans are established from the beginning. The role of IT services in the healthcare industry is fundamental. Users aren’t slow down by a complex interface or other obstacles when health information technology is integrated into a facility. They just work.

A Healthcare IT Provider’s Benefits

Because IT services are connected and support nearly every function in a medical facility, EHRs are a central part of today’s discussion about the integration health information technology into healthcare. Cyber Special assists healthcare providers in staff management. They ensure that their facilities are staffed with qualified staff. We assist providers in implementing cutting-edge technologies such as hybrid operating rooms. These rooms use the most advanced assistive technology to enable the next generation of surgeons. We assist facilities in integrating recorded video into EHRs, patient visit records and operations.

We are constantly looking for ways to help healthcare facilities make these exciting technologies an integral part of their practice.

Our services are valued by medical facilities for more than just the installation of new technology. What other benefits are there to working with a healthcare IT provider

  • Qualitative care While technology plays an important role in modern medical facilities, your staff must remain focused on the patients. Reliable and well-designed technology allows your staff to spend more time on patient care. A strong network will allow your facility to use the most advanced technology, such as monitoring devices, and allows you to easily upgrade it.
  • Accuracy Hardware and software that aren’t built with end-user needs in mind can lead to errors. Our technology can make your team more productive by ensuring that they enter and verify codes correctly, which will reduce medical errors. Reducing errors leads to lower costs and better outcomes for patients.
  • Privacy and security: Any healthcare provider must ensure that their network security is secure. This is more than just meeting regulatory requirements. It also involves protecting equipment investments and protecting patient records. Data security is an essential component of your reputation and credibility.
  • Lower costs A good healthcare IT provider will save you money on your purchase of wireless and telecom networking products. It can also give you an advantage in the marketplace and help you save money when you use new technologies. Information technology can make your facility more efficient in many ways. It can automate repetitive tasks, manage large staff, and quickly put the right information in front the people who require it.
  • Collaboration seamless: Your network will function properly if your staff has access to all the information they need in order to provide the best care possible for patients. Effective communication is key to a team’s ability to function as one. Information technology allows that.
  • Disaster recovery The medical information and billing information of your patient is too valuable to be lost due a power cut or hard drive failure. Cyber Special can help you recover your systems quickly and protect your data from any disaster.

One of the most important benefits of partnering with a managed IT services provider is flexibility for the future. Few people could have imagined the changes that modern technology would bring to healthcare. And few people can foresee how these technologies will change the future. Healthcare IT support can help you address your current needs and help you build future competitive advantages through carefully selected hardware and forward-thinking strategic plan.

Managed Network Services can bring it all together

A robust and flexible healthcare network is the foundation of IT services in healthcare. Our managed IT services will allow your facility to meet today’s requirements while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities — and save money along the way.

Healthcare providers of all sizes have been able to implement new technologies through scaleable network solutions. The network infrastructure is the means by which devices and end users can communicate and coordinate. Without reliable networks, electronic health records, electronic billing and comprehensive staff management systems can’t work. Slow networks or those that are not reliable can cause miscommunication, delays and errors which can all be unacceptable in the healthcare industry.

Our IT support services for healthcare include the initial setup of critical networking equipment and prompt, effective service for hardware repairs. Our HIPAA-certified repair specialists and security experts can quickly fix any issues and get your systems back up and running. We are also able to assist with loss prevention and disaster recovery. Your network is key to the smooth operation of your facility. Our solutions will ensure that your data is protected, secure, and private in the event of an unexpected.


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