Cryptocurrency PRIZM Developed by the programmers of “CWT” International Public Movement.

The programmers of the “CWT” International Public Movement were responsible for its development. There is no central point of emission, and it can be utilised as a payment system that is both fully transparent (blockchain) and decentralised. (

The speed of transactions can be up to one minute faster, which is a significant advantage. There is no cap on capacity, and it can handle up to a hundred thousand transactions per minute (one block for every minute). The charge starts at 0.5 percent and goes up to $10 minimum. After the transfer amount, where 0.5 percent is greater than $10, a set fee of $10 will be assessed. Which means that in order to make a transfer of one million dollars through PRIZM from one location to another in any part of the world, you will only be required to pay a commission of ten dollars.

As PRIZM evolves, it is becoming an even more decentralised model and is not becoming a model with a centralised authority, and this is due to the technological implementation of a completely different notion of the emission of new coins, which is not present in any other cryptocurrency. We are the first people to figure out the solution to the 51 percent problem. None of the teams working on the many crypto currencies that are now in existence could have found a solution to this challenge.

Open Source Code here –

The project is intended to be presented to any audience, in every place in the world; the target audience is all of the people who live on the planet. PRIZM’s goal is to provide a seamless transition from the current global financial system, which is predicated on the US dollar, to the crypto-economy, which will be the future economy and will be constructed on blockchain technology. We believe that Russia has the potential to become a leading player in this regard, guiding the development of the crypto-economy into the channel of decentralisation. We also believe that Russia has the potential to win as a result of this, and we believe that Russia has the potential to become a leader for all countries, including those that are more developed in the financial sphere.

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Our objectives:

First, the completion of PRIZM’s pre-mine implementation in its entirety (10 million coins). It functions similarly to an ICO in other ventures. After this point, the project can be considered decentralised in its entirety. Only through the use of already obtained coins can any additional ones be obtained. The pre-mine will be entirely dispersed and will not be in the possession of the people who first developed the system; rather, it will be in the possession of the people who utilise the system.

The funds garnered from the sale of the pre-mine will be used to finance the development of the PRIZM payment infrastructure. Which will be: the listing in online and offline exchanges as well as certified crypto-exchangers, as well as the connecting of PRIZM to the VISA payment system. As well as the active promotion of the PRIZM cryptocurrency, which includes the development of TV shows about the PRIZM cryptocurrency that are translated into many languages, the organisation of hundreds of regular online and offline conferences and daily trainings all over the world, and so on.

The PRIZM project makes use of blockchain technology and is founded on NXT Core, which underwent a comprehensive overhaul during the course of its development. The generation of new coins is now untethered (detached) from the mine and forging process, as is the case with every other type of crypto currency (Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake), thanks to the innovative Paramining mechanism that has been put into place.

When using PRIZM, the process of the decentralised issuance of new currencies takes place simultaneously in the digital wallets of all users of the PRIZM network. As a consequence of this, fresh coins are being distributed from the Genesis wallet to an expanding number of addresses as the network continues to develop. As a result, PRIZM coins are perpetually being distributed, and the degree of decentralisation is perpetually expanding.

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The rate at which new coins are minted is determined by a combination of two different elements. The process of paramining makes use of the components of network marketing on blockchain. Because of this, the network is able to evolve on its own, growing in size and absorbing an increasing number of users.

The PRIZM system will never evolve into a model similar to that of Bitcoin mining pools or Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies. Such an evolution has already occurred with Bitcoin (the volume of the stake). Because this process is not particularly difficult or complicated, it is simple and doable for each individual to set up the nodes and generate the blocks by utilising his or her own personal computer.

The unique paramining of PRIZM is not applied technically anywhere else, in any other crypto currency, in any other nation. This particular section of the source code is now being encoded by a licenced Java encoder because this blockchain development is one of a kind and does not have any equivalents anywhere in the world. After the pre-mine has been completely distributed, it will be decoded and made available to the whole public.

In the PRIZM digital currency, every single drawback associated with other cryptocurrencies around the world has been thoroughly removed, while simultaneously every single benefit associated with those other cryptocurrencies has been accumulated. Since its start, the PRIZM team has faced and conquered a great deal of adversity: yet, not only the viability of the project in a somewhat hostile environment, but also its possibilities and long-term horizons, have been demonstrated.

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The most significant obstacle is, of course, the prejudices that have been placed on the current global monetary system over the course of the last one hundred years, in addition to the superiority of leading-edge cryptocurrencies. We have high hopes that our worldview and the PRIZM tool will destroy these preconceived notions, and that PRIZM will be used not only for the betterment of people in Russia, but also in other parts of the world.

According to what was stated before, the distribution of pre-mining is being carried out at the present time for the aim of putting the subsequent development strategy into action. However, we are not only interested in finding financiers for our initiative; rather, our primary objective is to find partners in nations that can “spray” PRIZM to the greatest number of potential users as they possibly can.

It is because of this strategy that PRIZM will, in the shortest amount of time feasible, be able to surpass Bitcoin on the road of development that Bitcoin has. We are confident that PRIZM will not only overtake Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization and the number of users, but that it will also catch up to Bitcoin in the near future. PRIZM is technically superior in the criteria that it uses.

The primary motivation behind the undertaking was to provide a practical and cutting-edge way of transacting money on a global scale. to develop into a payment instrument, which is something Bitcoin has never developed into.

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