Types of Cloud Computing Platforms

Types of Cloud Computing Platforms List

Cloud computing is a huge industry. MarketsandMarkets estimates that the global cloud market generated $272.0 billion in 2018. MarketsandMarkets also predicted that the market will grow to $623.3 million by 2023. A cloud computing platform list is a broad category in an industry like this.

Cloud computing can come in different services. Many service providers only offer one type of service. A list of cloud computing platforms can be different from other lists.

Cloud computing platforms usually only list the dominant cloud service providers. However, small-time providers can offer services that are as good as those offered by the major cloud platforms. These small-time providers could even offer better services than the top cloud platforms. These small service providers are worth looking into.

There are three types cloud computing service models. These are Software as A Service, Platform as A Service, and Infrastructure as As a service. These models are known as IaaS, SaaS and PaaS respectively. Any of these models could be the focus of a list of cloud computing platforms.

List of SaaS Cloud Computing Platforms

A list of cloud computing platforms that only offers SaaS may be found. SaaS is where the service provider hosts the apps and makes them available via the Internet.

SaaS reduces the need to install apps. SaaS platforms can be accessed via a browser. This reduces the burden on users to maintain the software. Because the SaaS provider hosts the service’s data center, this is possible. Providers can also update the service. Access the service via the Internet is all that’s required.

Some of the platforms that you will find in a cloud computing platforms list may already be familiar to you. These platforms include Good Apps, Dropbox, MailChimp and HubsSpot.

PaaS Cloud Computing Platforms List

Platform as a service provider could also be included in a list of cloud computing platforms. PaaS is a service that provides software tools to users via the Internet. Businesses often require these software tools to create applications.

Businesses will find PaaS to be beneficial. PaaS providers charge only for the services that the user uses within the platform. The user could pay less for PaaS than they would with on-premise apps development tools.

App development tools in on-premise environments are the responsibility of the user. Maintenance is the sole responsibility of the user. PaaS is different.

PaaS platforms include Heroku, Windows Azure, and Apache Stratos. These platforms may be found when you search for PaaS cloud computing platform lists.

The Iaas Cloud Computing Platforms Listing

Cloud computing platforms that focus on IaaS providers are some of the most popular. This cloud computing platform type offers its users the infrastructure through the Internet.

IaaS providers offer infrastructure components such as storage and servers. You can also get hardware components, data center space and network components. It is also known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS).

Infrastructure components have traditionally been found only in off-premise environments. IaaS envisions infrastructure as flexible and scalable.

IaaS is often a cheaper and easier alternative to traditional on-premise platforms. This reduces the need to invest in infrastructure.

Google Compute Engine and Digital Ocean are two examples of IaaS platforms. These might be visible when you look through the IaaS list of cloud computing platforms.

The Cloud Computing Platforms List according to Business Size

A list of cloud computing platforms providers can also be focused on companies that cater to a particular size business. A cloud computing platform list might only include providers who cater to large-scale businesses. A cloud computing platforms list might also only include providers that cater to small-time companies.

For small businesses, the cost of dominating service providers may be too high. You can search for cloud computing platforms that have lower fees if you are a small business.

For big-time companies with larger budgets, a different approach could be used. They could look at cloud computing platforms as a list of dominant service providers.

The Cloud Computing Platforms List according to Industry

A list of cloud computing platforms can be found based on the industry you are in. Different industries may require different services. Some providers specialize in catering businesses within a specific industry.

One industry may be the focus of a provider. Some providers may be experts in one industry, while others might specialize in several.

Also, consider the industry your business is in. This will help you find the best cloud computing platforms for your business.

Healthcare businesses might have different requirements than law firms. Healthcare businesses require high-performance storage and processing power to store patient data. Law firms require more secure storage for client information.

When searching for cloud computing platforms, be sure to consider your industry. This will help you to find the right service provider for your company.

When searching for cloud computing platforms, you may also take into consideration other factors. These include the size of your company and the service models that your company requires.


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