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Kajabi Disrupts the Marketing Stack with Email Marketing Reboot

In the marketing software stack of any growing SME, an effective email marketing tool is an absolute must-have. However, with dozens of Mailchimp alternatives available on the market at the moment, it can be nearly impossible to select the most appropriate one for your needs.

In addition to the cost (many charges by subscriber list size on top of a monthly fee); the setup (customizing forms and email templates to your brand styles takes time and often necessitates tinkering with code); and the integration itself, there are several factors to consider (APIs and registry keys needed to connect through your site, your eCommerce forms and the rest of your stack).

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It’s completely overwhelming. So Kajabi, an all-in-one online business platform, decided to take action and redesigned their Kajabi Email solution, which was released earlier this month.

Kajabi co-founder and CEO Kenny Rueter says, “We talk to our customers all of the time, and one of their biggest challenges is integrating the right apps into their marketing automation workflows.” “Kajabi Email blows right past that hurdle and provides them with fully customizable and robust email functionality, all within their current platform, and deeply integrated with the rest of their business,” says the company.

Kajabi’s redesigned email functionality is a perfect complement to the company’s other recent enhancements to their all-in-one business platform. Additionally, there is no additional charge for the email tools, and there is no requirement for technical expertise to integrate third-party apps. Most importantly, it is integrated directly into the existing Kajabi system, which is designed to support advanced marketing functions as well as the creation of compelling online course experiences.

The new Kajabi Email capabilities are on par with or better than the usual functionalities of today’s best third-party email solutions, including the following:

There is a large selection of pre-built templates that can be completely customized.
The ability to link emails to drip sequences, time-sensitive promotional events, video content, countdown timers, and product listings is available.

Review and approval features, as well as the ability to view emails as web pages, are all available.
Email subject line validation is performed on the fly to improve deliverability and keep spam flags at bay.

An improved metrics dashboard to assist Kajabi customers in gaining actionable insights into email performance and campaign results.

Earlier this month, Kajabi announced that it had received a minority growth investment from Spectrum Equity, which has allowed the company to make significant progress on product upgrades. The robust educational media and content programs delivered by Kajabi customers to over 41 million paying students have already generated over $1 billion in sales.

Several recent upgrades, including the December launch of Kajabi Pages, a more powerful and less complicated page builder with a built-in library of popular page types, page sections, animation, and video elements, are perfectly coordinated with the email launch. Kajabi’s first-ever mobile app, which was released a few weeks prior, was available in the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces, allowing online course sellers to connect with learners in new and innovative ways.

With the typical SME juggling dozens of apps for email, eCommerce, and the rest, an all-in-one solution is looking increasingly attractive.

When it comes to marketing technology, today’s information product businesses require the ability to provide value by concentrating on what they do best – creating and selling educational content without the need for technical know-how. By integrating these solutions directly into the existing platform, Kajabi eliminates the need for time-consuming third-party integrations and APIs, allowing users to spend more time creating content on a system that was built from the ground up to support sales and marketing efforts.

According to Jeremy Saenz, Kajabi’s chief product officer, “Although these features are powerful on their own, what makes it truly groundbreaking is the built-in integration with the existing Kajabi platform, without the frustration inherent in third-party apps and APIs.” Creating a powerful and holistic business solution for our customers is the logical “next step” in our work, according to the company.

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