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Online Trading Academy Announces New Cryptocurrency Program

Online Trading Academy, the industry leader in investing and trading education firms, has just announced the launch of its Bitcoin and Digital Assets program, which provides a solid foundation in cryptocurrency trading and investment strategies.

During the height of the dot com boom in 1997, the Online Trading Academy was established. OTA began as one of the major trading exchanges on the West Coast, and it has grown into a global organization. As new traders entered the market with little or no expertise, Eyal Shahar, the company’s founder, and CEO became concerned that there was a lack of educational opportunities. Rather than focusing on novice investors and traders, he turned his company’s attention to teaching them how professional and institutional investors viewed the markets.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital asset management, Mr. Shahar sees a pattern repeating itself: it’s one of enthusiasm and making investing more accessible to a bigger pool of people, but decentralized finance also carries a risk, according to Mr. Shahar. In the digital asset ecosystem, there are both legal and illegitimate projects to be discovered. New investors must learn how to sail through these unfamiliar waters.

A press release from the company stated that “this seems a lot like the mid-90s.” The reason I started this company about 25 years ago was that technology was allowing average individuals to gain direct access to the financial markets. They, on the other hand, were unprepared. They lacked the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct a legitimate trade. Nothing has changed in that regard.'”

Why is Online Trading Academy branching out into cryptocurrency trading?

Increasingly popular subjects such as digital money and decentralization are becoming more prevalent as the economy and technology continue to develop and advance.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other regulatory organizations are now beginning to pay attention to bitcoin and are issuing regulations surrounding cryptocurrency trading activities and the acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment. From huge internet retailers to small local coffee shops, digital wallets are now being accepted by an increasing number of merchants. Cryptocurrency is becoming more widely available and appealing to a greater number of individuals every day.

“Digital Assets are much more than just Bitcoin,” says Merlin Rothfeld, Senior Director at Online Trading Academy, who is in charge of the company’s cryptocurrency education. “Decentralized finance has the vibe of the early days of the Internet,” says the author.

In many ways, the Internet and the cryptocurrency movement are similar in their respective aims and objectives. When the Internet first came online, people were dubious of the new digital world that was emerging. Now, millions of lives and systems are dependent on the Internet. Decentralized finance, such as cryptocurrencies, is a relatively new notion, but one that is gaining traction as it moves from the realm of skeptics and early adopters to a broader user base. As decentralization begins to take hold in the world of currency, it has the potential to be applied to other sectors such as healthcare and insurance.

With such a novel concept that many see as an exciting opportunity while others see it as a frightening risk, Online Trading Academy recognized an opportunity to use their position as a leader to educate those who are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and decentralization, whether they are novice investors or experienced day traders, and they set out to do just that.

As a result of the Online Trading Academy’s commitment to appropriate risk management, they have gained the public trust and achieved world-class recognition in the investor education sector. The Digital Assets program includes a comprehensive set of on-demand lessons that may be viewed at the student’s speed and is available 24/7.

Many people believed that cryptocurrency was a passing craze, while others regretted not investing in Bitcoin sooner when its value skyrocketed as a result of its rapid rise in value. “My greatest fear is that people will be so enthralled, they will have so much FOMO, that they will simply fly blind,” Rothfeld expressed concern about this. A small amount of knowledge can be extremely dangerous. “Whether I’m teaching options or cryptocurrency to someone who has been investing for years or someone who is just starting started, my objective is always the same: to provide people with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions.”

Because more people are becoming less skeptical about bitcoin, it was the ideal time to develop a course devoted to the fundamentals of how digital assets function.

The Use of Digital Assets as a Foundation for Cryptocurrency Educational Activities
Approximately 5 hours of online self-study lessons are included in the Digital Assets course, and you can finish them at your own pace. The course covers a wide range of issues relevant to bitcoin investing and the operation of the blockchain in great detail.

Many of the company’s other offerings focus an emphasis on risk management techniques as well as thoroughly evaluating markets, market structures, and the assets themselves before deciding to invest in a particular asset.

The following are some examples of topics:

Understanding the workings of cryptocurrency and digital assets
What investors should consider when trading, storing, and transferring digital assets is outlined in the following section.
What decentralization is and how it works, as well as how to examine initiatives that are related to it
Making use of cryptocurrency trading tools on the internet
The fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining
Contracts for the Internet of Things
Public ledgers and how to take advantage of them
The cost of the course is $299 intuition. Online Trading Academy, on the other hand, provides a free introduction to cryptocurrency, titled Crypto Foundations. For novice investors seeking a deeper grasp of digital assets, bitcoin, and how they work, the course contains six video courses.

Digital Assets also acts as a stepping stone to the Crypto Investor Live program offered by Online Trading Academy, which includes both on-demand self-study and weekly live coaching.

The Core Strategy Method used by the Online Trading Academy
With the help of their Core Strategy technique, Online Trading Academy rose to become a global leader in investment and financial market education.

Potential investors learn the fundamentals of risk management and how to make more informed decisions that are in line with their short- and long-term financial objectives in Core Strategy class. Core Strategy introduces students to important terminology that is necessary for comprehending the world of investing, which can be overwhelming due to a large number of terms. Students learn how to execute basic order types and how to properly examine trading possibilities to determine if they are worth the risk or not before moving on to more complicated sorts of investments.

Online Trading Academy, with the assistance and knowledge of teachers, teaches a diverse range of investors, ranging from those who have never traded in the stock market before to those who are seasoned investors in the market. Additionally, the organization provides live training in more than 30 education centers across the world in addition to online courses.

In the coming years, Bitcoin will become increasingly popular among the general public, thanks to the participation of celebrities such as Elon Musk. Many people, on the other hand, are unsure of where to begin when it comes to purchasing cryptocurrencies or when it is appropriate to hold them. Cryptocurrency also offers a variety of applications, including the ability to pay for goods and services and transmit money to people around the world without having to pay onerous wire fees to a financial institution. The Digital Assets program at the Online Trading Academy explains how to use bitcoin for these reasons, as well as how to analyze it like any other investment, in great detail.

In its Core Strategy, the company focuses a strong emphasis on risk management. It is based on limiting the risk that the learner has set for themselves based on their level of risk tolerance. The Strategy’s foundation is built on the concepts of Supply and Demand. The Core Strategy of OTA does not attempt to compete with large banks and financial institutions; rather, it concentrates on employing chart analysis to discover areas where major banks and financial institutions are buying and selling, which eventually causes prices to rise and fall.

When it comes to the Digital Assets program, the Online Trading Academy team is enthusiastic about applying this methodology and principles to achieve their goal of having an investing public that is well-educated in cryptocurrency and capable of making informed decisions concerning cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems in general. As OTA witnessed Web 1.0 evolve into Web 2.0, which was eventually adopted by the vast majority of the world’s population, it is possible that a more decentralized future based on digital money is on the horizon, with OTA remaining one step ahead.