multi cdn providers
multi cdn providers

The internet is a vast expanse of information. Despite the fact that the number of uploads on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram continues to rise by the day, new websites continue to launch. As a result, you’re up against a slew of digital havens online, and if you don’t use technology to improve your site, you’ll be buried in obscurity. Purchasing Cloud Content Delivery (CDN) services from leading CDN providers is a quick approach to reduce latency. Although this is still a viable option for website owners and business owners, an increasing number of entrepreneurs and developers are opting for a multi-CDN provider strategy.

Why are we addressing how a multi-CDN provider setup can be beneficial and what to look for when deciding which top CDN providers are suitable for your site in this article?

Use a Multi CDN Provider’s Unprecedented Power

Because great CDN features aren’t found on just one CDN provider, a multi CDN provider pools several CDN providers to use their finest features on your website.

A multi CDN provider accesses multiple capacities of several CDNs to give the optimum performance that your business requires, similar to Infinity Stones fitted on a single gauntlet to bring untold powers (Marvel fans, anyone?).

Using a single content delivery source to meet the rising demands of your business and website is a stone-age concept.

Here are the finest multi CDN solutions to help your website keep up with its rising needs and tame your growing demands.

#1 NS1

NS1 is comparable to a ‘broker,’ in this instance a ‘CDN broker.’ NS1 takes care of all the grunt work of handling many content delivery networks instead of you.

You used to send your traffic to a single content delivery service, but now that you submit it to NS1, it distributes it to a number of different content delivery providers.

It has a smart DNS that chooses the best CDN service for an incoming user.

It has a product called ‘Pulsar’ that can provide fully automated traffic management functionality, resulting in improved website performance.

When it comes to tech assistance, it offers email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you purchase their ‘Business Plan.’

While their ‘Pro and Enterprise Plan’ includes email (and) phone assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional services and emergency assistance are provided by NS1’s ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ customers (but not on their Business Plan)

Customers that pay annually rather than monthly get a 10% discount from this multi-CDN provider.

The following are some of NS1’s other characteristics:

  1. High availability and disaster recovery
  2. Service discovery with several CDNs
  3. Orchestration of many clouds
  4. DevOps and Automation for DNS security
  5. DNS server load balancing on a global scale
  6. DNS redundancy and backup

With all of the capabilities listed above, there’s no doubt that this multi CDN provider is serious about giving us a better option for growing our business.

#2 Atanar

In the CDN service space, Atanar serves as both a reseller and an integrator of the market’s best-performing content delivery services.

When you need to stream a live event over the internet, Atanar can help you out using Flash, iPhone, or iPad formats.

It can also download Gigabyte-sized files quickly and cache your main domain or subdomain for faster rendering.

They also provide a service that gives you more in-depth information about certain structure concerns, such as:

  1. Redirects should be limited.
  2. Tuning the performance of Javascript
  3. HTML’s difficulty
  4. Cachability should be increased.
  5. More efficient resource management

Take a peek at the rest of Atanar’s features:

  1. Front-End Hosting Optimization
  2. DNS Routing Streaming CDN Audit (Live video or on-demand)
  3. Acceleration of SSL (https and certificates handling)
  4. HTTP delivery is supported by CDN Cache.
  5. This multi-CDN provider provides simple features that take advantage of the capabilities of the CDN services at its disposal.

It has created an amazing service as a result of this, establishing itself as a strong multi CDN supplier in the CDN market.

#3 MetaCDN

MetaCDN does not choose a content delivery service from its pool of CDN providers at random.

It has a clever algorithm that chooses a CDN service based on which is the fastest for a certain user.

Also, if one of MetaCDN’s content delivery providers goes down, it will simply divert your traffic to another CDN service, so you won’t have any problems.

Through its various CDN providers, MetaCDN assures you have a literal 100 percent uptime at all times.

It also has a team of genuine professionals on hand to help you whenever you require urgent technical support for your website or one of MetaCDN’s CDN suppliers.

It connects you with developers who can efficiently solve your technical issues.

This multi CDN provider may also give you with detailed information about your daily usage and the performance of your website.

It provides you with a detailed report on who visits your website and how well it is performing based on several criteria.

The following are some of MetaCDN’s other features:

  1. Developer support for detailed analytics
  2. Rollover of credit
  3. Latency is low.

StreamShark, a MetaCDN livestreaming platform, includes the following features:

  1. Archiving of Instant Streams
  2. Stats in real time
  3. Workflows that are more efficient
  4. Privacy settings are completely customizable.
  5. Chat that can be embedded
  6. Rewind the DVR in real time
  7. Highlight reels in real time

These are the things that this multi CDN provider can bring to the table: solid features that are built to compete.

Sure, there are a lot of content delivery competitors in the field, but it’s a multi CDN provider with a lot of capabilities that can compete with others.

Because of its extensive network of high-performing CDN providers.

#4 Global Dots

Global Dots’ superior cloud technology, optimization, and security solutions can help you with any content delivery services, whether you operate globally or in specific areas.

This multi CDN provider also takes care of your security, scalability, and availability concerns with the help of a robust team of professionals who are available at all times to help you.

It can delete your stuff quickly (yet sensibly) in as little as 150 milliseconds.

One of the best features of this multi CDN provider is that it gives your website a page load speed of 250 milliseconds, giving you an advantage over your competition.

The following are some of the additional functions that Global Dots can provide:

  1. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  2. Accelerate Encrypted Content Device Detection with Managed Service API Acceleration
  3. Acceleration of TCP
  4. Site Acceleration in Real Time
  5. Purge Immediately
  6. Dynamic SSL Caching
  7. Image Optimization Using Static Caching

As one of the most well-known names in the multi CDN business, this multi CDN provider demonstrates that, even in the face of fierce competition, it can maintain a solid presence by providing modern solutions that the market requires.

Which CDN provider do they use?

Because each of the multi CDN providers listed above uses several CDN providers, there is one CDN service that consistently appears on their list: BelugaCDN.

Let’s take a look at why the market’s leading multi CDN providers never leave this CDN service off their list:

Take a look at some of BelugaCDN’s best features:

  1. Pseudo-streaming is when someone pretends to be someone else (progressive streaming)
  2. Dual-stack network (IPv4 + IPv6 in all places)
  3. Purging on the spot
  4. Streaming logs in real time
  5. Only delivery of HTTP video streams with free SSL/TLS on the customer domain
  6. Authentication with a token
  7. Support is requested for the byte range.

In addition, this CDN service is one of the few that offers all five SSL extensions:

  1. Record sizing that changes over time
  2. Perfect up-front secrecy
  3. OCSP stapling with ALPN HTTP/2

Yes, any CDN services is a good addition to any multi CDN provider’s portfolio of CDN providers because it is only a quarter of the price of other CDN providers.

Who wouldn’t want a bargain like that, right? It’s low (in) cost yet great (in) performance.

The Advantages of Using Multiple CDN Providers

It’s no secret that CDNs play a crucial role in the internet ecosystem. Because of the large number of websites available nowadays, competing with traffic-generating sites might be tough. As a result, many people are turning to a multi-CDN provider solution to help them boost their online game. If you’re on the fence about whether or not this option is right for you, consider the following advantages.

Specialization and coverage

To begin with, the purpose of joining up with providers is to improve a site’s coverage. Website owners can improve user experience by using the multiple servers of the best CDN providers. This results in faster site speeds and better-optimized websites.

Those who are hell-bent on dominating the digital space, however, may discover that not all CDN providers are created equal. As a result, signing up with many CDN providers is the preferable option. Because CDN providers differ so much—some have more Points of Presence, while others specialize—partnering with various providers ensures a higher level of assurance.

In Asia, for example, provider 1 may have excellent coverage, but not in Europe. Provider 2 may, on the other hand, be the polar opposite. As previously stated, these providers may have a variety of expertise. For example, let’s say provider 1 excels at video CDN services while provider 2 excels at image optimization. Because of their various “strengths,” it makes perfect sense to go with a multi-CDN provider in this scenario.

When CDN was optional, it was called Cost Over. And, as technology has advanced, the debate has shifted from whether a CDN was required to “which CDN providers will benefit my website and business the most?”

The CDN sector has progressed significantly, and pricing structures are now far more practical than they were previously. Surprisingly, even in terms of economics, using multiple CDN providers has numerous advantages. Charges may be imposed by providers.


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