Are you considering upgrading your gaming system? Are you unsure whether to get a new console or move to a PC? This guide will help you decide between console gaming and PC gaming.

The battle for supremacy continues. PC gaming vs. console gaming. Which is better? This debate is not always friendly, sometimes fact-based and mostly fan-boi driven. Both sides are full of emotion. It’s not something that anyone likes to hear from others. But, it happens quite often when console gamers and PC gamers debate which platform is best.

There is no single platform that is better than another. Each platform has its own pros and cons. You may find that you are better suited for PC gaming than for console gaming depending on your personal preferences.

Gaming on PC has a wider appeal, whether gamers realize it or not. However, PC gaming is not perfect. It won’t satisfy every gaming need.

This post will cover the pros and cons for each platform, so that gamers who aren’t sure which way to go can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started.

You can do it!

First, I want to say that I’m with you if you came to this post to either argue for or against the points below. You are correct if console gaming is your preferred option over PC gaming, or vice versa.

It is your choice. You have the freedom to choose any gaming platform that you like.

The platform that you like the most is the one you should be spending the majority of your time. That’s the only argument that matters to anyone who has chosen their platform and is satisfied enough with it that they don’t want to try another.

If you aren’t sure which platform is best for you or you are currently gaming on one platform and want to know what the other has to offer, read on.

Entry Cost

In the debate about which platform is best, the main factor is always the cost of PC gaming consoles and PC gaming. Usually, the argument goes like this:

Console gamer: It is too costly to play PC gaming. To get a PC that is capable of playing games, you will need to spend at most [x] dollars. A console is [‘x’ less the average cost of a system] cheaper than that. PC gaming is not practical for many budget-oriented gamers.

A PC gamer will tell you that if you build a computer, it costs less than “x”. PC gaming is cheaper than console games over the long-term. You don’t need to buy a new console every [z] years. Instead, you only need to replace your PC as necessary.

Which argument is correct?

Both are, in my opinion, correct.

Both arguments look at two forms of cost.

Console gamers say that they don’t care about the long-term costs. Consoles are the best way to get started .”

This is a practical approach. It doesn’t matter if you think PC gaming is better than console gaming, but if you are faced with the choice of A buying a console or B waiting until you have more money, no one should be faulted for choosing option A.

Because not being in a position to play now is better than having to wait to experience the game later.

Consoles are often cheaper than entry-level options. This statement will vary depending on the date of launch. The console is more expensive the closer it is to its launch date. This means that the gap between the price of entry for console and PC is narrower.

If you also need a computer, you can double up

It is important to remember that almost everyone needs a computer. Most people need a computer, whether it’s for school or work.

If you are in dire need of a new computer or would like to upgrade your existing computer, a gaming computer (or laptop) will solve your problems.

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Even though consoles have more capabilities, mainly the ability to stream media, they are still limited in comparison to what a computer is capable of.

Time and cost

Although the cost of entry is a valid argument, so is “cost over the long-term.” Consoles are typically less expensive than gaming PCs when you compare their’startup’ costs.

PC gaming has its perks, however, which can help close the entry cost gap, which can sometimes be discourageing at first.

To play online multiplayer PC games, you don’t need a monthly subscription. The Xbox’s subscriptions and the Playstation online subscriptions cost between $5 to $10 per month, depending on how many months you buy up front.

Although it’s not much, this is a significant amount that adds up over time. That’s $120 per month if you pay monthly. This is almost half the cost of a $300 gaming PC build that can run pretty much every game on a 1080P display.

Another thing to consider is that console games tend to be more expensive than PC ones. There are more sales for quality PC games (games that people want to play) than for quality console games.

If you are someone who plays a lot of games, and takes advantage of sales, the savings you will make by switching to the PC platform over time will be significant.

This is the problem: if you only play a few games, the differences in cost between the platforms won’t be as significant.

It’s crucial that we do not generalize the “Cost Over Time” argument in the PC vs. console battle. It is important to look at each case individually. If someone is only going to be playing MLB The Show then they can’t say that switching to PC gaming will save them more money. They are only playing one game.

When you’re weighing the pros and cons of different platforms, don’t simply add them up and choose one with more benefits. Each pro and con must be weighed against the of.

Performance and Upgrade Paths

PC gaming has the advantage of having better graphics and performance than console gaming. This gap is closing, but the XBox One X, PS4 Pro and PS4 Pro can now push games at 4K. They can also be paired with performance-driven monitors or televisions to reach over 60 frames per minute.

The console does not support 4K gaming or higher than 60 FPS, but it does have better support. Even budget gaming computers can be used with a 144Hz monitor to achieve 60 FPS.

Some still believe that 60 FPS is too fast for the human eye and anything beyond that would be considered wasted. Anyone who has played a game at 60 FPS or more will see a significant difference. Higher framerates can make games feel more fluid and lifelike, which can also be beneficial for your in-game experience.

Upgrade paths

A huge advantage PCs have over consoles is their ability to upgrade. Contrary to consoles which are subjected to a “turnover period” (when new consoles become obsolete and others are released), PCs can be upgraded whenever it is needed.

If your XBox One X is not up to date with Project Scarlett’s new XBox, you will have to replace it. You’ll need to either go out and buy the new edition console or stick with the old XBox One X.

There is no “turnover period” in which your computer stops supporting next-generation games. You might find that it stops running the latest games properly. In such cases, you might need to upgrade your graphics card.

It may be necessary to rebuild your computer depending on its age.

You don’t have to spend $400-$500 every time you upgrade your console to run the latest games.

You can also prolong the time it takes to complete a rebuild if you continue upgrading.

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However, upgrading your PC will increase your “Cost Over Time” and reduce (or eliminate) any advantage PC gaming has in “Cost Over Time.”

All Games

This category is based on the sheer amount of games available. PC wins this category. Indie developers will have a much easier time publishing their games with Steam. This has resulted in a surge in the number and quality of games on the PC platform.

If you are interested in indie games, the PC platform may be your best choice.

The indie gaming market is far less popular than the market for AAA games, which a large portion of gamers tend to stick with. When we take into account this fact, it becomes clear that the PC isn’t as popular as consoles in terms of the number of “popular games” available.

If you’re a fan of popular games, you won’t be forced to play on one platform. Unless the game you love is only available on one platform.

League of Legends and Dota 2 are three of the most loved games, and they are not available on consoles.

You can also play sports games like MLB the Show or PGA Tour. As a PC-only user, you are really out of luck.

This is actually one of the biggest negatives about the PC as a gaming platform. MLB The Show is a favorite game of mine. However, I do prefer to play games on PC. There isn’t any solid baseball game. To meet my gaming needs, I need a PS4 in addition to my PC.

PC is the only way to go for aspiring Esports Gamers

However, if you want to be a serious player in popular competitive games like Fortnite and Rocket League, then you must play it on your PC.

These cross-platform games are proving to be a challenge for console gamers. This is due to many factors. However, a person who can master the keyboard and mouse will always have an advantage over someone who can use a controller.

The input lag for console controllers is higher, while PC gamers can play at higher frame rates. These factors are not significant for casual gamers, but they can make a big difference to elite players. Professional gamers cannot afford to lose the advantages offered by the PC.

Emulation of older games and consoles

Another thing to remember about PC gaming is that all PCs are compatible with older games. This means that you can play older games and reminisce on your past with your PC.

Sometimes I go back to Ultima Online, a childhood game, and sometimes I do. Although the game was released in late 1990s, it has a large following and can still be found on third-party servers in its original state.

Another benefit of PC gaming is the ability to emulate old school gaming. Are you looking to have a complete collection of every NES and SNES video game? It’s easy to download the games and install an emulator on your PC to play them.

Unfortunately, consoles don’t offer unlimited access to some of these gems from the past.

While most gamers stick to the latest games, console emulators might be the best perk to convince you to switch to the PC if you enjoy retro gaming.


Another thing I love about console gaming, is the ability to relax and unwind while enjoying your favorite games.

If you have the right setup (the correct chair, desk, keyboard and mouse), this can be compensated somewhat. If you have a living space that can accommodate PC gaming, It’s easier to get into a couch, chair, or bed with a console than it is with an PC game.

Although Steam boxes and Steam controllers have been marketed by PC, the obvious drawback is that PC games can only be played with a keyboard or mouse. You’ll be at a disadvantage if you play a competitive PC game with a controller while everyone else uses a keyboard or mouse (except for games like Rocket League).

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However, console gaming is not a “kick back” platform. It’s obvious that games can get as heated on consoles as they can on PCs.

It’s simply that consoles make it easier to relax, kick back and play games.

The Esports & Twitch Scene

Gaming has never seen so much attention, thanks to esports and Twitch. This opens up a world of possibilities for both pro gamers and entertainment gaming personalities to make their own space.

However, both Twitch and esports are geared more toward PC than console play. This is because many of the most popular games in esports and Twitch play better on PCs or are only accessible on PCs (Fortnite), League of Legends. Apex Legends. Overwatch. CS:GO. Dota 2. PUBG.

League of Legends, Dota 2, and Dota 2 are two of the most popular esports games. However, they are not available on consoles. There are also a few popular esports titles that can be played on consoles. However, these games are often better suited for PC. The problem is that these games are more difficult to play on consoles than on PC.

These games are more popular on the PC side than on the console, and thus become more popular as esports titles.

There are a few console titles that make them very popular in esports, and Twitch. The PC seems to be the platform of choice for Twitch streaming and esports, at least in the way it projects.

If you have high hopes of becoming a professional gamer or full-time streamer, playing on the PC will increase your chances.


The ability to alter games in order to make them more enjoyable is one of the most popular and exciting trends in PC gaming.

Although consoles are catching up to PC games in modding, they still haven’t caught up to PC games.

Mount and Blade Warband is one of my favourite mods. It’s called the Clash of Kings mod. This transforms Mount and Blade into A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones.

This mod, and others like it, is a dream come to for someone who loves ASOIAF.

This level of modification is not possible on consoles.

If you like the idea of modding games or actually making them yourself, then the PC is a better choice.

Which platform is right for you?

Although I believe that PC gaming platforms offer more advantages than consoles, this does not mean that they aren’t viable options for gamers.

This means that PC gaming is more appealing to a wider range of gamers than consoles because it’s based on different use cases.

Consoles are still amazing. Consoles are cheaper to buy. Console-exclusive games are a great way to attract gamers. Consoles are also the best platform for gamers who enjoy playing certain sports titles.

If you prefer a more relaxed gaming experience, consoles may be a better choice.

The PC has superior performance and visuals. It also offers more games (although the difference isn’t as great if you don’t like indie games), cheaper games and is a better platform for Twitch and esports.

A “turnover” period is not applicable to the PC. This means that your PC is not subject to a “turnover” period. Every 4-5 years, a new generation will be released that will make it obsolete. Upgrades are important, but not necessarily necessary. You don’t usually have to upgrade the entire system in order to be able to play the most recent games.

All that said, PC is my favorite platform overall. A console may be better for you, depending on your preferences and personal preferences. A lot of gamers will need both a PC or a console to fulfill all their gaming needs.

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