How to Recover Data from Laptop Hard Drive that Won’t Boot?

Your laptop won’t start up properly? There is a possibility that you will be unable to use your laptop or access the data that is saved on it because the hard disc may be broken or flawed. What steps can you take to retrieve your data? This article will walk you through the process of retrieving data from a laptop that is not turning on properly. Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a potent solution that may be utilised in order to retrieve data from computers or laptops that are unable to boot up.

On a variety of technological platforms, a great number of people have posed questions along the lines of “my laptop won’t power on because of a malfunctioning hard drive.” If your laptop won’t switch on, the problem could be with the hard disc, which could be damaged or malfunctioning. There could be logical corruption on the hard disc, as well as faulty sectors or drive corruption. This could result in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issues or perhaps cause your entire system to crash. It is possible for the hard disc to fail completely, leading to the loss of all data, if it has been physically damaged. There is always the possibility that you will no longer have access to the data you have saved.

The following is a list of do-it-yourself methods that can be used to retrieve files from a computer that has either crashed or cannot boot up.

Method 1: Use Backup

If you have a backup, you can still retrieve your data even if your laptop won’t power on. You are able to restore data regardless of whether you have a backup or used the built-in recovery and backup applications that are included with Windows. These utilities include File History, Backup and Restore, and Previous Versions. If there is a backup, recovering lost data is not difficult at all.

On the other hand, if the users do not have a backup, then they should check out the instructions below.

Method 2: Use a Powerful Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows is a piece of software that may be utilised to retrieve data that has been damaged or deleted from a personal computer or laptop. You can recover data from a PC or laptop that has crashed with the assistance of this sophisticated tool. You can make a disc that is capable of booting up by utilising the programme known as “Create Recovery Drive.” This will make it possible to restore your data on systems that are unable to boot. Following these procedures will help you prevent Windows from obstructing access to certain files on your computer.

Plug a flash drive into a laptop that has recently been purchased or formatted. Stellar Data Recovery software can be obtained by download, installation, and subsequent use.
The window with the heading “Select What To Recover” will appear on the screen. The option to “Create a Recovery Drive” can be accessed by clicking the “Waffle” icon.
After that, select the USB that is now attached to your laptop, then go to the Create Recovery Drive menu option and select OK.

Connect the USB bootable media device to the laptop that is unable to boot up or has already crashed.

To view the USB media that is linked to the laptop, turn it on and then click the F12 key.
Choose to boot the system from a bootable media device by clicking the corresponding option.
The “Select What to Repair” prompt will appear once the laptop has successfully booted from the USB device.
Choose the data type or proceed by clicking “All” > “Next.”
Followed by clicking the Scan button, you need first select the drive or location from which you desire to get the data.

The process of scanning will get under way now. When the process of scanning is finished, the findings of the scan will be shown on the screen once they are complete.

Click the “Click Here” button that is located next to the Deep Scan option in order to begin an advanced scan.
Choose the files that you would like to bring back.

When you are happy with the results, you can recover by clicking the button.
Simply select the location where you would like the files to be saved by clicking the Browse button.
Take note: You will need to make use of an external storage disc in order to save the data that you have collected.

To store your data, click the button labelled “Start Saving.”

Method 3: Take the hard drive out of your laptop and connect it with another laptop

Questions from Windows users include “my laptop won’t turn on” and “how can I restore my data from a laptop that won’t start up?” have also been reported. If the hard disc is already functioning on another laptop, you may be able to swiftly retrieve the data you need from it.

Caution: If you unplug the hard disc, you run the risk of having your warranty void. If your laptop was not intended to have its lid opened, then you should not perform this task on it. Instead, you should get in touch with a reputable data recovery business to assist you in restoring your data. If your laptop is quite old and the warranty has long since expired, you could try using this method instead. If the hard disc in your computer suddenly stops operating, it is broken and either needs to be repaired or replaced.

Method 4: Choose Hard Drive Recovery Services

It’s possible that the hard drive on your laptop has suffered some kind of physical damage if it won’t turn on. Stellar is able to assist you in retrieving lost data from your laptop. Stellar’s data recovery services involve opening up the drives and the hard drives themselves in a clean environment with a class 100 rating. This helps to minimise the accumulation of dust particles and maximise the likelihood of successful data recovery. They can help you access a computer that isn’t turning on and guarantee that all of your data will be recovered.


It’s possible that your laptop won’t start up because of the issue with the hard drive. It does not matter if the hard drive in your laptop is physically destroyed, corrupted, or damaged in any other way; you can still retrieve the data. Utilizing your backup will allow you to obtain the info you need. If you do not have a hard disc that is capable of booting Windows, you can still retrieve files from that drive by using a data recovery application if you do not have one. Even if the hard drive is physically damaged or destroyed, Stellar Data Recovery Services, which is a provider of hard drive recovery services, may assist you in retrieving the data that was stored on it.