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Trivver – The Next-Generation Extended Reality (XR) Advertising Platform

Advertising is one of the most fundamental things that a company can do for the growth of its business. People learn about various things, the qualities such products include, and how those features can be used thanks to advertising. A strong public advertising campaign is essential for the growth and success of any business in the market.

Advertising makes it possible for different vendors to effectively compete against one another for the same customers and products. Nobody can ever make their items stand out among the competition unless they first raise awareness of what they provide. The advertising sector had a market worth of over 550 billion USD in 2017, according to research done that year.

Promotional Activities Inside of Extended Reality Environments

People are most likely to pay attention to the advertising that are the most original. In today’s society, physical forms of advertising such as billboards and posters are less effective than their digital counterparts in the online world. Recent months have seen a number of advancements made in the realm of virtual reality. A significant number of subfields within the realms of computing and technology are starting to be dominated by virtual reality. Except for Trivver, there is no big platform that offers advertising chances in extended reality environments. Trivver is the sole platform that offers advertising services to businesses, and it is also one of the most straightforward ones.

What exactly is the Trivver?

Using the technology that Trivver provides, advertising companies now have the ability to build and manage their own advertising campaigns in the extended reality or virtual world. Through the use of 3D modules representing the brands, this technology engages target consumers in extended reality environments. The users will be able to observe these modules, which are referred to as Branded Smart Objects and are put in the virtual reality.

Why Use Trivver

Trivver provides a unique option for advertisers. Any good that is sold through Trivver will have an identical representation of itself in the virtual world. The advertisements are unobtrusive and the products are presented in an environment that is more natural. It does not come across as being forced, and many advertising firms can utilise this to highlight varied applications for the things they sell.

The Smart Tab app has a feature called a slide out panel that you can use. It provides customers with a location to learn more about the XR brands as well as details about the items themselves. To interact with the extended reality surroundings, the Trivver smartphone app must first be downloaded. A user is able to immediately buy discounts from within the app or download coupons for use at a later time.

Trivver is not like the annoying pop-up advertising or pre-roll videos that people typically go through, so users are more likely to pay attention to it. Users of Trivver are provided with the ability to observe and interact with the product in an alternate reality. It is quite simple to use, as evidenced by the fact that one click is all that is required to purchase an item after seeing it.

The added advertising revenue is beneficial to extended reality publishers and developers of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and third-person games. It is possible to get an accurate impression of certain goods and services, such as hotel rooms or houses, even without physically travelling to the location in question.


Advertising agencies now have a fresh new channel through which they can connect with audiences all across the world thanks to Trivver. Additionally, this will provide users with a better understanding of the products before they purchase them. Trivver is currently only accessible to a select number of agencies as the programme undergoes further development. When Trivver launches its final products for everyone to use, it will immediately dominate the advertising sector and completely transform it. The products that will be advertised here will unquestionably have a better chance of being seen and will be able to stick out more readily. In the not-too-distant future, Trivver will emerge as the dominant form of advertising.