Northrop Grumman Corporation Hacked! And Your Company Could Be Next
Northrop Grumman Corporation Hacked! And Your Company Could Be Next

This week, the US military contractor Northrop Grumman Corporation Reporter,, said that a cyber attack exposed W-2 tax records of its employees. The cybercriminals compromised the company’s network multiple times over the course of almost a year, according to a letter that was sent to all employees and the California Attorney General. They gained access to tax return credentials and personal information of each employee.

The company’s letter stated that personal information could have been accessed including your name, address and work email address. It also included Social Security numbers, employer identification numbers, Social Security numbers, Social Security numbers, Social Security numbers, wage and tax information as well as personal phone numbers, personal email addresses, and answers to custom security questions you might have entered on the W-2 Online Portal.

There is evidence that the breach could have been caused by an employee’s stolen login details, most likely via a spear phishing campaign. It’s obvious that companies of any size should have high-security security measures in place. So much has been lost because of a single wrong click of the mouse.

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