It’s preferable to find out what someone needs before you try to tell them how you can assist them solve their difficulties, according to good old common sense. Humans make errors, but instead of repeating them, they should be used to learn from them. When it comes to sales performance in Managed Service Providers, this becomes even more important.

Whether you run a small or large company, here are the six most common sales mistakes made by most Managed Service Providers/salespeople, along with some tips on how to avoid them.

Set aside time for research.

One of the most typical sales errors made by Managed Service Providers is failing to research their clients’ needs. Invest the necessary time; prior to the sales meeting, learn as much as possible about the clients and their demands so that you can give them with a suitable solution.

Getting to Know the Requirements

Many managed service providers fail to communicate effectively during the meeting and even at the conclusion. They are unable to estimate the needs of their clients. The MSP offers holding another meeting, but this is seldom possible or sufficient. Alternatively, prepare the questionnaire before meeting with the clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

It’s best not to beat a dead horse.

When you talk too much without a clear set of goals, you may not get the results you want. Allow your customer to talk, and pay close attention to what they have to say. Make the required modifications and track the outcomes; if the results aren’t as expected, reassess the techniques. A managed service provider will be aware of their pain areas in this manner, and you will be able to devise the most effective plan for the client.

Make No False Promises – Set Financial Goals in Writing

It’s alright to talk about your services, but it’s not a good idea to give the client an unrealistic expectation – inform them about your sales, profit, and client numbers. Make sure you don’t make this typical sales blunder by keeping your customers informed and preventing them from getting the wrong idea about your goods. Request a referral from your client once you’re confident they’re happy. There’s nothing wrong with requesting it.

Continue to be accountable.

Don’t try to aggressively increase sales by selling more things, because top performers hold themselves accountable. Request a referral from your client once you’re confident they’re happy.

Consistency is essential.

Most managed service providers stop prospecting when their firm is going well. They anticipate that their customers will refer them to others. Never do this if you want to increase sales. Prospect every two weeks to receive feedback and more referrals.


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