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How Siftwallet is Actually Helping Small Businesses Save Money on Credit Cards.

Sift is one of the most popular financial apps available, and for good reason. It makes it simple to monitor the advantages of your credit cards, secure your personal goods, and get cash back on your transactions. Users can get back tens of billions of dollars annually that are now being left on the table because Sift automatically evaluates hidden advantages that are buried in complex retailer and credit card agreements and makes the proper claims on their behalf. The following is a synopsis of the service in thirty seconds: Sift reveals all of the hidden perks of your credit cards.

To paraphrase what Abhinav Dubey, co-founder and CEO of Sift, had to say about it:

We uncover benefits for credit cards worth hundreds of dollars that were previously undisclosed. Imagine the benefits of credit cards as an iceberg: on the tip, there are the perks that everyone is aware of, such as rewards and cash back, but underneath the surface, there are all of these fantastic benefits that people are unaware of and/or find difficult to take advantage of. We not only tackle the problem of lack of knowledge, but also simplify the process of making claims.

Apple gave Sift a spotlight editorial story called “Three Apps For a Happy, Healthy Wallet” when it initially launched on iOS. In this story, Apple discusses how Sift can help you better manage your wallet and how it is one of three apps that they recommend (Please see enclosed how Apple is introduced the new SIFT app)

Keeping track of your finances can be challenging at any time of year, but it can be more challenging during the hectic Christmas season. With the recent launch of the website, the Sift team has made it possible to use the Sift platform on any device.

Sift is the most beneficial for business owners who do not want to be troubled with the stress of phoning their credit card company or reading the related policies because they do not want to do either of those things. The following is a list of some of the remarkable ways in which Sift helps companies save money.

Protection of prices by computerization
Sift is always on the lookout for fluctuations in the price of a product and will immediately initiate the necessary steps to obtain a refund in the event that there is a price protection policy in place.

Protection against extended returns
If the customer’s experience with the goods was less than satisfactory, Sift will automatically grant an extension on the timeframe for returning the merchandise.

protection against damage and theft
Sift provides a warranty of up to ninety days in the event that expensive products such as electronics, gadgets, and other high-value items are lost or stolen within the time of coverage.

Free prolonged periods of warranty coverage
Sift provides free extended warranties for high-end items, similar to the damage and theft insurance option that it provides.

Simple To Operate
The fact that SiftWallet is incredibly simple to use, both in terms of its user interface and overall design, is one of its primary selling features. The programmers who were responsible for its creation deserve a lot of credit for making it thus.

Sift plans to unlock some of the travel-related perks as an additional feature. These advantages will include refunds for travellers who are delayed due to airline delays, trip cancellation insurance, and reimbursements for misplaced luggage, among other things. Sift not only educates its customers about the privileges, safeguards, and rights that are available to them, but it also tracks and monitors the claims procedure, making the acquisition of a refund significantly more expedient and a great deal less difficult.

Sift is the first service of its kind, and it is poised to completely transform the financial industry by introducing transparency to the credit card market.

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