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Team Management Tools To Bring Your Team Together

Is there a time limit on how long you should wait for an email from a colleague to clarify some aspects of a project? How painful is it to participate in an online brainstorming session? How many times have you put off your work while you wait for feedback on your assignments? How many times have you misunderstood your coworkers while communicating via e-mail? If the answers make you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to consider team management tools.

From team communication to task management, the market for team management software provides a plethora of options to assist both remote and in-house teams in achieving greater success. More openness is required. Increased productivity. More optimization is required. Additionally, more collaboration in virtually every aspect or type of business is desired.

How do you determine which team management software is the best fit for your requirements? Here are some criteria you can use to narrow your search:

  • Ease of use: If a tool takes a long time to become widely accepted, it will do more harm than good in terms of fostering collaboration. As a result, during the product demonstration, check to see if the interface is intuitive and the navigation is straightforward.
  • Privacy options: Before making a decision, make sure that the privacy options of the tool of choice are appropriate for your requirements. Suppose you need to keep some conversations or files from sensitive projects private because they contain sensitive information.
  • Implementation of integrations: Tools that seamlessly integrate with other apps or services can be more useful to your team and increase their productivity. Make a list of the services you already use and select the tool that is compatible with the greatest number of your applications.
  • Multi-functionality: Throughout the day, we frequently switch between a variety of tools. It takes some time to regain concentration on a task. Is this a truly productive workflow? Look for feature-rich software that enables you to combine instant messaging and video calls, task management and time tracking, and other functions if your team is hampered by a plethora of one-feature tools.
  • Cloud-based software allows you to have access to all information and files stored online, regardless of where you are physically located at the time. This makes it possible for distributed teams to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world.
    Here’s a list of some excellent team management tools that can help you increase the productivity of your team while also improving the remote collaboration experience.

1) Chanty: Productive team communication

Communication within the team that is productive
In addition to secure unlimited messaging, Chanty is an easy-to-use team collaboration tool that is completely free. With its simple and intuitive user interface, as well as its seamless onboarding, you can get up and running in under a minute and enjoy productive collaboration with your colleagues. In terms of communication features, Chanty has everything you could need: public and private conversations, threads, searchable history, audio and video calls, voice messages, and so on.

Furthermore, Chanty is more than just a way for the team to communicate. The tool is equipped with an extremely powerful management system. With a single click, you can create a task from any message and track its progress on a Kanban board that is integrated into the platform. Certainly, all of these convenient features are available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

That’s not all, either. Take a look at some of the Chanty’s features that you will undoubtedly find useful:

  • There are numerous third-party integrations.
  • Users who are not registered
  • a large amount of file storage (20 GB and more)
  • Permissions and responsibilities
  • The use of a dark color scheme
  • Markers should be read.
  • Use pins to quickly return to important information.
  • Code snippets that are developer-friendly are provided.
  • Pricing
    You’ll most likely be satisfied with the free plan, which includes all of the basic team chat features you’ll need. Although the paid plan will cost you only $3 per month for each additional user-added, it is recommended that you upgrade if you have more than 10 members or want access to the business tier features (Roles and Permissions, unlimited integrations, video and audio calls, and so on).

2) nTask: Task/project management software

a piece of software for project management
NTask is an enterprise-class project management solution that enables your team to collaboratively plan and execute daily tasks, as well as analyze and manage them. Create and assign tasks with ease, generate progress reports, set recurring tasks, share files, monitor budgets, manage your calendar and meetings with ease, check team members’ efficiency, track time, and more with this tool. the task is a task management system that is suitable for both small businesses and individuals. The following are some additional useful characteristics:

Gantt Charts are a type of chart that shows the progress of a project.
Kandan boards are a type of board that is used for a variety of purposes.
To-do lists are a good thing.
Integrations with third-party services
Pricing for mobile applications

For freelancers and individuals, nTask offers a limited set of features at no cost. The paid tiers begin at $2.99 per user per month, with no restrictions on how many users can be added.

3) Brosix: Secure Instant Team Communication in a Secure Environment

Team communication that is secure and instantaneous
Brosix is a secure instant messaging application that is used in the online collaboration environment. The real strength of the app is its enhanced security, which includes peer-to-peer communication for file transfers and Advanced Encryption Standards with 256-bit keys, among other features. Furthermore, Brosix does not integrate with a large number of other applications or services. Brosix, on the other hand, can be integrated into websites as an online chat client.

As a result, Brosix may be a good choice for businesses that deal with confidential information. If your collaboration requirements are straightforward and you are tired of receiving endless notifications, this tool is an excellent choice. The user interface (UI) is straightforward, uncluttered, and intuitive.


For up to three users, the startup plan is completely free. However, you will not be able to use the P2P file-sharing functionality, video and audio calls, the file-sharing feature, or screen sharing if you choose to use this package. The $4 per month business plan is more beneficial because it gives you access to a plethora of necessary team chat features. In addition to administrative controls, the Premium plan from Brosix costs $6 per user per month.

4) Proofhub is a project management software.

Software for project management
ProofHub is an excellent tool if you want to manage teams, projects, and tasks all from a single piece of technology. Translation: ProofHub is a project management and online collaboration platform that brings together all of the necessary tools to foster team collaboration simply and straightforwardly. You can use this section to break down a project into smaller tasks and subtasks, which you can then assign to your team members. Kanban boards and Gantt charts that are pre-installed will assist you in streamlining projects and staying on schedule.

The application is straightforward to use. ProofHub has a minimal to the non-existent learning curve. Your work will be easier to organize if you use an intuitive interface and a variety of useful features (such as a calendar, files, notes, custom roles, chat, discussions, @mentions, announcements, request forms, proofing, timesheets, and timers, among other things).


ProofHub charges a one-time fee for an unlimited number of account members and offers two plans: Essential ($45 per month if billed annually) and Ultimate Control ($89 per month if billed annually). ProofHub charges a one-time fee for an unlimited number of account members. Furthermore, you can obtain a free plan with limited functionality by sending an email to requesting a proof hub account.

5. Toolkit for training and support provided by ProProfs

Tools for training and providing support
Education, onboarding, and support for your employees and customers are provided by ProProfs through a collection of tools. The number of tools available is quite impressive. With ProProfs, you can keep track of projects, tasks, and time, as well as create training videos and a knowledge base for your employees, among other functions. Additionally, with ProProfs, you can access a variety of excellent customer support tools, such as help desks, live chats, surveys, pop-ups, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Do you want to know more? ProProfs is here to assist you if you want to further your education. There are thousands of professional courses, millions of quizzes to test your knowledge, brain games, and other apps to help you get your thoughts in order.