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Exchange Email

The Exchange server consolidates all of a user’s email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other information into a single location so that it is easily accessible from any location.

In order to access the Villanova Exchange server, Villanovans will use one of the two methods listed below:

Connecting to our Exchange server will be done through the Outlook client, which will be installed on full-time faculty and staff’s office PCs. As long as you are logged into Villanova’s network, this connection should be automatic.

Students, part-time employees, and adjunct faculty will be able to access OWA through their Outlook accounts. There are two ways to access your email account:

To send an email, go to, log in, and then click the email icon.
Go directly to to access the service.
Add-On for Reporting Messages
University accounts will now be protected by Faculty and Staff members who can report an email as phishing and notify UNIT immediately. This is part of UNIT’s ongoing efforts to protect our University accounts.

The Report Message add-in is available in both the Windows and Mac versions of Outlook, as well as the web-based Outlook application at

For additional information, please refer to the following documentation.

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