Decentralized, Audited and Rugproof Yield Farming: Introducing USHIBA DeFi

The date is July 2, 2021, in New York, United States. While a slew of meme currencies appear to have flooded the crypto market recently, many are merely clones of popular businesses with no discernible vision or aim in mind. The fact is that, despite their enormous popularity and influence, they are ultimately just coins that have no actual application and provide nothing new to the market.

Alternatively, USHIBA is a meme coin that has been created by the community with a specific aim in mind: to provide “economic opportunities, a chance to generate passive income, and the potential to be generous on the route to riches.”

Despite the fact that the coin started on May 12th, 2021, the USHIBA coin has quietly gained pace, supported by a strong staff and a dedicated community of users.

Ownerless, charitable, and passive income are all options.

In accordance with its aim of promoting economic prosperity and bringing about real decentralisation, the USHIBA team has taken a number of steps to guarantee that the currency’s users have a clear understanding of what the coin has to offer.

As a decentralised asset, the original team has relinquished authority over the coin, and as a result of the creators relinquishing ownership, it is the users who are the true owners of bitcoin. This correlates into two really significant outcomes. First and foremost, this means that, in contrast to the myriad of scams that exist in the cryptocurrency market, USHIBA is a project that is fully immune to fraud. Second, because control has been delegated to the users, it is they who will choose the future course of the entity, so transforming it into a true public-owned entity.

USHIBA is more than just a means of preserving and profiting from the increase in value of the tokens. USHIBA, as a community-driven project, also gives back to the community. As of right now, the community has selected the Wounded Warrior Project as the beneficiary of its charitable contributions. This organisation strives to assist US military members who have been injured while serving their nation.

The true power of USHIBA’s strategy and utility is its passive income approach, which is the source of its true strength. A smart contract that has been thoroughly verified and validated ensures that 2 percent of all transaction fees are allocated fairly among USHIBA holders. Because the distribution is based on the amount of USHIBA coins that users have in their possession, a greater number of holdings results in a greater amount of income. Holders will be entitled to and will get more wealth as adoption grows and the token value rises, according to the token’s value.

Buterin Tokens are being burned.

USHIBA was built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its designers have paid tribute to Vitalik Buterin by donating half of the first 100 quadrillion USHIBA coins to VB’s publicly stated wallet address, which can be found here. An additional 2-3 percent of all coins were transmitted to a stale wallet address in order to be burned in the process. Moreover, since the coin’s introduction, these wallets have contained about 61.75 percent of all USHIBA coins, making them eligible for the 2-percent redistribution programme. Every time a transaction is completed, a greater and greater amount of USHIBA is dispersed into these wallets. It is anticipated that this will lead to a decrease in the availability of coins over time, which will automatically cause the ones left in circulation to appreciate in value.

Making a Plan for the Future

The USHIBA team has already began work on the second phase of the American Shiba project, which will take place in the United States. While this concept is still in its infancy, it provides the cryptocurrency community with an excellent indication of the direction the coin will take over the next several months. “Token X” has been submitted as a proposal, and it has been largely approved by all members of the participating community. “Token X” will be a new cryptocurrency that will be derived from the same fundamental principles that currently guide the present cryptocurrency ecosystem. On an as-yet-unspecified date, a picture of all holders will be captured in one image. Upon the launch of the new coin, the snapshot will be utilised to automatically allocate and airdrop a comparable quantity of the new coin into the wallets of present USHIBA holders. This will be done in order to assure the financial security of all parties involved and to allow long-term investors to be rewarded for their commitment without the need to spend further funds on the project.

With a clearly defined objective and a growing group of supporters, the USHIBA currency has the potential to fundamentally alter the crypto meme coin scene. Interested in becoming a part of a vibrant community and helping to shape the future of USHIBA? Please see the links below for more information! The Telegram channel is where the majority of the activity takes place. When are you planning to board the ship?