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Interview with Dmitry Dontsov, CEO & Founder of Spinbackup, On SPIN Token Sale

Spinbackup CEO and Founder Dmitry Dontsov discuss the company and what distinguishes it from other cybersecurity organizations. Spinbackup is a supplier of cloud-based cybersecurity and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions for G Suite and Office 365 users worldwide.

It is the combination of data loss and data leak prevention solutions that distinguishes Spinbackup, with backups constituting an important component of our advanced cybersecurity platform. Simply put, we combine the backup and cybersecurity markets into a single well-designed dashboard and make both available to our customers.

What types of goods do you have to provide to protect businesses and individuals?

Dontsov: We provide Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Google accounts that are owned by individuals (B2C users). G Suite enterprises can also benefit from our Cloud Cybersecurity and Backup services (see below) (B2B customers). During the first quarter of this year, we will begin extending security to Office 365 subscribers as well.

Spinbackup released Cloud Cybersecurity for G Suite Version 1.0 earlier this year, marking the company’s first public announcement. Explain how this product works in terms of its functionality.

Dontsov: One of the primary objectives of introducing this new solution is to safeguard enterprises from insider threats and ransomware attacks. This section contains third-party applications for auditing, domain auditing, custom policies, ransomware protection, security alerts, and other functions.

The expense of protecting sensitive personal data and company information is not well understood.

Dmitry Dontsov: For our B2B solution, we provide two different pricing options: “Backup, Recovery, and Cybersecurity” for $5 per user per month and “Backup & Recovery” for $3 per user per month. One package, “Backup & Recovery,” is available for our B2C Solution for $24 per year. Spinbackup customers include over 1,000 enterprises with more than 150,000 G Suite users and 20,000 individual Google users, as well as over 1,000 individuals who use Google. ​

What do you think has been the secret to the company’s success?

Dontsov: We’ve just been in business for a year and have already attracted this many customers. Outstanding marketing, a fantastic sales team, and genuinely great customer service have all contributed to this achievement’s enormous success. This has resulted in excellent conversion rates, minimal churn rates, and overall high levels of customer satisfaction.

[a] Spinbackup announced the commencement of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign, in which it would sell its digital tokens, earlier this month.

What led you to decide to launch an initial coin offering (ICO)?

Dontsov: Instead of an ICO, this is a token sale to raise funds for our project, which will be released later this year. At this point, our goal is to implement blockchain technology, which will allow us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art data protection services. To accomplish this, we would like to build a security bridge between the blockchain community and cloud services, and we would like to solicit the assistance of blockchain users (token holders) in spreading our solutions to cloud users.

Spinbackup recently raised $500K in venture capital funding.

What is the company’s plan for putting the money to use in the long run?

Dontsov: We intend to broaden our product offerings in the blockchain space, including the introduction of two new revolutionary products: Blockchain SSO and Cloud to Blockchain Backup. In addition, we will increase and improve the demand generation on the market.

Why do current cybersecurity measures face so many difficulties, and how does Spinbackup help to overcome these difficulties?

The recent Equifax data breach demonstrated that the centralized architecture of existing platforms is no longer strong enough to withstand hacker attacks. Dontsov: Spinbackup is assisting organizations in overcoming this challenge by providing a decentralized network and greatly boosting data security at any scale. Yet another difficulty is that typical password protection no longer ensures the confidentiality of your information. As a result, Spinbackup will provide a password-free login experience that will be powered by Blockchain Single Sign-On.