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Why Choose A Secure Video Hosting Platform?

The majority of the time, we view films for enjoyment or educational objectives. Over the past several years, video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Instagram have expanded to enormous proportions in terms of traffic. A live video may now be shared on most social media platforms throughout the world, which is a welcome addition. The use of digital advertising has also experienced a tremendous surge in recent years.

However, not all types of videos are intended for widespread distribution or publication in the public domain. You may also wish to use video for a variety of purposes that necessitate a higher level of security and privacy than is likely to be provided by a public platform. For internal communications within your staff, you may want to consider using video. Video conferencing may be required by your firm to facilitate communication among its branches located in different parts of the world. It is common for multinational corporations to be wary of using public portals such as Facebook or Instagram live video for internal meetings, for fear of appearing unprofessional. Your organization may wish to maintain your video conferences, as well as their recording, absolutely secure and protected from any external breaches of any kind, especially as meetings are increasingly taking place online.

The need for secure video sharing

End-to-end encryption of text and mail services within organizations is standard practice, and video communications require the same level of security protection as text and mail services. Secure video hosting services can assist you in ensuring the security of the videos you post on their servers. Several video hosting companies provide users, including individuals and institutions, to host their video footage safely, without the fear of it being leaked or intruded upon.

The following are the primary justifications for utilizing secure video hosting services:

  1. Internal Communication: Secure video hosting aids in the preservation of security in the internal communication of businesses and organizations. Particularly when it comes to secret information (such as that which is dealt with by government departments and senior executives of multinational corporations), such security is critical, if not necessary. The adoption of secure video hosting services for any video-based communication is required as a result of this.
  2. Protection against piracy: Secure video hosting services are typically equipped with sophisticated anti-piracy measures to prevent piracy of any kind. For the most part, users other than the uploader are barred from downloading and sharing videos to other websites using private video hosting services. Users will only receive a heavily watermarked copy of the video if downloading is permitted. This copy will not be used for any other purpose. The security levels on these portals are also sufficient to prevent any external pirates from gaining access to the video content. Moreover, they will be unable to download and reuse the movie in any fashion as a result of this.
  3. Utilization is straightforward: There are numerous situations in which you will want the use of a simple private video hosting platform to save videos securely by inserting code. This is one of the primary reasons that many users choose to host their videos on secure video hosting services. They are far more user-friendly than other similar websites in terms of functionality. Furthermore, they do not necessitate a great deal of training to be effective.
    Video API: Using video hosting sites has numerous advantages, one of them is the availability of video API. The majority of secure video hosting portals will provide you with an easy-to-use user experience that serves as a front for a powerful API. The API not only allows you to manage your movies more successfully but also helps you to improve the efficiency with which you manage your video library. Several private video hosting portals are equipped with extremely flexible APIs that allow users to significantly customize their viewing experience to their liking.
  4. Saving money on revenue: Perhaps the most common reason for using secure video hosting is to save money on revenue. This revenue would have been lost otherwise owing to piracy, sharing, or other methods including a loss of opportunity. The consumer will not be able to download the video from such portals in most cases. They will, however, be able to detect if a user is attempting to capture the screen and will make efforts to prevent this from occurring in the future. This strategy is used by several large studios and businesses, mainly when the video content that they release online is intended to be accessed through purchase or subscription.
  5. A secure video hosting service is an excellent choice if you’re an entrepreneur who relies on your film as a form of revenue. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a variety of alternative solutions. To sell your product, any competent video hosting site will suffice. However, if you’re using videos for internal communication, you’ll want to make sure that your films are protected with domain limits and password security to ensure that only authorized people within your organization can access them.

If you operate an OTT platform or an eLearning video platform, the ideal option is to choose a platform that offers DRM encryption in addition to other features such as screengrab protection and dynamic watermarking. This will ensure that your video is not readily downloaded, and if it is, you will be able to track down the users who downloaded it with the use of dynamic watermarking. One such DRM platform is Vdocipher, which provides Hollywood-grade encryption to ensure that piracy is not possible to replicate. Other essential features include video APIs for managing your videos, a content delivery network (CDN), a custom player, and a dashboard customized to your needs.