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P2P Solutions Foundation – A New Age of Communications system built on Blockchain.

Everything has worth in the realm of digital information, which is everywhere. Everything you do online, from the websites you visit to the searches you conduct on Google, is recorded, stored, analysed, and sold. Others make money off of your life and your privacy, and you have nothing to do with it. The need of this becomes even more apparent when you need to convey sensitive information or just do not want anyone interfering with your operations.


Peer-to-peer networking (P2P) is the solution to this problem. This type of networking links one or more computers directly to one another, without the need for a central server or an administrator to facilitate the connection. This enables direct data sharing between parties. However, even today, current peer-to-peer software keeps track of your data, which defeats the purpose of using a network in the first place. This is especially true for the major peer-to-peer (P2P) software applications currently in use.

The P2P Solution Foundation provides a safe solution that is entirely private and confidential. P2PS protects all of your data that you share or send to another party by leveraging the power of blockchain and its decentralisation capabilities.

The system is meant to protect your personal information to the greatest extent possible, even to the point where the platform and its administrators will not be aware of what you are providing.


In contrast to other whitepapers, the P2P whitepaper is unique. The organisation is quite clear about the legal status of the tokens, the liability of participants, and the terms and conditions that are in place.

Malevolent parties will always have a chance to do criminal activities when they have access to a level of privacy that provides 100 percent protection from any eavesdropper or inquisitive eyes. Despite the fact that its services are really private and safe, the whitepaper specifically states that unlawful acts are not permitted to be carried out via them; nevertheless, it is unclear how such activities will be identified.


P2P Solutions Foundation has designed a token that can be used on any suitable P2P network, which is a first for cryptocurrency and blockchain organisations. This is a unique characteristic among cryptocurrencies and blockchain organisations. The Push System Protocol is the primary standard that the organisation has established. Using the blockchain technology, this protocol is a massive data, high-speed transmission method that allows enormous files to be shared with others. This protocol must be implemented by any P2P platform that wishes to make use of P2P tokens.


When it comes to data transactions on its platform, the P2PS crypto token is largely used for in-house monetary transfers for the exchange of data. The coin is ERC20 compliant, which means it can be used to execute smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. P2PS token will eventually replace any and all transaction systems on platforms of use since it provides a faster, more secure, and more private global payment system than any other.

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