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The FinTech Center of S.Korea held the 20th FinTech Demo Day, 7 FinTech companies introduced their new FinTech services

MINDs Lab, Ltd (CEO Taejun Yoo), an artificial intelligence platform firm, has announced that it would enter the US market on a large scale with MINDs VOC, artificial intelligence and big data-based customer center analysis solution. As a preliminary step, the MINDs Lab intends to negotiate an official vendor agreement with a significant US electronic products company as well as memorandums of understanding with several local businesses.

MINDs VOC is a software that automates repetitive tasks performed by service agents using artificial intelligence technologies such as speech recognition and text analysis, hence increasing the efficiency of the work. Through the analysis of massive amounts of data, it may detect and manage consumer complaints as well as potential security concerns. Furthermore, it can monitor all consultations in real-time using a voice recognition function, as well as identify fundamental causes and solutions to improve the whole process of customer service operation.

More than a hundred call centers of local significant corporations have already used MINDs VOC, recognizing the technology and performance of the system. MINDs Lab is actively offering numerous solutions based on artificial intelligence platforms to companies in a variety of industries. It also accelerates the development of the North American markets by collaboration with local investors and partners based on the MINDs Lab’s US corporation in New York, which is situated in New York.

The MINDs Lab, in addition to providing MINDs VOC, also offers a variety of customer center solutions, such as MINDs RS (Real-Time Scripting) and MINDs QC (Quality Assurance), which are both real-time consultant assistance systems. To eliminate unnecessary waiting periods for consumers, MINDs RS is being used by a large US electronics firm to assess customers’ intentions while a call is in progress and to provide suitable replies to a consultant, and it has been adopted by the company. For MINDs QC, it demonstrated that operation effectiveness increased by 47 percent as a result of projects with foreign insurance companies and that it was the most successful solution for the insurance company’s quality control business in general.

The following statement was made by a MINDs Lab employee: “Various artificial intelligence solutions of the lab, including MINDs VOC, have been developed based on an artificial intelligence platform composed of tens of powerful AI engines,” and “since solutions of the lab, which are demonstrating high technology, could be adopted in various areas regardless of industries, we hope that it could be used to raise business effectiveness and customer satisfaction in more areas.”

– For further information, please contact Eunjee Lee, Manager, at +82-31-625-4344 or eunjee.lee@mindslab.ai.

papers, Ltd. (www.payperse.com) is a payment processing company.

Mobile Payment Service based on Dynamic QR Codes and driven by the customer

papers, Ltd. (CEO, Seongwon Lee) stated that it would enter into a partnership with First Payment, which is currently operating an offline payment business in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, to provide mobile payment services based on patented technology owned by PayPers.

Because the papers-patented dynamic QR code mobile payment service does not necessitate the use of any special devices other than a regular smartphone by affiliated stores, it is a mobile payment technology that allows even extremely small business owners to offer their customers mobile payment services.

Although Alipay, WeChat Pay, and other mobile payment services are already well-known for using QR codes for mobile payment, while these services only transmit bank accounts on QR codes to customers, PayPerse is a mobile payment service that transmits customers’ orders, various discount services, and membership service information to customers, after which customers can ask their bank to make a payment on their behalf.

As with large distribution businesses such as department stores that collect and use customer purchasing information for marketing purposes, the PayPerse mobile payment service requires banks to collect, store and process mobile card use data of customers, and then provide it to companies as a data product for services such as product recommendations and product recommendations. As a result, it attracts the attention of the market as a mobile payment solution that has the potential to give value to all linked retailers, banks, and customers that they have never previously experienced.

papers are planned to serve as a stepping stone for the advancement of each Asian country’s markets, which are ready to enter significant international markets as a result of their business collaboration with the First Payment.

Furthermore, since a payment technology-related standardization organization, EMVco, recently announced a standard on QR codes, we may be able to move past the notion that using QR codes is a service provided by a small number of Chinese companies, and it is expected that mobile payment services using QR codes, which are not dependent on smartphone production and operating system supply companies, will become more widely available in the future.