Network Configuration
Network Configuration

Each business is unique when it comes to IT requirements. Although there are some similarities between companies, each business has its own IT needs.

Professional network configuration by your trusted managed service provider (MSP), will make this a huge help.

How to identify your business IT network needs

You can start identifying the IT network requirements of your business with your MSP. These are the things you and your MSP need to consider before configuring, designing, and implementing your IT network.

What Networking Infrastructure is Already in Place?

Are you starting from scratch? Or do you have an existing IT network that can be expanded or modified to meet your business’s needs? You must also determine the condition of the hardware and equipment used to maintain it. Are they in good shape or showing signs of wear? Is the company using an on-premise or cloud-based IT network?

How Many Locations and Users Will Be Supported by the Network?

You should also consider how many locations the IT network will support. It might be a good idea to migrate your network to the cloud if you have multiple business locations. This will enable your business to connect different locations with one IT system. This would be more cost-effective and practical than creating and configuring separate systems to suit each business location.

The same applies to the number of users. A rigid on-premise system may not be flexible enough to support the growth of your business. The cloud, through your trusted MSP, is easily scalable if you need to increase the number of users of the network.

What Software and Applications are Used by the Business?

Every business needs a different set of software and apps to run its business. Each one requires different storage and bandwidth.

These are essential to ensure that your network infrastructure is capable of supporting it, and not becoming overwhelmed.

How is your Office Layout?

Your office’s size and layout can have an impact on the type of IT network that you choose to implement. Do you have enough space for your servers? Is there enough space to store your network cables?

What’s Your Budget?

Last but not least, how much money you are willing and able to spend on your IT network.

It might be expensive to go for an entirely on-premise system, where your servers are hosted by you. It might be more affordable if you’re willing to move to the cloud or at least part your network to the cloud. This will eliminate the need for expensive hardware and allow you to focus on more affordable equipment such as routers and switches, which can have an impact on how your network transmits information.

Network Configuration: Setup and Management of Networks from Cyber Special

Cyber special can help you design and manage your network without any hassles.

Sign up for our services to get the following:

    • A fair and objective evaluation of your current data infrastructure
    • Professionally-developed timeline for the migration and deployment of your IT network
    • Expert and professional management of your IT network after and during migrations and configurations
    • You should test new technology to ensure it does not disrupt your business operations
    • For any technical issues, we offer expert technical support

It will save you a lot of money, time, and effort compared to doing it yourself.


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