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6 Fintech Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Keeping up with the latest trends in financial technology is probably something you find enjoyable to do, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business associate, or just a regular employee with an increased interest towards anything finance-related.

It is not at all difficult to keep up with the most recent developments in the field of fintech, considering the speed and simplicity with which information can now be disseminated. Listening to podcasts is a fun and engaging way to keep up with current events and trends. The rise in popularity of podcasting is not necessarily a good thing, given that it is frequently challenging to determine which shows are actually deserving of one’s time and attention, especially given the proliferation of podcasts.

Therefore, what financial technology-related podcasts should you listen to in 2019? What are some of the most engaging and enlightening shows that can currently be found online? The following are some of the choices that are truly deserving of one’s airtime:

Breaking Banks with Brett King

As the first podcast ever produced specifically about the financial technology industry, Breaking Banks has been around virtually since its inception. The show is still broadcasting successfully in the modern day and is being heard by an ever-increasing audience. Every Thursday, Brett King is the one in charge of hosting the podcast, and it is streamed live.

In addition to being a writer who has produced four books that have reached the top of the best sellers list, the host is widely regarded as one of the most influential fintech experts on a global scale. In addition to being one of the first people to learn about any modification or piece of news associated with fintech, Brett possesses an engaging personality and possesses his own compelling way of dissecting the subjects that are of the utmost significance in the field of financial technology.

Brett is so highly regarded in the world of fintech that he routinely hosts engaging and thought-provoking conversations with important guests from the industry by inviting them to his home. There are over 5 million people who tune in each week to hear this programme, which is broadcast in more than 170 different countries.

Fintech Insider by 11:FS

The Fintech Insider is a show that airs once every three weeks and is hosted by Jason Bates, David Brear, Simon Taylor, and Chris Skinner. The show originates in the financial district of London and has a format that is reminiscent of a radio show. It is a real-time discussion that is still going on between the industry professionals, and their primary objective is to discuss the most recent events and tendencies that have occurred in the field. They also invite prominent figures from the fintech and banking industries on a regular basis and frequently focus on issues relating to the disruptions that are occurring in this sector.

In order for a podcast about fintech to become popular, it must contain a number of essential elements, including insightful and engaging topics, heated debates, witty and humorous comments, and impressions from the industry’s leading innovators and masterminds. In addition, as recommended by the consultants at Melody Loops (, music is essential in order to not only attract listeners but also to start and finish the show in a natural manner. It would appear that Fintech Insider possesses all of these qualities, which explains why it receives such positive feedback from readers all over the world.

Around the Coin

Next up is Around the Coin, so let’s get started. If you have been following the fintech industry for a significant amount of time, there is a good chance that you are at least familiar with this podcast. A show that has won awards and airs on a weekly basis is called Around the Coin. It has been developed with the intention of giving business owners a fresh viewpoint on the expansion of their operations within the payments industry, which was the impetus behind its inception.

You will hear speakers such as Mike Townsend, Faisal Khan, Nako Mbelle, Brian Roemmele, and Malini Kannan discuss anything and everything that relates to payments, highlighting different points of view and focusing on the United States of America in addition to other countries all over the world.

As a direct result of the show’s meteoric rise in popularity, two new podcast series, respectively titled Money on the Move and Behind the Coin, have been launched. The latter primarily discusses cryptocurrency, whereas the former primarily focuses on international money transfers and payments as its primary subject matter.

Wharton Fintech

It is easy to see why this show is actually distinct from the others that are currently available given that it has just graduated from a university and is being led by students. The hosts of each show are different from one another and can range from investors to company founders and even students with an interest in the financial technology industry. In addition to highlighting emerging trends in financial technology, the purpose of the podcast is to facilitate connections between industry professionals and students with forward-thinking businesses operating in the fintech space.

If you want to learn about the ideas and trends that are currently reshaping the industry, you should listen to Wharton Fintech because it is likely that you will learn about them there. In addition, it is heartening to see such a large number of young people who genuinely care about the issue.

A16z Podcast
The A16z podcast is the kind of show that will help you accumulate some great insights on the industry, and it might put things in a clearer and better perspective for you. The podcast compares and contrasts traditional banks with alternative financial services geared toward millennials. The show discusses data transparency in the digital era, the challenges that banks are facing, and the ways in which fintech startups are leapfrogging traditional financial institutions to take a significant advantage. These series feature discussions on a variety of fascinating topics.

London Fintech Podcast

Due to the fact that it has been on the air since its debut in 2014, this show has a considerable amount of longevity. The podcast’s host, Mike Baliman, launched it with the intention of not only enlightening but also amusing its listeners from the very beginning. The London Fintech Podcast has established itself as one of the longest-running and most popular shows centred on the financial technology industry. It currently attracts listeners from more than 170 countries. Guests from a variety of UK financial institutions as well as fintech startups appear on each episode, which can last anywhere from forty to sixty minutes. You can probably expect to hear about a wide range of topics, beginning with virtual currencies and progressing all the way up to peer-to-peer marketplaces and alternative financing solutions. Due to the fact that it covers such a wide range of topics and the information that is presented is so captivating, you will never tyre of watching this show.

These few examples continue to be the most popular ones, based on what is being presented and how many people all over the world are actually listening to them. Although the number of podcasts produced on the subject of fintech is quite extensive, the number of podcasts made on the subject is quite extensive. If you make a habit of listening to any of the shows mentioned above on a regular basis, you will have the opportunity to learn what is brand new in the realm of financial technology, what can be anticipated, and who the most influential people in the industry are. Whether Braking Banks or Wharton Fintech is more your speed, as long as you’re paying attention, you’ll have quite a lot to learn, regardless of which of these podcasts you choose to follow more frequently. As long as you’re paying attention, you’ll have quite a lot to learn.