Are you curious about superfast websites that Google has ranked high? It’s not magic. They are able to use the services of one of the most reliable WordPress CDN providers.

It’s time to be competitive and stand out from the many websites competing for your attention.

It’s simple. You will be able to attract high-quality traffic and improve your search engine ranking by providing quality content. What other elements do you require?

Ranking high on Google will help you take your WordPress website to the next stage. Although there is no quick fix, the process is simple. One of the most important elements to accomplish your job is a content delivery network (CDN).

WordPress CDN: Why is it Important?

A CDN allows you to make sure your content reaches your target audience quicker. Your website will be faster if your WordPress CDN caches content. No matter where your users are located, they can access the content quicker and more quickly.

The cloud servers used by a WordPress Content Delivery Network to store and deliver content to users at their convenience.

Here’s a list with the top five WordPress CDN providers for 2021

  1. Cloudflare
  2. Sucuri
  3. MaxCDN
  4. Incapsula
  5. KeyCDN

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is cost-effective and very fast. Provides the best value for money of all CDN providers. Cloudflare Features an IPV6 network that delivers content up to 20-40% faster, real time traffic statistics, an intuitive interface and web security tools all starting at $20 per month


  1. It is easy to set up
  2. Large network of CDN servers around the world
  3. Automatic caching
  4. User-friendly dashboard
  5. No long-term contract

2. Sucuri

Sucuri is a top-ranked web security company. Its WordPress firewall is strong, and its CDN impeccably protects your websites from malware and WordPress vulnerabilities.

The application firewall detects and filters out vulnerabilities. It scans all requests before they reach the server hosting the files.

Sucuri’s anycast network is a global network that provides users with high-speed servers. The firewall offers two benefits: security and speed.

The pros

Comprehensive website monitoring

  1. Malware scanning
  2. Malware Removal
  3. Basic plan includes SSL free

The Cons

There is no free plan

3. MaxCDN

Most WordPress pros rank MaxCDN as the best and most reliable CDN choice available in the market. The worldwide servers are powered by SSD drivers, which make them extremely fast.

It is easy to install and configure MaxCDN in WordPress.

It’s easy to integrate MaxCDN and WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. These are well-known and widely used WordPress caching tools.

The pros

  1. Interface that is user-friendly
  2. Comprehensive reports
  3. Clear cache
  4. For beginners
  5. Starters can get a 1-month trial for an affordable price
  6. There are many packages to choose from

The Cons

There is no free plan

4. Incapsula

Incapsula is focused on business solutions that improve website speed and security. It is a cloud-based solution that uses strategically placed global CDN servers to boost website speed and performance. It supports DDoS protection, failovers, and traffic balancing.

Its caching technology provides a reliable solution to speed up websites and improve user experience. Incapsula is able to cache static data as well as dynamic data using its powerful artificial intelligence algorithms.

The pros

  1. DDoS attacks are almost impossible to penetrate
  2. Packages custom

The Cons

Quite expensive for starters

5. KeyCDN

KeyCDN, another popular WordPress Content Delivery Network provider, supports WordPress websites. It offers a powerful dashboard, SSD servers that are fast, reliable, API support, free SSL for customers, and can also address DDoS attacks.

The pros

  1. It is easy to set up.
  2. Simple monitoring
  3. Starter Packages Available at a Minimum of $4/Month

The Cons

  1. The pay-as-you go plan can cause budgetary problems
  2. Unexpected traffic growth can lead to increased costs.

WordPress Content Delivery Network: Benefits

Whether you already have a WordPress content delivery network or are planning to have one, here are some benefits of WordPress Content Delivery Network providers you should know:

More security

Not only will you get faster page loads, but many other benefits as well. A CDN will improve the security of your website. Additional security is provided by CDN providers. They allow you to install web application firewalls (WAF), which are useful in neutralizing DDoS attacks against your WordPress website.

Increased speed

A WordPress CDN can cache static files and dynamic assets and serve them to your website visitors at their request, further improving website speed and user experience.

Cost Savings

Do not let bandwidth costs get you down. The WordPress Content Delivery Network can help reduce the strain on hosting resources. It will also stop traffic loads slowing down your host’s server by reducing CPU usage. You can also reduce bandwidth costs by using a CDN. This will allow you to spend less and save even more. A CDN is a great way to get rid of huge bandwidth hosting costs.

Search Engines: High Ranking

A CDN can speed up your website, which is an important consideration when ranking in search engines. Search engine algorithms will prioritize websites that are higher in search engine rankings for matches to search terms. Google values fast websites, which means that your website will be easily found by search engines and you will receive seamless traffic.


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