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Leads Finder Tool For Sales, Recruiting, And Marketing Managers: Interview with Dmytro Shulga, CEO of GetProspect.

GetProspect provides you with the most efficient method of prospecting using a LinkedIn email finder. A lead generation solution for B2B sales, recruiting, and marketing managers who have multiple responsibilities. In this interview with TechBullion, CEO Dmytro Shulga will go into greater detail about the company’s operations.

Please provide us with your name and a brief description of yourself.

My name is Dmytro Shulga, and I am a digital entrepreneur that is passionate about what he does. I started my first business website in 2006 when I was seventeen years old. When I started receiving more and more orders, I decided to start a small web business called SAiT in 2012. One day, I had a vision of creating my line of digital products.

After a handful of failed experiments, a simple software was developed in 2016 that searches for work-related emails. Since then, GetProspect has never ceased expanding and improving to accommodate more users. Today, we’re delighted to be the platform that more than 50,000 active users around the world rely on every day.

What exactly is GetProspect, and what services do you offer to customers?

A web-based lead generation tool, GetProspect (GP), gives work emails of Prospects, which are defined as individuals or workers of specific firms that are considered useful as leads to start a sales campaign for a specific product or service offered by the company.

Find out what makes our online lead finder different and superior to other online lead finder solutions available on the market today.
GP is a lead generation system that functions more like an industrial-scale conveyor or sales lead generation combined, and it is designed to make frequent searches more convenient and time-saving. Regardless of whether you want 5/500/50 000 emails per month for the sales funnel, prospecting will take around the same amount of time and expense per email as before.

We eliminate all unnecessary actions and optimize the remaining ones. There are various time-saving features, such as a Chrome extension and a Google Sheets add-on. There are also data-export settings, bulk search capabilities, and verification features.

Dmytro Shulga, the CEO of GetProspect, was interviewed for this article.

What is the process of generating sales leads in a business-to-business organization?

  1. Define your ideal consumer and make a list of their characteristics.
  2. Recognize how you may assist them in moving forward with your product.
  3. Make use of lead generation software.
  4. Become more acquainted with them and reach out to them in places where they spend a
  5. significant amount of time online or offline with relevant and compelling information.
  6. Establishing relationships and trust is essential.
  7. Make an offer that addresses one of their most pressing requirements.
  8. Find out how to use GetProspect to automate lead creation.
  9. Save your ICP attributes in a template search across a business-to-business database.
  10. Create lists and folders to organize your prospects according to their industry, job, or other common characteristics and behavioral patterns.
  11. Create more custom fields to provide you with more relevant, personalized information about your opportunities.
  12. While browsing LinkedIn, use the Chrome extension to add new emails to the lists of prospects you’ve created.
  13. Create email templates that are tailored to different types of prospects. Make use of variables to insert individualized info into your communications.
  14. Send out emails with your offer, keep track of the outcomes, and follow up with 3-5 people.

In what situations is GetProspect’s lead generation software useful, who are your clients, and what benefits can they expect from your company?
People who use our services include salesmen (including sales development representatives and account executives), marketing personnel, recruiting managers and teams (including independent contractors), consultants, and project managers (among others).

A one-man-army in a fledgling startup or multi-role committed teams in a global running corporation will find their way to their destination without fail if they know whom to look for. The fact that GP offers simple profiling and search procedures, as well as high-quality email verification algorithms, increases the likelihood that people will find out for themselves.

What is the significance of lead management platforms today? What is GetProspect doing to satisfy the demand?

Today, you must mix a personalized approach with the largest possible size that is appropriate for your company’s specific needs. Both are considerably more easily accomplished through the use of automation technologies and platforms rather than «manual» labor.

It is possible to scale the search for quality leads from scratch (ICP) up to any number using the GP leads finder tool. It can be used for targeted ABM sales as well as for cold mass outreach.

What aspects of sales prospecting and cold emailing should we pay particular attention to?
When it comes to sales prospecting, we must concentrate solely on the search for the target audience. Not making extensive spraying efforts to capture all possible contacts. Concentrating on the ideal consumer will benefit you in the following ways:

– reduce the amount of time spent grouping comparable contacts;

For customization, a more straightforward search for mutual patterns is required.

– with an increase in sales qualified leads and an improvement in conversion rate

When cold emailing, pay attention to deliverability, personalization, engagement, brevity, and value of the pitch, as well as follow-ups.

What are the best strategies for calculating prospect leads to secure a high return on investment? Exactly where does lead acquisition stand at this point?
One of the ways that I am familiar with includes the following steps:

  • Define your return on investment (ROI) objectives in light of historical statistics.
  • Create a profit target based on the data in the figure.
  • To achieve your goal, figure out how many and what kind of customers you’ll need.
  • Take your average conversion rate from prospect to customer as an example (usually, 15-20 percent is pretty good).
  • As a result, you’ll require at least 150-200 prospect leads in a year to service ten consumers.
  • Lead acquisition benchmark from Hubspot’s Demand Generation Benchmark Report 2015: 80 percent of organizations with annual revenue of more than $250k generate 50-100 prospect leads per month.

What exactly are you working on at GetProspect right now? What do you have planned for the future?
The next big improvement will be the conversion of our service into an emailing platform, allowing users to complete the entire workflow in a single lead-generating tool, eliminating the need for data export and import.

We are constantly refining our search and verification algorithms to provide a higher overall discovery rate while also delivering a greater proportion of 100 percent legitimate emails. The expansion of our B2B database is another of the key topics on which we are now focused.

Do you have any chances for investors and partners at GetProspect that are currently available?
For the time being, we have a referral scheme in place for our users. If they refer potential users to GP, they will receive a 30 percent commission on all of their payments. Once you have amassed a substantial sum of money, you can use it to pay for a GP-paid health plan.