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Interview with Martin Froehler, CEO at Morpher, Trading Platform Built for sophisticated investors.

Trades can take advantage of Morpher’s zero-fee policy and perfect liquidity in all markets. In this interview, the CEO, Martin Froehler, will provide us with additional information.

1) Would you mind sharing your name with us and introducing yourself to our audience?

My name is Martin Froehler, and I’d like to introduce myself. Mathematical training preceded me, and I’ve spent the previous ten years working in the field of quantitative finance. I’ve created trading algorithms that trade the equities and futures markets in accordance with quantitative principles that I developed. As managing director of a quantitative research firm in Zurich, I also launched a decentralised quantitative hedge fund in Silicon Valley, which was registered in the United States as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Morpher, which I founded in 2018, was created to make trading and investing more efficient.

2) What is Morpher and how does it work?

On the Ethereum blockchain, Morpher is a trading platform that allows its customers to trade nearly any asset in the world with no costs and infinite liquidity

Explain in greater detail the issues around trade and how Morpher intends to address these issues.

Trading is time-consuming, expensive, and unfair. In the investment sector, intermediaries make up nearly all of the players, and they charge exorbitant fees for poor service. Brokers, exchanges, and index funds produce more than 250 billion USD in fees each year in the United States alone.
Retail traders have limited access to certain markets, such as commodities, real estate, and international stock markets, among others. They have a difficult time shorting and can only trade during regular trading hours on the exchange. While institutional traders are capable of carrying out those tasks, they face a different challenge: a scarcity of available liquidity. Their orders can be so large that they have the effect of shifting the market.

4) What makes the Morpher platform the best, and what significant features or services distinguish you from the competition?

In an ideal world, all markets are open to everyone, both long and short, trading is free and available around the clock, and all markets are characterised by an abundance of liquidity. Blockchain enables the creation of the ideal world. Morpher is the one who introduces it to the consumer.

Morpher virtualizes trading and eliminates the need for middlemen by utilising blockchain technology. Our users can gain market exposure without the need to go via banks, brokers, exchanges, ETF providers, or purchasing the underlying asset, as long as they use our platform.

5) Could you please give us a demonstration of how the Morpher platform operates?

As part of the Ethereum network, Morpher creates an ERC20 token that has the ability to morph into any other asset in the world simply by reproducing its returns on the blockchain.

Users stake Morpher tokens on a market and receive rewards that are proportional to the change in the price of the market staked on in return. For example, staking 100 Morpher tokens on the Apple stock results in a return of 110 Morpher tokens if Apple acquires 10% in value. The smart contract settles all bets by producing and destroying tokens, and it is designed to be solvent by its very nature. It not only takes the place of brokers and exchanges, but it also takes the place of the counterparty in a trade. All orders are accepted promptly, and our users are able to trade with an unlimited amount of available liquidity.

Morpher converts data into marketable information. The ability to build whole new markets that do not yet exist or are now too illiquid to trade is a powerful tool. Such new assets include business fundamentals, real estate prices by location, consumer price indexes, and bitcoin transaction fees, to name a few. Imagination is the only limit to the possibilities.

What state of development is the Morpher platform currently in, and what is next on your development roadmap, are the following questions:

Morpher is now in closed Alpha on the Ethereum testnet, and it is available for purchase. It is planned to debut the platform on the mainnet in early Q3 2019, with an airdrop to our early adopters to kick things off. Anyone interested in our product can already sign up at, which is our official website.

7) Who is Morpher designed for, and do you have any success stories you’d want to tell us about?

For traders, investors, crypto aficionados, hedge funds, and family offices, Morpher is the ideal solution. Customers of traditional brokers will be delighted by the unequalled access to markets, as well as a zero fee and infinite liquidity trading experience with eToro.

Only with Morpher is it possible to short Apple on a Sunday for as little as 5 Dollars per contract.

At Morpher, do you have any opportunities for partners and investors to get involved?

We have received seed money from Tim Draper’s fund, Draper Associates, and are currently concentrating all of our efforts on releasing our platform on the main network. Our coin will be issued to members of our community of early adopters through an airdrop. At this time, we are not actively seeking new investors, but we are always interested in possibilities that are a good strategic match for our organisation.

9) Could you tell us a little bit about your staff and your customer service?

Morpher was founded in 2018 by Denis Bykov, one of my co-founders. Denis has an engineering background from Stanford and has worked as a product manager at Apple in the past. A total of four outstanding engineers from the Austrian capital of Vienna round out our group. After releasing our platform in the summer of 2019, we aim to more than double the size of our staff.

10) How safe is the Morpher platform, and would you be interested in discussing your legal and security measures with us? Would you like to discuss your legal and security measures with us?

The Morpher platform does not allow for the exchange of funds or the trading of goods between two parties. Morpher is also not the custodian of any tokens that have been staked. Our users engage with the platform through the Ethereum blockchain and our proof-of-authority sidechain, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The security and decentralisation provided by the Ethereum network are advantageous to the token. We achieve complete transparency and immutability around all transactions on our platform by utilising our sidechain technology. Morpher is orders of magnitude more transparent and secure than the existing brokers and exchanges in the market place.
Regarding compliance: In the EU, we have a clear road to achieving compliance. Following the debut of our service in the European Union, we want to gradually spread it throughout the world in accordance with applicable securities regulations.