Use CDN or Not
Use CDN or Not

Webmasters: To use CDN or not – This is the big question For any owners

You are a website owner looking to increase your website’s reach without sacrificing a great user experience. A content delivery network, or CDN solution, is the best way to go.

CDN solutions are a third-party service that allows your website to deliver content faster to different locations around the globe.

Website owners are often attacked by latency. This time is taken by a user to request access (aka, when they click on a hyperlink or type the URL). It also includes the time required for access to be transmitted from the host server to the user’s computer and when all the elements and web page content are delivered to their device.

Problem is when you target audience on the other side. It takes longer to transmit a request and deliver content, which makes the page load slower. This can have an impact on the web experience.

Because they have servers all over the world, this problem can be solved by a reliable CDN provider.

Instead of web requests traveling all the way to the host server’s server, they are sent to the nearest server. The requested web page will be delivered by this server.

This allows users to enjoy a fast web experience, even when they are far from the server.

To Use or Not CDN – When to Use CDN

A content delivery network solution offers many benefits. Here are some of these benefits that your website will enjoy when you sign up to one.

Faster web delivery

CDNs can speed up the delivery of your content, especially for visitors from other countries than the US and Canada. CDN services not only allow you to have servers around the globe, but also support compression and optimization of your web content elements, which allows for faster delivery and less bandwidth consumption.

Capacity to handle traffic

All web requests must be handled by the origin server without a CDN. Websites that are too popular will receive a lot more traffic. This could cause problems for the host server, such as slow content delivery or website failure. Traffic is distributed over multiple servers with a CDN. This means that traffic is not overburdened on any one server.

Great for SEO

You must make your website searchable on Google to attract lots of traffic. Great content and fast delivery are two of the best ways to rank your content higher than other sites. When ranking websites, loading speed is taken into account. All things being equal, the website with the fastest loading speed will be ranked higher.

To use CDN, or not – When to Not Use CDN

While there are some reasons not to use CDN for network delivery, there are also valid reasons.

High Cost

Many of the best CDN providers are expensive, so big companies have an advantage. It might not be worthwhile to subscribe to a CDN if you are in the red.

Covered areas

CDN providers that do not have servers in your country are unlikely to offer services. This is especially true for web content files, which must travel farther than normal without CDN.


Some countries and organizations block domains or IP addresses from different CDNs. If they are unable to access your website, it will be impossible to get a CDN to target them.

Cloudflare makes CDN available for (almost everyone)

Cloudflare CDN is able to solve both country and organizational restrictions.

Cloudflare CDN is a global provider of servers. It has servers in North America as well as in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Cloudflare CDN plans and pricing are so affordable that you can start as low as $20 per month. This makes Cloudflare a top CDN provider that is easily accessible for regular website owners.


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